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Best Trophy Farming Spot

In case you didn't know, a Trophy in guild wars 2 is a component dropped by monsters which is used in crafting. In all likelihood, a combination of the rate you can kill monsters for trophies and gathering material from resource nodes in a single area will be used to determine the best farming spots. Also keep in mind that while monsters can be killed by multiple players, resource nodes are only visible to individual players. So if I see a tree and go cut it down, that same tree can still be cut down by you at any point, but for me it will no longer be on the screen.

On the Guild Wars 2 Wiki, I counted 60 different types of Trophies that you can collect. Everything from Bones to Dusts, and each has value to someone in the game. Remember the 8 disciplines? Well these trophies are the crafting materials for those disciplines.

When the game launches and players start exploring Guild Wars 2's open world, one of your first goals should be locating easy to kill monsters that drop at least one valuable trophy. It is my assumption that bags will be incredibly valuable early on, especially when everyone wants to upgrade their starting bag slots. Bones and dusts are used in the various packs that you can craft, and I expect that these will sell very quickly early on.

I also predict that bags will continue to sell amazingly well until the game servers are shut down years from now. Hopefully many years from now!

When you are trying to sell your trophies, look for buyout orders on the trading post before determining the price you want to sell at.

I will be starting a youtube channel for guild wars 2 when the game comes out and I'll be covering all the farming spots I can find as I level up and after hitting max level.

Will you be looking for farming spots? Or will you not bother with the idea until you're level 80?


  1. Ben Sanders said...:

    At low levels, the trophies that are used to make +power equipment will probably sell a lot better than the ones for other bonuses; that was how it was working in the beta weekend when I was trying out crafting.
    Power seems like the stat to get to do more damage, until one can exploit better synergies with the condition damage/duration, or getting critical damage to work well with precision.

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