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Written by Murven.

Each chapter of the living story brings new details on the history of Tyria, but along with those, it also comes along a new piece of loot, which shows how much your hero was involved with that portion of the story in Tyria.

In order to make these items, it is necessary to participate in the new content, vanquish specific areas of the game and conquer specific enemies, collecting specific pieces of loot.

That loot comes in different flavours, soulbound, account bound or tradeable; some of it is rare and hard to get, some of it floods our inventory with a plethora of space-taking pieces of which we only need a few, but get a lot.

Of course, that means most people will just get rid of it. Since they cannot be sold to the vendor they end up on the trading post, but since everybody is playing the same game at the same time and getting tons of the same items as loot, there is a huge offer and incredibly low demand, bringing the prices for those items down to the lowest possible rather quickly.

But in many occasions, this situation only lasted for a couple of weeks. After that period of time things changed radically: the enemies were vanquished, the area was conquered, and loot stopped dropping.

Nobody was able to get those items any more, however, nobody wants them either, we all had our share of them and we all made our heroic items to prove our participation in the chapter.

For those actively involved, making the item was rather easy, several runs into the content and we got more than enough to make it and we simply got rid of the surplus by posting it to the trading post at the lower possible price.

One notable example of this kind of heroic items is the Spinal Blades; as with them came lots and lots of Spinal Blades Blueprint Scraps of which you only needed one of each kind to get started in the item making quest, but you got tons of it as loot from the Escape of Lion's Arch chapter.

Time has passed, players have returned to the game and new players have bought the game as well. They see your shiny spinal blade back item and they want one too!

It is definitely not easy for them to get it, but it is certainly possible. The biggest obstacle is the blade shards, they are account bound and they do not drop any more, except for those little nodes in your home instance you got as reward or that mining pick that drops sprockets. So, although it is not easy, you can still get shards.

Concerning blueprints, those are just cheap and easy to get from the trading post.

Or are they?

As far as I know, they do not drop any more, which means the offer of them, as big as it was back at the time of the patch, has halted drastically. Demand is not huge, but it is steady.

In summary, an item that was junk back when introduced has been growing in value over time and I risk predicting it will continue to do so steadily as time goes by.

At some point new players will realize they *can* make the blades. It is slow but possible to get the shards and the scraps they just need to buy from the trading post, *whatever the price*.

Toward the end of the making process they will also find out they need Power Cores as well, matching the blade colour they want. But those can also easily be obtained from the trading post... right?

Who hath ears to hear, let him hear: do as you wish with this piece of information.

Buy Snowflakes Now Before They Melt


Written by Draco.

I think all of the snowflakes are currently at a great price to buy at these levels. They all traded between 4-10 silver  for most of the year.

Delicate  -  Glittering  -  Tiny Snowflakes:
Dirt cheap! You can spend about 20 gold for a nice block, even if it goes wrong, you not out a lot of gold. Upside potential is unreal!!!  If we just hope for a rebound of only one half of last year's average levels due to an increased and slightly continuous supply, your due a great payday! I would call these the most riskiest play of the flakes due to the massive increased supply due to this Wintersday event.

Pristine Snowflakes:
Currently just under 2 silver each right now. Again, if these only go one half the average of last year we are looking at 2-3 times profit!

Flawless Snowflakes:
Currently under 20 copper, demand is almost double the supply. Upside potential is huge.  If this only hits 2 silver you can make almost 10 times your investment!

Unique Snowflakes:
Currently about 20 copper and demand is more than five times the supply! This was trading between 6-10 silver most of last year. I think this is the gem of all the flakes. I'm looking for a big payday on this one.

As with any recommendation I make, please do you own research and arrive to your own conclusions. If you follow my recommendations, and they flop, we flop together. If I'm right, we make some nice profit together. I provide these recommendations hoping that we can all make a good few good coins.

Hoping a great New Year for everyone,


How to Earn 5 Gold Daily


Written By Evan:
All of us have different schedules that impact the time we can spend online in GW2. Some of us have more time than others. I myself don't have much time to play each day, and I love being able to obtain gold quickly. Even for those with time, you definitely still want to grab that gold as fast as you can. Today I am here to present my surefire way to obtain quick and easy gold. The daily run I am posting takes at the most 1 hour, and should be able to fit into most people's schedules.

