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Error 502 Plagues GW2 Launch

Servers were relatively stable for the first day, and I am thoroughly enjoying the "3 Day Head Start" which we all have to admit is really just the official launch. I have to believe that the vast majority of people who want to play Guild Wars 2 bought the game before it was released. So the sort of official release is currently doing moderately well for an MMORPG launch. I say relatively well due to servers not being playable from hour 3 to 9 after release, as well as a completely unusable Trading Post.

Most players saw this when they attempted to use the Black Lion Training Post:

Error 502 Web Server Received an Invalid Response

Which is a shame, because right now I could see a whole bunch of crafting materials selling really well if people could just open up the Trading Post!

As I suggested yesterday, get your gathering tools ASAP when playing Guild Wars 2. I'm talking about as quickly as you have enough copper to buy the copper tools required to gather from resource nodes like plants, trees, and minerals.

While questing, you'll come across areas like this one that are filled with resources!

Farming Spot
Why do you want the copper tools to start gathering? Because crafting is a super easy way to level! I wouldn't recommend trying to level from 1-80 on crafting alone, but it really does speed up your time. Remember to purchase items from vendors so that you can craft additional items. Just look up what each item takes to make that you start with and you'll see requirements which only the nearby vendor can provide. You'll need to pick two crafting professions before you can see these options.

Once you start crafting, you'll be able to discover recipes like this one:

Recipe Discoveries in Guild Wars 2
Why do I care so much about the Trading Post being offline at the moment? 2 Reasons:

1. It's the point of this blog.
2. You can right click on any crafting materials and choose "buy on trading post." Fast and easy way to invest your gold into leveling both your character and two disciplines.


  1. Trig said...:

    Just posting to say, Glad to see you doing this again.

    I played wow and never really had all that much gold till i read Jm2c.
    By the end all i was doing was logging in to play the auction house, but i loved it

    Cant wait to get started on this, with your help :D

    Thanks again !

  1. Markco said...:

    I hope to have you going again just like before... as soon as they get the Trading Post working that is lol!

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