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Guild Wars 2 Trading Post

What we know so far about the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post: In a word, it's going to be EPIC. We will have much of the same functionality that you saw in Runescape, but with more graphs, more search criteria, and way more options for making in game gold! All the data you need to play the Guild Wars 2 Auction House is already built in as features in the game. You won't need any Guild Wars 2 mods or special scripts, and they even plan to allow you to play the Trading Post from an internet browser.

This video does a good job of describing the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post, and I'd like to talk about a few points in today's post. I was mostly interested in the four "Top" search criteria which you immediately see upon opening the Trading Post.

  • Top Valued Items
  • Top Supplied Items
  • Top Demanded Items
  • Top Traded Items

Item trends are going to be much easier to spot between the search criteria and statistical graphs, and in all likelihood day-trading will be the easiest way to make gold in Guild Wars 2. Get ready to buy low, sell high everyone!


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