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Already Found Farming Exploit in Gendarran Fields

The following exploit / trick / abused game mechanic / farming strategy / whatever you want to call it was emailed to me by Caliaana of Dark Serentiy Gaming. Here's what she sent me... it's epic!

"Right here, on the map for Gendarran Fields Level 25-35:

Guild Wars 2 Bug Farming Spot
This is the area where my guild master has been walking around on the map. There is a Supply Cart on a 30sec - 1 minute respawn timer. It has various crafting materials drop. In 5 minutes my GM filled his bags with random crafting necessary items. There are level 28 Centaurs around the area, but most are out of range so you shouldn't aggro. So just stand and wait and loot, instant crafting items for very low effort.

Hope you like ;)


My assumption is that this strategy will not last very long. I would use it as much as possible before the Guild Wars 2 team changes it to drop less loot or perhaps a much longer respawn timer. Or maybe they'll leave it alone and this will be the greatest way to get crafting materials for disciplines at this level of the game.


  1. Terranola said...:

    I think the Banhammer is out at A-Net the hard way! Kriparian got banned after he pucheased Food for Karme, Crafted a Dish and sold it to the Vendor....i think they ban for every little bit they can find to scare the community off!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Krip got banned for "advertising" the exploit... he showed it to 5k viewers. There's a difference. The same reason 'Caliaana' referenced in this article might want to be worried.

  1. Markco said...:

    The difference here is that the crafting materials are gained for a repeatable game mechanic that is a natural part of the quest. You wouldn't get banned for killing 1000 centaurs in a row either.

    What Krip did was take advantage of a loophole.

  1. Terranola said...:

    loophole? he crafted from Karma items with his profession and had no use for it so he sold the crafted mats to a vendor....where is the exploit in this?

  1. Markco said...:

    Terranola, wasn't he able to craft, sell Karma, then use the Karma to craft again? Or am I misinterpreting the reason for the ban?

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Caliaana here, I'm not worried tbh, Markco is right, and I've made a short video of this just as a personal backup incase ArenaNet say anything :) but it's been almost 48hrs since we started doing this and no e-mails or ban-hammers in sight :)

  1. Mulida said...:

    What Kripp did, was turning karma into gold at a rate of around 6 gold per 10k karma. Personally, I think it's ridiculous to ban for something like that.

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