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So Which Profession and Race Will You Play?

I'm curious and would like to take a poll in the comments of which profession and race you're most likely to play in Guild Wars 2.

As of right now, I'm looking into the Sylvari Elementalist. I don't think that I want to deal with being a melee class in this game and the Elementalist looks like a blast in the videos.

So, now it's your turn, what profession and race are you going to play as in Guild wars 2?


  1. Anonymous said...:

    I am very interested in playing as a "conditions" Necromancer, probably of the Human or Sylvari race. Just the idea of wearing down multiple opponents sounds like a blast to me.

    Very excited to get into the game and to read your future blogs about the TP. I have read alot of your earlier stuff on WoW, and Diablo and was wondering if you might delve into the world of Tyria.

  1. Loranil said...:

    In bw1 and 2 i played human ele which was fun. In bwe3 i started a sylvari mesmer and really came to enjoy the profession. Not only that but it seemed that every 3rd char i saw was an ele. I honestly did not like the sylvari as much as ecpected. Talk about getting lost in that tree. :) anyhow after Level 10 i rerolled a human mesmer and this is what i will be from headstart on. Mesmer feels way more versatile than ele in my opinion.

  1. Soundofshadow said...:

    Norn Ranger here :)

  1. Nick Stratta said...:

    I'm thinking a Sylvari Ranger or a Human Thief as my main :)

  1. Ben Sanders said...:

    I'm thinking that I will be making an Asura Mesmer, and a Human Elementalist. Not sure which will become my main yet. And maybe a Char Ranger. This could be the game to bring out altaholicism in me.

    One of the interesting things about the ranged/melee division is that it is on a per-weapon basis. If you are playing a warrior, for example, you may well have a rifle or longbow, possibly as a weapon switch as well as more traditional warrior melee weapons.
    Similarly, the Mesmer has a mix of ranged and melee weapons - their use of the shortsword is a good high damage melee weapon, where as the staff and scepter are longer range.
    The melee weapons tend to do higher dps than the ranged ones, to compensate for the time one cannot spend hitting the target due to range issues.

  1. Loranil said...:

    Go Stress Test Today :)

  1. João Carlos said...:

    At BW 1, 2, 3, I played all races and the following classes: guardian, warrior, elementalist, necromancer and ranger. That will be the classes I will play, one for each race. I am not interested to play mesmer,thief and engineer and never tryed it, there are only 5 slots for toons and I don't want like a class that will force me to buy extra slots.

    For now, I intend start with sylvari ranger, then try an asura elementalist, norn warrior, charr necromancer and, for last, human guardian.

    However, that plans can change before launch day.

  1. pitrelli said...:

    Human ranger as main.

    Looking forward to reading your trading post tips

  1. Keldar Hawke said...:

    Gonna be playing a Human Guardian as main, and then probably a Norn or Charr Warrior

  1. Ronaldo said...:

    Charr Warrior as main. A ranged using heavy armor seems interesting :-)

    I suggest see this:


  1. Anonymous said...:

    i think probably an asura guardian or charr ranger as my main

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