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So Which Profession and Race Will You Play?


I'm curious and would like to take a poll in the comments of which profession and race you're most likely to play in Guild Wars 2.

As of right now, I'm looking into the Sylvari Elementalist. I don't think that I want to deal with being a melee class in this game and the Elementalist looks like a blast in the videos.

So, now it's your turn, what profession and race are you going to play as in Guild wars 2?

I Apologize for Any Wrong Information


Hi everyone. I just started this blog and there is a lot of information about the Trading Post that I still need to investigate. I am trying my best to think outside the box and come up with cool methods for making gold as soon as we all enter the game. However, I'm going to make mistakes and I'm going to struggle at first since I didn't play in the Beta.

If at any point I make a mistake or conjure up an impossible situation, please just shout it out in the comments and I will be happy to fix it.

I do want to bring you accurate and timely information leading up to the release of Guild Wars 2. So don't feel bad putting in a comment that explains why one of my points was incorrect.

So far, I already had this happen, as I mentioned an impossible scenario where a player wants to buy a tool to farm because his current one just ran out. While that player could buy the item on the trading post, it would be impossible to get the item without returning to town. Therefore, the player isn't going to be able to just get the purchased tool where they are standing.

While I am incorrect in the possibility of this playing out exactly like I suggested, I still believe players are going to buy tools from the trading post (unless they make the items un-sellable there). Either it will save them time running to the vendor that sells them or they are inexperienced players who don't know better. There could even be someone who finds a resource node and then believes that they can buy the tool on the trading post instantly like I did at first.

We are talking about making gold on day one here, so I still stand by this as a possible strategy.

Read the other strategies here: 5 Ways to Make Gold on Day One.

If you do comment, please keep things civil. There's no reason to be crude or condescending.

Best Trophy Farming Spot


In case you didn't know, a Trophy in guild wars 2 is a component dropped by monsters which is used in crafting. In all likelihood, a combination of the rate you can kill monsters for trophies and gathering material from resource nodes in a single area will be used to determine the best farming spots. Also keep in mind that while monsters can be killed by multiple players, resource nodes are only visible to individual players. So if I see a tree and go cut it down, that same tree can still be cut down by you at any point, but for me it will no longer be on the screen.

On the Guild Wars 2 Wiki, I counted 60 different types of Trophies that you can collect. Everything from Bones to Dusts, and each has value to someone in the game. Remember the 8 disciplines? Well these trophies are the crafting materials for those disciplines.

When the game launches and players start exploring Guild Wars 2's open world, one of your first goals should be locating easy to kill monsters that drop at least one valuable trophy. It is my assumption that bags will be incredibly valuable early on, especially when everyone wants to upgrade their starting bag slots. Bones and dusts are used in the various packs that you can craft, and I expect that these will sell very quickly early on.

I also predict that bags will continue to sell amazingly well until the game servers are shut down years from now. Hopefully many years from now!

When you are trying to sell your trophies, look for buyout orders on the trading post before determining the price you want to sell at.

I will be starting a youtube channel for guild wars 2 when the game comes out and I'll be covering all the farming spots I can find as I level up and after hitting max level.

Will you be looking for farming spots? Or will you not bother with the idea until you're level 80?

Free Guide: Gems, Bags, and Bank Space


This entire blog is focused on becoming your go to Guild Wars 2 Gold Guide. Please check back regularly for frequent updates and cool information about the game.

Guild Wars 2 Gold Guide
I was browsing the Guild Wars 2 wiki for additional information on the game, and I wish now more than ever that I had participated in the various Guild Wars 2 open beta weekends. All I can do now is research, listen to your comments, and rely on past experiences with gaming economies to help you prepare for Guild Wars 2.

Let's start thinking about Gems in the game, and what they are used to buy. Gems can be purchased for real money, and then traded through special stores for perks in the game. These perks include cool stuff like extra bag slots and bank space. What's really neat about gems is that you can trade them for gold. The ramifications of what I just said are many, so let's break it down.