It will make you at least 5 gold each day. 

If followed through on most days a year, lets say 300, you will make 1500 gold simply from this each year. Then, lets take what you earn from simply playing the game(PvP, WvW, PvE) and cancel that out with what you spend. You probably will spend more than that, so lets end up with 1200 gold each year. 

1200 gold. 

Now lets get to what the daily run actually is all about. Up here I will be offering you an explanation of how it works for those who aren't familiar with runs. For experienced players who just want to get at the information, it is bulleted below. 

Step one is to do the dungeon Citadel of Flame. This dungeon is "infamous" in GW2 for how quick it can be completed and used as a gold well. After completing story mode for a dungeon, you have 3 paths that you can complete an unlimited amount of times. For this dungeon, we only want to do paths 1 and 2 for their speed. Each path, upon completion, will give around 26 silver and an additional 1+ gold for daily completion. THIS IS IMPORTANT - The daily additional reward is what we want. It resets, or comes back, at 8 PM EST daily.

Step two is another dungeon, Sorrow's Embrace. Very close to the speed of Citadel of Flame, and it gives a lot of champion loot boxes, something I thoroughly enjoy. For this dungeon, we want to stick with paths 1 and 3. Same deal with above for rewards obtained.

By now, you already have AT LEAST 5 gold. However, if you are blessed with a good group, you can have 15-20 minutes left over. After this, you can implement that additional time to fill up your pockets with some more gold. Steps three and four are suggested, but optional. 

Step three is getting those dailies done!!! They can give over 50 silver a day, and also loot chests/boxes along with it. Also, it gives Achievement Points which are useful as well. You can pick your quickest way to do it, but I love doing them on WvW. It gives a fun competitive break to the repetitiveness. 

Step four is champion farming. This is when you join a train/zerg to essentially kill champions across Tyria to grab the often rewarding loot. This is arguably faster than dungeon paths, but because this is somewhat based upon how lucky you are, dungeon paths are a safer method. An extremely helpful site for this is <http://dulfy.net/2014/04/23/event-timer/>. If you want to use this but don't have overlay(A good one is Overwolf!) or multiple monitors, do Alt-Enter to switch back and forth.

That's it for the run! Thanks for reading!

For those who just want the quick steps or want a refresher on what to do, here it is:

1. Citadel of Flame
-Path 1
-Path 2

2. Sorrow's Embrace
-Path 1
-Path 3

Optional but Suggested

3. Dailies and Monthlies

4. Champion Farming

Back to Basics Because They Work!


Written by Murven
In order to make some money from the trading post, it is important to plan ahead of time what your goal is concerning profit.

In most cases the market is really competitive and whenever a new niche shows up it is quickly invaded by competitors trying to make a profit out of the same product.

Instead of hoping for the best and attempting to extract the biggest profit possible out of a transaction, only to be undercut later by another competitor losing momentum and holding your transactions trapped in the trading post indefinitely, you should plan ahead of time how much profit is your goal and pursue that regardless of the actual gap in prices.

So, let's say - for example - that you would like to have a 35% profit in your transaction. Just for clarification, I am making this number up, so do not make it a rule, this percentage may be too high or too low depending on your investment and how competitive the market is, but I will use for illustration purposes.

So in order to get a 35% profit you need to account for the fact that the trading post will charge you 15% in total for your transaction. This means that you will only receive 85% of the price you sell your items for.

This means that you need to sell your times at a price "x" so that 85% of x equals your investment ("y") plus 35%.

Mathematically you can express that this way:

x => x * 0.85 = y * 1.35

x = y * 1.35 / 0.85

x = y * 1.59

And now you have your golden rule of pricing your items:

"When you buy at price 'y' you need to sell at y times 1.59 to have a 35% profit"

This means that if you bought a piece of equipment for 1 silver, which is equivalent to 100 copper, when you apply your golden rule, you get:

x = 100 * 1.59 = 159c = 1s 59c

So, in order to get a 35% profit, you should sell at 1s 59c when buying at 1s.

Even if the gap in the trading post says your item can be sold for 2 or 3 silver, you should not fall for that trap, simply sell it at 1s 59c.

