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My Guild Wars 2 Gaming Mouse

So I bought this sweet Logitech mouse for Guild Wars 2 and my other gaming adventures:

Guild Wars 2 Gaming Mouse
I know it's not an official mouse for Guild Wars 2, but I certainly think that it will get the job done! Back in my World of Warcraft days, I got gladiator in season 6, and I certainly knew the headache of using a two button mouse. My hands would fly all over the keyboard, so much so that it looked like I was furiously typing messages to people whenever I battled in the arena.

Since Guild Wars 2 is so reliant on precision and less forgiving combat than Wow had, I decided to pick up an actual gaming mouse.

You may be thinking, well, how the hell does this help your Trading Post auctions?

Having some easier to use hotkeys will make me a better player and increase my reaction time just a little bit more. Less deaths, more kills, and more efficient gameplay. That will certainly help me acquire better items to auction on the Trading Post!

Have you bought any new equipment for playing Guild Wars 2? Maybe a computer, mouse, keyboard, mousepad, headset, microphone, etc? It's amazing how much you need now-a-days to play an MMO!


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