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Small Tips for Big Halloween Profits


(Written by Draco)

Happy changing of the seasons to everyone.  This time of the year (as you can all see) mean only one thing; Halloween Time. For GW2 is almost time for new events and hopefully a lot of new fun items for us all. This means to the speculators that we should be buying some items in preparation for these events.

Here is what I have been stocking up on all summer:

1- Pieces of Candy Corn - I have a strange feeling that these are going to be needed for something new ANET is going to offer for this event and it will center around this item. Not sure if it’s a recipe or trade in type of deal, but I have been buying a lot of them expecting something interesting. Buy them now and watch the price rise over the next 30 days!

2- Chattering Skulls - Possible some interesting new recipes using these.

3- Plastic Fangs - Loved them as a child, those wax teeth you can chew till the sun came up. Just wish there was more flavor. Well, I'm hoping ANET will put some extended flavor crystals or something in these as well to make them an interesting speculation to hold a few stacks of.

4- Nougat Centers - not so big on, & I could be wrong. Grabbed a few stacks just in case.

5- Trick-or-Treat bags. I think these are going to go crazy price wise because of the potential drops this will give out. I think there will be some great treats ANET will be giving us for this Halloween event. Buy them now. If ANET does what I think they will do and offer some awesome stuff, we will be happy we have these in hand.

6 - Pristine Toxic Spore Samples - Lower on my list of speculations, but these might have something going on as well. Grabbed a few stacks just in case.

Once you have all these set aside in your storage, don't forget about them while you're having a blast with the Holiday events!

Make sure you have a bit of room aside for the next round of holiday items as well. Start watching them and try to buy them on the cheap. Here are a few to get you started:

  1. -Wintersday Gifts - Small and Large are my picks,
  2. -Snowflakes - Pristine and Flawless Flakes
  3. -The Ugly Three! That’s right, the SOCKS, HATS and SWEATERS only a mother can love seeing anyone in. I have these from shortly after last year at 3 copper each for socks and hats, and 9 copper for the sweaters.  If you see good prices, grab them now.
  4. - Choir Bells - for the amusement and enjoyable Christmas Carrols in the cities.
  5. - Drop of Magic Glue - might want watch these. This with a few other items made minis last year.

Hope you all have a fun Halloween Event season all.

[Personal Post] Eternal Nightmare XBOX 360 Game


I've created my second XBOX 360 game and have two more on the way. I am having so much fun creating these games! If you have no interest in learning about Eternal Nightmare, please take a look at the latest Guild Wars 2 Post: Farming Low Level Items.

This is probably the most difficult game I've ever made, but it's also the most fun! Up to four people can play and die together (you get bonuses to team damage and lives for multiplayer). I hope that at least a few people get to experience the end boss, as I put a lot of work into all his different attack patterns. Overall the bosses are a highlight throughout and I'm constantly changing the types of enemies you face so that you cannot get comfortable. Probably the coolest aspect of this game is the leveling system, which enables you to create very different characters by the end.

Game Description:

"You're tired of having your hand held and mindlessly stomping your enemies. What if a new game came along that required a mastery of both your wits and reflexes? You long for shooting, platforming, leveling up, epic fights and a real challenge. These are your thoughts as you fall asleep, unaware that an evil nightmare is slowly creeping into your sub conscious..."
Go check it out if you have XBOX 360 under Indie Games New Releases, and please rate Eternal Nightmare.

Big money farming low level areas


This is a time sensitive post. Get in while you can!

(written by Draco)

Slabs of Poultry Meat are going for about 9 silver at this writing.

You can get this drop from low level areas. Fast kills equals fast drops and move on to the next ones.

How to get them:

  • Crimson Moa's
  • Green Moa's
  • Golden Moa's
  • Blue Moa's
  • Raptors
  •  Light Treat Bag
  • Bag of Pilfered Goods
  • Small Icy Bag
I find a decent drop rate of these in level 1-15 areas.

Grab them now before the price starts to drop!

