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Selling Unidentified Dyes: Why Gamblers Rock

The Trading Post was working last night for me! (not for everyone, but around 15% of the player base at random times). One thing that sucked was I lost all of my 50 silver ore. I posted them but they just disappeared, not in my bags, on the trading post, or as coins in the pickup tab. They just flat out vanished!

Alright, let's discuss selling Dyes and some good news for anyone who has left their dyes undiscovered.

First off, yes, dyes were the most expensive item I could sell on the Trading Post last night. Players don't have a lot of money right now, even level 80's, so it's difficult to make more than a handful of silver for even the best items pre-level 26 (where I'm at currently).

I was able to sell Unidentified Dyes for 9 silver each last night. When discovering the dyes that I had picked up in the first 26 levels of play, I quickly realized that I was wasting money by revealing the name of each dye. Instead of making those discoveries, I could have had steady income just from selling the unidentified dyes.

Of the 12 dyes I had found leveling to 30, only one was yellow quality, the rest were white, green, or blue. None of those white/green/blue quality dyes were selling higher than 2 silver. The yellow one is listed for 20 silver. Instead of making over a gold for those 12 dyes, I was stuck with around 40 silver!

Why gamble when you can play the role of the house?

If you have the opportunity to gamble by identifying dyes... don't. Sell them as unidentified on the trading post instead. They sell really fast to boot!

I predict that these dyes will only go up in price as players have more disposable income to spend on these and other vanity items.

First Trading Post Gold!
How did you make out on the Trading Post? Were you able to access it? Did you sell dyes?

Weapons appeared to be great sellers as well, and I even bought a dagger for 5 silver because it was awesome for my level. I'll be trying to sell whatever greens I don't personally wear as I continue to level (instead of sacrificing to the mystic forge in the hopes of upgrades).


  1. Ben Sanders said...:

    Heh, I had realized during the beta that unidentified dye sold well, so I have a stack of 12 or so of them, and have not identified any yet.
    I kept reading about people finding different coloured dyes, and I was a little confused. I suppose that they were just identifying their unidentified dye drops.
    I've get to get any trading post access, though.

    I'm expecting the price of dyes to go up as time progresses - every new alt requires their own set of dyes, and they are something that low level characters can find that high level characters want, and people on alts with high level mains also want.

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  1. Anonymous said...:

    While this is a great strategy, I want to point out that certain colours (black and white to name two) are highly in demand. Now I realize I might have been very lucky to get black dye so early in the game, but I sold it for 2g 50s within the hour. Not sure if I should have waited, but after buying the level 60 skill book this was a welcome sale to bring my wallet up to scratch again.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Not all of them are gamblers. At least one legendary weapon (maybe more than one) requires 250 unidentified dyes to make, so people are grabbing what they can now.

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