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Guild Wars 2 Gold Guide
I was browsing the Guild Wars 2 wiki for additional information on the game, and I wish now more than ever that I had participated in the various Guild Wars 2 open beta weekends. All I can do now is research, listen to your comments, and rely on past experiences with gaming economies to help you prepare for Guild Wars 2.

Let's start thinking about Gems in the game, and what they are used to buy. Gems can be purchased for real money, and then traded through special stores for perks in the game. These perks include cool stuff like extra bag slots and bank space. What's really neat about gems is that you can trade them for gold. The ramifications of what I just said are many, so let's break it down.

These gems can be bought for dollars and sold for gold at the Trading Post, so there is an opportunity here to just buy gold whenever you need it. In addition to this fact, there is probably going to be chances to flip gems for a small profit by studying the flow of the market. I'm sure that over long periods of the time that the price of gems will rise and flow with demand/supply. For example, when lots of players enter the game for the first time in a while, like players coming home for the holidays, there could be a significant spike in the price of gems.

Now, let's talk about the buying of bags and bank space with gems in Guild Wars 2. It costs 600 gems to buy a bank tab expansion which contains 30 slots. Conversely, it costs 400 gems to add a new bag slot to your character.  Let's pretend that gems sell for 50 gold and we'll do some calculations on which is more valuable to your character.

Keep in mind that the utility of extra bags on your character cannot be over stated. Not having to head back to town and dump your bags will definitely save you time. But in terms of sheer space, these are my calculations:

Crafting Packs can have 20 Slots, and require a good bit of materials to create. These would be the best bags you could fit in the bag slots on your character that you bought for 400 gems.

Expanding your bank tab for 30 slots will cost you 600 gems.

That's a perfect ratio of gems to available slots. At least it looks that way! However, you have to factor in the cost of buying either the materials for that crafted pack or the pack itself from the Trading Post. Since gems are worth a certain amount of gold in game, you have to factor this into your calculations!

Assume that gems trade at 50 gold like I said before, and that maybe a crafted 20 slot pack is worth 2500 gold. It would really cost your around 22,500 gold in my hypothetical world to buy a new bag slot and fill that slot on your character. Compare this to the 30,000 gold for a bank tab expansion and it looks like buying the bank tab is slightly better bang for your buck.

Eventually you're going to want to fully expand your bank and bag slots. I'm not saying that you should even choose bank slots over bag slots at this point. What I'm trying to bring to your attention is the fact that you need to at all times understand the value of gems in the game. They will trade at a fluctuating gold amount, and therefore the prices of what gems can buy will need to be compared to what gold can get you in game.


  1. 600 gems for expanding the bank sounds a lot to me! But Im not sure i know how much each gem is worth...

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