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So What's the Game Plan?

Step #1: Play the game.
Step #2: Read about the game as much as possible on forums and news sites.
Step #3: Refine every technique.
Step #4: Try everything, even methods that appear to be guaranteed failures.
Step #5: Track every strategy's success rate.
Step #6: Pay attention to world views outside of your own.

That last one is something I really want to hone in on for today's post. Getting into the head of your opponent is a difficult thing to do. It's about as easy as understanding a foreign dialect. Every play poker? Did you ever get to the point where you could tell someone's cards based on the way they acted during an individual hand? I used to be able to tell you the actual cards, as in suite and number of my opponents when I played poker. As long as I had spent enough games watching them, then yes I could literally do this. That's the level of skill you need to acquire to dominate an MMO's economy. You gotta pick apart the brains of millions in order to determine the best time to strike.

The best way to learn about another point of view is to read the Guild Wars 2 official forums. I would recommend reading that frequently. But you also need to read the unwritten opinions of the vast majority of players.

This is the easiest example I can give and it's going to have to be theoretical for now. Look at the Trading Post and try to explain why prices go up and down during certain hours. In essence, come up with a hypothesis as to why people behave the way they do. All you have to work with is the end result, and it's your job to step into the shoes of others and give an accurate reason as to why the result occurred.

Sound too easy? Well it's not, and often you'll find yourself scrapping past hypothetical answers that you assumed had to be the reason for whatever economic occurrence you discovered.

As I wade through a massive influx of data and ideas surrounding the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post, you can be absolutely sure that I'll be trying to get into the collective heads of millions of players. All so you can dominate the economy and have fun in the process :)

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