These gems can be bought for dollars and sold for gold at the Trading Post, so there is an opportunity here to just buy gold whenever you need it. In addition to this fact, there is probably going to be chances to flip gems for a small profit by studying the flow of the market. I'm sure that over long periods of the time that the price of gems will rise and flow with demand/supply. For example, when lots of players enter the game for the first time in a while, like players coming home for the holidays, there could be a significant spike in the price of gems.

Now, let's talk about the buying of bags and bank space with gems in Guild Wars 2. It costs 600 gems to buy a bank tab expansion which contains 30 slots. Conversely, it costs 400 gems to add a new bag slot to your character.  Let's pretend that gems sell for 50 gold and we'll do some calculations on which is more valuable to your character.

Keep in mind that the utility of extra bags on your character cannot be over stated. Not having to head back to town and dump your bags will definitely save you time. But in terms of sheer space, these are my calculations:

Crafting Packs can have 20 Slots, and require a good bit of materials to create. These would be the best bags you could fit in the bag slots on your character that you bought for 400 gems.

Expanding your bank tab for 30 slots will cost you 600 gems.

That's a perfect ratio of gems to available slots. At least it looks that way! However, you have to factor in the cost of buying either the materials for that crafted pack or the pack itself from the Trading Post. Since gems are worth a certain amount of gold in game, you have to factor this into your calculations!

Assume that gems trade at 50 gold like I said before, and that maybe a crafted 20 slot pack is worth 2500 gold. It would really cost your around 22,500 gold in my hypothetical world to buy a new bag slot and fill that slot on your character. Compare this to the 30,000 gold for a bank tab expansion and it looks like buying the bank tab is slightly better bang for your buck.

Eventually you're going to want to fully expand your bank and bag slots. I'm not saying that you should even choose bank slots over bag slots at this point. What I'm trying to bring to your attention is the fact that you need to at all times understand the value of gems in the game. They will trade at a fluctuating gold amount, and therefore the prices of what gems can buy will need to be compared to what gold can get you in game.

Gold Making Guide for 3 Day Head Start


As many of you know, there are a good number of guild wars 2 players who will be getting a 3 day head start on the game before everyone else. Today I'd like to talk about the economic implications of this setup and how you can take advantage of it regardless of whether you have access to the 3 day head start or not.

Tip #1: Sell Vendor Tools

Before we begin, you probably will need to understand how crafting works in Guild Wars 2. There are 8 disciplines, and only 2 of them can be active per character at a time: Heavy Armor, Magical Weapons, Wooden Weapons and Firearms, Jewelry, Medium Armor, Light Armor, and Metal Weapons. If at some point you want to switch disciplines, you can do so by paying a fee. You will not permanently lose the progress of a switched discipline, but you will have to pay far more gold the higher your progress in the discipline being switched out. It will probably be worth the saved gold to level four characters with two different disciplines each over the course of your Guild Wars 2 career.

To craft gear and weapons, you first need materials. Unlike other MMO's, Guild Wars 2 has no gathering professions, and all you need to gather materials are the appropriate vendor purchased tools. These include salvage kits (break down gear you don't want to convert into materials), Harvesting Sickles, Logging Axes, and Mining Picks. Each of the tools listed enables you to gather gear from corresponding resource nodes. A small number remains in the corner of each tool's icon which designates how many more times you can gather from resource nodes before the tool is destroyed. At this point you will need to replace the tool with a new one to continue gathering.

Even though these items can be purchased from a vendor, I predict that you will be able to sell these on the Trading Post for a decent profit. Nothing major, but definitely worth some good coin when you are leveling your first character. Since players can access the Trading Post from anywhere, imagine the following scenario:

Player 1 lists Rough Mining Picks on the Trading Post for 10x the vendor price.
Player 2 uses up their last rough mining pick while farming in the game world. He sees a super rare mining node and has to decide between running back to town for a Rough Mining Pick or buying one from the Trading Post.

Both players benefit from the sale of that Rough Mining Pick! Also look into selling other vendor items like threads that are required to craft discipline recipes.