This strategy will guarantee you a quicker sell, will minimize the chance of undercutting by your naive competitors who are only looking for a 200% profit deal and will also make it easy for you to calculate your return of investment rate over time.

It will also make it incredibly easy for you to make your calculations on the fly just by looking at the gap and making a single operation in your calculator.

I hope this is useful for anyone who is starting to plan their strategy for the Guild Wars 2 trading post.

Solo 5 Gold Per Hour


Written by Draco.

To do this, head over to Lornar's Pass and run the map to get all the gatherings. This is a 25-40 level map. Between the random loot drops and the gatherings, you should net about 5 gold an hour.
The key to this is are the gatherings. These are mostly Fir Trees that yield Hard Wood Logs and Platinum Ore nodes.  You should also gather the various Herbs and Taproots that add some decent value to your yield as well. Personally I would pass on the Scallions that give Green Onions and the Mushrooms. Both have little value at this time.

You will run into some trash mobs that can drop salvageable trophies that give you Linen & Cotton Scraps as well as standard loot that you can salvage as well.

Add some Magic Find and Gathering boosts you can increase your yield as well.

Running Lornar's Pass you will run into a few events that you can take advantage of as well as Crested Raptors.

I understand there are other ways to make 5+ gold an hour running Dungeons, or certain Map Trains. But for a change of pace, or if your characters aren't ready for either of those, this is a fun alternative. If you haven't been there since your World Completion many moons ago, head on back there to make some decent gold and have some fun.

Helping out a few lower level players won't hurt any either, and I'm sure they would appreciate it as well.

[Personal Post] Help Get Fright Light onto Steam


Hi everyone, if you'd like to skip this person post you can go to the latest GW2 article Candy Corn Profit.

I created a game recently called Fright Light. As you can see by the video below (WARNING: CONTAINS CURSING), it's a somewhat scary first person game. If I can get enough votes on Steam then it will be available for PC users to purchase. At the moment it's available on XBOX 360 and there is a PC demo available under the announcements on the Fright Light Steam Page.

Making games is my one true passion, and I think having a game creator's mindset is what led me to discovering so many successful tricks and strategies in Guild Wars 2. Please help me make that passion a reality by getting Fright Light "Greenlit"!

Here's the video but, let me warn you again, there is cursing in here so please only view if you're OK with scared people yelling curses at their TV's!

Candy Corn Profit


Written by: Flaixman.

As everyone knows, the halloween event has just finished, and have left tons of pieces of candy corn in the TP.
All of them costs about 17c each, what makes it 1,7 G each candy corn.

There are 2 ways of making profit, 1 fast and 1 long term.

Fast one:

By the time I'm writing this, the candy corn cob is 2g each, and the piece of candy corn is 19 copper instant buy or 15 if you make an offer, so if you manage to get 4 stacks of pieces of candy corn and convert them to candy corn cob at sonder the seller (in lions arch), you can it, you can get fast profit of the candy corn (but not that much).

Long Term:

WE have to ask a question of ourselves, What can we do with the Pieces of Candy corn and candy corn cob?

The answer is easy: 20 slot bags. But you'll say, flaixman, those bags are account bound, and you can't sell them.

And my response to that statement is that we don't want to sell the 20 slot bags, we want to keep the pieces of candy corn and the candy corn cob. Why?

1-20 slot bags costs 12g each at the trading post.
2-1 Halloween slot bag costs 3 candy corn cobs, that are 2 gold each bought instantly, or 1,5-1,6 g each. What makes each bag costs between 4,5 and 6 gold (that's 6-7,5 gold less than the others EACH ONE).
3-What it's going to happen next weeks-months? This:

Everyone who wants a 20 slot bag will stop crafting them and is going to stop buying them from the tp. What are they going to do? Buy them from candy corn cob, so the price of the pieces of candy corn and candy corn cob are going to rise much more than now, and they are going to grow fast up to the 33 c per piece of candy corn or 3g33s33c per candy corn cob (these prices are the ones that make the price of each bag 10g each). So every piece of candy corn and candy corn cob that you buy now, it's going to increase drastically it's value, so selling them some weeks-months from on now, will report you a great profit.

Another way to make instant gold is, if you have some 20 slot bags in possesion, sell them and buy some with candy corn, that will grant you 5-6 gold per bag change.

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