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Will Crafting Bags Be Profitable?

I hear everyone talking about bags as we approach Guild Wars 2's three day head start. Most of the people toting that bags will be the biggest money makers in the game are World of Warcraft players. In WoW, bags are the easiest way to make consistent gold for crafters. The materials are rare for the middle of the road bags, since so few players are farming mobs that drop them. This leads to a situation where low level bags are actually worth significantly more than they "should" be according to their size and the size of the largest bags.

In Guild Wars 2, however, crafting bags will actually level your character. If your character can make a bag, then odds are they will while leveling as the bags seem to have really cheap materials. Initially, bags may not be huge money makers due to everyone having easy access to the materials and the fact that there's every incentive to make and use your own bags at first.

I predict that you will be able to make 4-10x as much selling bags months AFTER the initial rush to level 80. So as an opening strategy, you may want to actually buy bags and materials with whatever gold you make initially from selling them. Just keep reinvesting and stockpiling mountains of mid level materials and bags. That way you will have the WoW situation months later where bags are super valuable and the materials required to make them are scarce/valuable as well.

Keep in mind that you can very quickly turn materials into bags, so stockpile the materials wherever possible instead of just crafting tons of bags. This will enable you to sell off materials if that's more profitable as well.


  1. João Carlos said...:

    Bags are NOT soulbound. If you craft a new one for you use, you can sell the older one at market. If you get a good bag from a drop, you too can sell the old one bag at market. And too 3 crafting jobs can craft them and will use them for advance level.

    IMHO, the supply will be a lot higher than we see at other MMO, so the prices will be affected that way. From my experience, mostly at BW3, bags will not be a money maker.

    Bags will sell for a good price at the first days, but soon the lower level craft bags will have a cheap price. The first tier of bags (including the versions that need level 25 for be crafted, that ones have the same slots than the crafted ones, but the advantages, as separating crafting mats and gear, are not well visible for all players) will be cheap at one week max. At BW3 (when everyone started at level 1) the normal bags (level 1 crafting) were one silver saturday, but at sunday they were being sold by 30 copper. Adn take note that bags use a LOT of mats at crafting.

    So, IMHO, bags will not be a great money maker.

    IMHO, the best strategy is make some experimentation with creation of items (weapons, jewelry, armor, consumables) for gain faster xp and sell that items you don't want use at market. Taht possibly will make more money than repeat crafting bags, that give less xp than experimenting new items and use a lot of mats, for sell them at market.

  1. Markco said...:

    Bags in wow are also not soul bound (at least the mid level ones I'm talking about here).

    Thanks for the analysis on BW3, that's very interesting information.

  1. Ben Sanders said...:

    I would not be surprised if, about a week in, bags will be on the AH for less than the cost of the materials required to make them. And possibly the same with a number of other crafted goods.
    With bags, though, the opportunity to buy them out and re-list at a more reasonable price is probably a good one, as everyone will need bags.

  1. João Carlos said...:

    @Ben Sanders

    Well, bags can be a good option for market "management". But I prefer be a crafter...

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