Tip #2: Sell Crafting Materials as You Level

Besides salvaging gear with kits and using tools on resource nodes, you will also be able to purchase materials from the Trading Post. To save time, I expect quite a few of the level 80 players who had a three day head start to buy from the new leveling players. I do not know exactly at this point which crafting materials will be highly sought after by level 80 players, and it really depends on which items are the easiest to craft to reach max experience for each discipline. Maybe it will be different for all eight of them! But the goal early on should be to list your materials as you find them and see which ones sell quickly for large profits. Maybe you will be able to stick around a particular leveling zone where these materials are found and build up easy money as a new character.

Keep in mind that crafting recipes are "discovered", similar to games like Mindcraft. Yes, eventually all recipes will be known, but in the first few days players will waste quite a bit of materials attempting to find the recipes they want.

Now, also remember that you only have 2 disciplines at first, so you're going to find a lot of materials that you probably don't need. Make use of your time early on to sell these materials and purchase the ones you require to continue leveling your discipline.

Tip #3: Craft with Disciplines for Profit

Players who actually have the ability to play those first three days do still have a massive advantage when it comes to earning gold. With a maxed out discipline, level 80 players have the potential to sell armor and weapons to a near endless number of people entering the game for the first time. It will benefit you, as one of these early birds, to find as many patterns as possible and look for opportunities to buy materials cheap and craft for great profits.

Tip #3: Salvaging Cheap Items

Go to the Trading Post and look up buyout orders by people who are looking for specific cloth or leather in large quantities. Next, check the price of appropriate level items which salvage into these materials. Buy out inexpensive items that will yield a profit when you salvage them. Since you already know that there is a market for these goods, you are guaranteeing a profit for yourself.

Tip #4: Stat Item Arbitrage

Pay attention to stat items that you pick up while leveling. They are probably going to be the most valuable and sought after items. If you are one of the people playing during the 3 day head start, buy out any of these items that are priced at or below other materials of the same level. I predict that most players are not going to understand the true value of stat items until several days later.
Tip #5: Don't Go AFK!

There is no need to walk away and go AFK when you que up lots of items to craft. Guild Wars 2 will actually speed up your crafting pace if you que up more than one item at a time. So even if you que up a dozen items, it is only going to take you a few seconds to craft them all, and not much more for two, three, or even four dozen items. They actually just keep crafting faster and faster the more you que at once!

Are you excited to explore the disciplines of Guild Wars 2? Do you believe that the crafted items will remain valuable and useful to some degree? What about at end game?

Making Gold on the Trading Post


Here's a very simple video that outlines a few tips for making gold on the trading post. Thanks Dontain for the great video!

Guild Wars 2 Economy Explained


Guild Wars 2 Trading Post and Economy Explained in this Video: Enjoy this great video from SoundStrategyNetwork!

Selling items at the Trading Post


Trading Post Options
There are an enormous amount of commodities and items you can trade by opening up the Trading Post in Guild Wars 2. To reach it, you can right click on any item you want to sell at any point in the game. How awesome is that?

No more running back to town like World of Warcraft or even exiting the game like you have to in Diablo 3. I believe that games are starting to realize just how important the auction house is to sustained player enjoyment.

Creating time barriers or creating clumsy user interfaces turns the auction house into a chore, instead of a fun and easy place to access like this Trading Post in Guild Wars 2 is shaping up to be.

Guild Wars 2 Trading Post


What we know so far about the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post: In a word, it's going to be EPIC. We will have much of the same functionality that you saw in Runescape, but with more graphs, more search criteria, and way more options for making in game gold! All the data you need to play the Guild Wars 2 Auction House is already built in as features in the game. You won't need any Guild Wars 2 mods or special scripts, and they even plan to allow you to play the Trading Post from an internet browser.

This video does a good job of describing the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post, and I'd like to talk about a few points in today's post. I was mostly interested in the four "Top" search criteria which you immediately see upon opening the Trading Post.

  • Top Valued Items
  • Top Supplied Items
  • Top Demanded Items
  • Top Traded Items

Item trends are going to be much easier to spot between the search criteria and statistical graphs, and in all likelihood day-trading will be the easiest way to make gold in Guild Wars 2. Get ready to buy low, sell high everyone!

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