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When Will the Trading Post Finally Get Fixed?

Have you noticed the Trading Post seems to be going on and off tonight? I've watched it turn on and off three times in the past two hours. Each time it turns on I'm only able to search one or two things before it goes back down for maintenance.

My guess is that they are attempting to update their code and servers to handle the incredible number of players entering the game. Each time they think they can handle the stress, a wave of players using the Trading Post bring the system back down to its knees.

I don't know how long it will take for Guild Wars 2 to get its Trading Post up and running, but I do know this:

Trading Post Sales from John Smith GW2 Economist
Crafting materials are going to be dirt cheap until the over supply from everyone hoarding materials the past four days gets bought out. It will be a tremendous opportunity to buy lots of crafting materials and boost your disciplines past the first two tiers of recipes.

If you are somehow rolling in gold at the moment, you could buy out early crafting materials just to relist them in the coming weeks or even months. Once we're all level 80, these copper ores and soft wood are going to be worth far more! But until then, expect this over supply to drive prices into the dirt... I mean copper!


  1. Ben Sanders said...:

    Apparently they turned it on for 15% of their users as a test:

  1. Bo Lee said...:

    Yeah, the game launched a week ago tomorrow morning and it still isn't working for me. Sheesh.

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