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Trading Post "Sell Your Stuff" Tab Down

I started playing Guild Wars 2 two hours ago, and the Trading Post has been down the entire time.

When I click on the Lion's head at the top left corner and open up the Trading Post window, this is all I see on the "sell your stuff" tab:

Guild Wars 2 Trading Post Down
So I went out and bought some Copper Tools while I waited for the Trading Post to start working.

This is launch day, so bugs are to be expected!

However, when I right click on an item and choose "Sell at the Trading Post", the Trading Post opens correctly! I can then choose my items I want to sell.

But all is still not well in Trading Post land, as I still cannot seem to get an item to sell. It just gets stuck on "Selling" for the time being.

Hopefully they get it all sorted out soon, but at least we can still play!


  1. Ben Sanders said...:

    I must admit I'm curios as to what hardware they are using for their database server for the trading post. Having a single trading post across all realms and countries did seem somewhat brave.
    I've yet to manage to buy, sell, or even make any buy or sell orders on the trading post yet. Sometimes brave means foolish. I hope it starts working soon.

  1. Unknown said...:

    LOL, Ben. Eve Online has been a single shard market AND realm for something close to a decade. It's not exactly new territory.

  1. Paul Carloss said...:

    Well it's now been down for maintenance for days since not long after the 3 day head start. The only update is that it's down for maintenance and that we will be kept updated which is a lie as there is no update or estimated fix time still. GW2 is a stunning game, but not having a trading post (auction house) is hurting the economy and game, it's very important and it needs fixing urgently, especially with the general release in a few hours at the time of writing.

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