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Level from 1 to 80 Without Killing a Monster

I was thinking about the possibility of leveling from 1 to 80 without killing anything. Since Guild Wars 2 enables you to level through crafting, it is theoretically possible to do this.

Maybe I could start off by doing a handful of quests to get a few gold, then just cut off all killing/questing to try and go from level X to 80 just by using the auction house. It would certainly make for an interesting journey, of that I'm sure!

What do you think? Perhaps it is something best left for your second level 80, instead of ruining the enjoyment of being part of the first wave of level 80's in the game?

Unless of course it's faster than killing and questing to level...

Do you have any fun plans for that initial head start? Are you thinking about playing the game slow and soaking it all in one character at a time?


  1. João Carlos said...:

    Problably that will be easier if you have a second toon killing things for make money and get mats. Some mats, as leather and cloth, drop only from mobs, and while your second toon adventure, it can harvest nodes. That will make cheaper advance all crafting professions.

    As second advice, cooking need be the last crafting profession you try, because that is a huge money and karma sink.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    You could skip the killing quests entirely by doing the enemy-free jumping puzzles in Lion's Arch to fund your startup.

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