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I Apologize for Any Wrong Information

Hi everyone. I just started this blog and there is a lot of information about the Trading Post that I still need to investigate. I am trying my best to think outside the box and come up with cool methods for making gold as soon as we all enter the game. However, I'm going to make mistakes and I'm going to struggle at first since I didn't play in the Beta.

If at any point I make a mistake or conjure up an impossible situation, please just shout it out in the comments and I will be happy to fix it.

I do want to bring you accurate and timely information leading up to the release of Guild Wars 2. So don't feel bad putting in a comment that explains why one of my points was incorrect.

So far, I already had this happen, as I mentioned an impossible scenario where a player wants to buy a tool to farm because his current one just ran out. While that player could buy the item on the trading post, it would be impossible to get the item without returning to town. Therefore, the player isn't going to be able to just get the purchased tool where they are standing.

While I am incorrect in the possibility of this playing out exactly like I suggested, I still believe players are going to buy tools from the trading post (unless they make the items un-sellable there). Either it will save them time running to the vendor that sells them or they are inexperienced players who don't know better. There could even be someone who finds a resource node and then believes that they can buy the tool on the trading post instantly like I did at first.

We are talking about making gold on day one here, so I still stand by this as a possible strategy.

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If you do comment, please keep things civil. There's no reason to be crude or condescending.


  1. João Carlos said...:

    I will try help you here...

    For example, when thingking about what will make money at TP, remember that some items are not bound. So, you can use the item and after some time, sell it at TP. I am talking about bags. Armorsmiths, leatherworkers and tailors will make better bags for themselves and sell the old ones at TP. They problably will make bags as strategy for get up levels. So, IMHO, we will see soon a huge supply of bags. The prices will fell faster than you hope, at least than one week the lower level bags will coust a lot less. I just saw it at BW3, friday the lower level bags were 1 silver, sunday they were 25 copper.

    So, the best strategy will be advance the crafting to higher level faster, because that higher level items (as bags) will be rarer, because not everyone will level up crafting fast.

    Take note that get the harvester tools and attack the nodes can be a good strategy for make money if you are not interested to craft. After the tutorial, just go to a NPC vendor there close and buy at least one set of harvester tools. Everytime you see a node, harvest it. When your inventory start to get full, just sell the crafting mats to TP from your bag everywhere you are at Tyria.

    With relation to TP NPCS, there are ones inside the starting city and ones just outdoor the starting city, close to the NPCs that sell the harvesting tools. The bank you can access too from the crafting stations and some viullages ouside the starting city have that crafting stations, so you can access bank from outside the starting cities.

  1. Markco said...:

    Terrific comment, thanks!

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