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Make Gold Save Gold

Be careful buying the best gear you can find on the Trading Post while leveling. As you can probably imagine, it's going to be way overpriced.

Look, I may be new to Guild Wars 2 but I'm not new to MMO economies. When you first play one of these games, you definitely get addicted to the feeling of getting an upgrade. Often players will follow this scenario:

  • Make gold during the day.
  • Spend it all on upgrades at night.
  • Repeat.

This is NOT the way you want to play Guild Wars 2. To stop spending so much money and start making more, you will want to reduce your expectations for upgrades. Why buy the weapon that one shots monsters when you can buy a less powerful but certainly capable weapon for half the price? You really don't NEED to buy the best of the best at each level. Nor do you need to waste all your materials crafting a bunch of gear that you'll out level by the end of the day.

Stop spending money from the very beginning and be smart about your upgrades. You will end up saving so much gold that you'll be able to buy everything you need, instead of just a few things you want along the way.


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