How to Sell Items on Trading Post that You Farm


"Hi Markco,
Thanks for your blog post in response to my "where do I start" questions :)  Sorry it has taken me a while to get back to you on that... was in the middle of a move.
Quick question... when you are selling items that you get from killing mobs on the trading post and there is a huge difference between the buy order and the listing price, what do you do?  For example, the highest buy order on an item might be 10s 5c but the lowest seller listing is 50s 10c... what do you do?  In most cases, I see this for green (masterwork) items.  I have tried the -1 copper, but my item just sits there for several days and never sells.  I've been pulling it from the trading post and salvaging it and accepting the loss of coin from doing that.  I was just wondering what you would do in that case.


Hey Chad, good question, and here's how you should handle the situation.

First, understand why there is a gap between buy orders and sell listings.

1. Buy orders aren't allowed to be higher (you'll just instantly purchase a cheaper sell listing.
2. There is usually between a 1-15% gap just because of the taxes on selling items. If it's more than that's a red flag that your item probably won't sell for the cheapest listing price.

So if the numbers are within 15%, sell for a copper under sell listing. Don't cancel or you'll lose 5% investment.

Conversely, if the gap between prices is more than 15%, split the difference with your listing but only sell one at a time to see if it works before selling a lot at once.

Lastly, pay attention to what things can turn into (Salvaging, Crafting, Opening, Mystic Forging). There are always alternatives to selling outright.

Secret Easter Egg in GW2 Trading Post


"Hi Markco, I've been a member of the private forum in the past and I've read your blog for almost a year. Today I was browsing reddit and I found a tip that might help you. Go on the trading post and search "I am Evon Gnashblade" with proper punctuation and the search results will start using smaller font with less blank space to increase the number of viewable results. I'm not a hardcore TP flipper so IDK if it's will help make flipping more efficient but anyway hope you like it. Thanks for making the TP flipping blog and doing what you do, it's helped me alot.

Turns out typing "I am Evon Gnashblade" into the search bar immediately activates the Easter Egg; you don't even have to press enter!
Try it! :)

Simple Mystic Forge Math Anyone Can Do


Mystic Forge Profitable Equation

You can easily figure out your profits on the forge. It is about a 1/16th chance of getting a better item. So every 16 combines you should get a better version. Every 4 failed attempts results in a 5th attempt from the created materials. So to get 16 tries you need 13 attempts (+3 attempts from failures and one successful upgrade). Take the cost of combining and multiply by 13 to get the cost to create a combined item. Now multiply the price of the upgraded item by .85. If the sell price of an upgraded item is greater than the cost to create it you will make money.

To see if you will usually win in this process, take the cheapest item you can create when combining four components and see if the math works out for that situation.

Things get more complicated when there are multiple options, some resulting in profit and others in failure. You need to do more math in these situations and look for the % chance of "winning" versus losing money. It's like playing a slot machine except now you know how to pick the one with the best odds.

500 Gold Strategy Question


I won't be able to play today during the patch, so please post comments below about your experiences so far! While you wait for my comments, here is an interesting question from David about selling better once you have a lot of gold (500 in this case).

David asks:
"Hey Marcko, first I want to thank you for running a blog that seems to be beneficial to everyone.

Its been a big part of helping me understand both in-game economics and economic principles in general.

Ive finally gotten some decent strategies down which have gotten me up to about 500 gold ( combination of sitting on unique skins each month + high volume cheap trade).

Do you have any recommendations of what kind of goals I should be looking at to increase scale?

Basically, should I just keep increasing volume and markets I participate in? What I'm really looking for is a way to reduce clicks per day.

You're at a very good place with supply and demand gouging. You know exactly when to buy skins and when to sell them.

Have you gotten to the point where you play a market whose cycle is not so easy to predict?

I like playing high volume, high volatility crafting markets, especially the ones you can obtain through salvaging and bag opening. These markets go up and down with a very loose pattern, so I don't know when I log in whether I will be buying or selling. It's less predictable, but it is far less clicking and way more fun.

The second half of what you need to figure out is whether you have to play all those markets. Can you cut back on some in order to increase profits from the others? Do some of your skins sell out faster than others? Increase those and reduce everything else! It's always good to start off selling everything to figure out what works, but now you need to move on to using that information to sell more/better.

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