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Cauliflower and Experience Farming Spot


Cauliflower Farming Spot
There is a Cauliflower farming spot in Timberline Falls, just west of the Thistlereeds Waypoint. 8 Cauliflower are waiting to be picked as shown in the picture, as well as gold and platinum ore nodes along the way.

The Heads of Cauliflower are used to cook Cauliflower Soup, which grants 10 experience, 60 precision, and 6% critical damage.

By far the coolest part about this location was the experience and not the Cauliflower. Each node gave me 324 experience which at level 56 was a significant amount for so little work. 2592 experience in total was about the amount you'd get for participating in most events at that level!

Writing a Gold Guide for Guild Wars 2


If I were to write a gold guide for guild wars 2, I would most likely focus on the following gold making methods:

So the question is, Mr. or Mrs. reader, which "gold guide" subject would you like me to tackle next? Perhaps you can think of one not on this list?

I'll let you decide, but do try to remember that a lot of these strategies cross over and inter-mingle with one another. Feel free to combine any number of them into an uber strategy.

As we dive deeper together into the world of making a "Gold Guide for Guild Wars 2" through this blog, I hope it quickly becomes clear to you that copying every strategy you find on this site is a terrible idea. Instead, take the basics behind any method I display here and apply it to related or even unrelated markets. Think on your feet and move around until you have a set of niches that provide you with plenty of gold. But don't get too comfortable, because I have a habit of shaking things up with these gold guide posts.

I've written OVER TWO THOUSAND BLOG POSTS centered around making gold in various games and this has taught me a lot about how to mold a custom gold guide for each and every one of you. It starts with changing the way you think and it ends with letting you take what you learned to create your very own gold guide. So yes, despite the fact that my posts seem random, they actually do follow a sort of pattern that molds you into a successful auctioneer. I look forward to experiencing this journey with each and every one of you.

I'd like to ask that you check out another blog, which writes about several different games but has had a hot streak lately for Guild Wars 2 posts. Kill Ten Rats just posted an intriguing article about a bunch of gold making ideas, many of which you have been exposed to on this blog. However, the writer, Ravious came up with an epic prediction for Cinnamon, speculating that perhaps these items will be used in some Halloween recipe. Since they are super cheap at the moment, and we all saw what Anet is willing to do when markets are overstocked and worthless, I think this is a terrific idea! I'll be sure to put a few gold into Cinnamon to support Ravious' call.

PS: I am restricting several awesome gold making strategies exclusively to the subscription sign up here at the blog. If you don't subscribe, then you run the risk of never hearing about these strategies... or finding out a little too late!

Vial of Thick Blood Gold Farming Spot


This farming spot has both Vials of Blood and Vials of Thick Blood from the not so friendly minotaurs. The Grey Road in Dredge Haunt Cliffs has a giant herd of minotaurs just waiting for you to slaughter them and collect their Vials of Blood and Vials of Thick Blood. How convenient that it drops in bottles!

These are worth over a silver each on the Trading Post, with the Vials of Thick Blood being rarer and more valuable than the regular old vials of Blood.

See the video below for events that occur nearby as well as some farming music for you to enjoy!

Gold Guild to Flipping Copper Ore


Copper ore is the most sought after and sold item on the Trading Post. To quote the game interface, copper ore is the top "supplied", "demanded", and "traded" item according to the Trading Post itself. Knowing this, you probably aren't thinking that it's possible to make any money with it. After all, if everyone knows to buy and sell it, then competition will dictate a break even or worse, a loss, for sellers. Right? Wrong.

This method works even though you are making as little as 1 copper after fees. To earn that much, you must sell copper ore at 19 copper after buying with a buy order for 15 copper. 19 * .85 = 16.15 which is rounded down to 16 by the Trading Post.

You're probably thinking to yourself... pshhh... 1 copper per sale? That's a horrible waste of time! Well, you'd be shocked to see just how much money you can make due to the sheer volume of sales from copper ore. Remember, it is the top supplied, demanded, and traded item in Guild Wars 2! All I had to do was create a single buy order of 100 copper ore at 15 copper each, and then when I noticed that it was all purchased, create a listing for 19 copper each. Since I make 1 copper per sold copper ore, that was a 1 silver profit for a few seconds of work. Once I grew more confident with the strategy, I started creating 500 copper ore and then eventually 1000 copper ore buy orders. This is all free money for very little effort, which is great because it allows you to play other markets without doing much in the way of calculations.

Go ahead and try it for yourself. Start your play session with a large buy order of copper ore. Later on when you're bored, check back to see if your order is complete and post what you've purchased for an amount that will still earn you a profit. Do the multiplication yourself just to make sure and remember to round down to the nearest copper.

As with all strategies on this site, use this one as training wheels for bigger and better things. Speaking of which, make sure that you subscribe to this blog, as I do email strategies that are exclusively kept just for subscribers.

Make Gold with Tailoring Discipline


As you may have figured out already, it's hard to make gold with tailoring and that goes for any other discipline. That is of course, until you read this post.

While leveling the tailoring discipline, I quickly discovered that a large number of items at the wool level and beyond were profitable to craft and sell. We're not talking more than a few gold here and there, but getting paid to level your profession is a pretty sweet deal! Take for example all the insignia's that you can craft while attempting to discover new recipes. All you have to do is craft the two components for a piece of armor or weapon, and then add any insignia that you haven't tried yet for that item. There you go, a brand new discovered recipe and a boat load of experience.

I realized something way before I wrote blogs about video games, and that is the important notion that time equals money. Even the people taking the time to level a crafting discipline are going to get lazy. There are actually profits to be had creating insignias and selling them to tailors. I sold 15 wool insignias in a matter of minutes testing this theory out. A few more batches and I was convinced; not only can you make money selling insignias, but you basically can get paid to level tailoring.

Strong Embroidered Wool Insignia
An example of making gold through insignias would be the Strong Embroidered Wool Insignia recipe. This particular crafting component gives +power and +precision, which is something most damage focused players want for their gear. The components and their costs are approximately:

1 Bolt of Wool (15 copper buy orders on 2 Wool Scraps).
5 Spools of Wool Thread (14 copper per buy order makes it 2 copper cheaper than vendor).
8 Vials of Thin Blood (73 copper per buy order).

Total: 6 Silver 84 Copper
Strong Embroidered Wool Insignia sells for...

9 Silver 24 Copper

Take off the 15% seller's fee by multiplying 924 by .85 and you get...

785 or 7 Silver 85 Copper. That's a 1 Silver 1 Copper profit per insignia.

If you think that's too small, there are several other wool insignias that make a good bit more, but I'll let you do some math and find them for yourself! While you're at it... maybe take a look at the other disciplines to see if this works there as well... HINT HINT!

--------------------Edited the night before this went live--------------

Guild Wars 2 Riches put a guest post up yesterday with one of those other profitable wool insignias I mentioned in my hint. That post was not the inspiration for this one, as I wrote this article over a week ago to be scheduled today, but they did post something similar first so I think they deserve some credit. But it ends there, as I completely disagree with going out to farm materials like the article suggests. And one more thing, the link I gave you for that site is not broken, as I purposefully left the link leading to the page on flippa where the owner is selling their website. One of the main selling points is "an email list of over 300 subscribers." When that blog is sold, any subscribing email addresses will be as well. Who knows where they could end up unwillingly with no notice or warning. I did notice that he created several posts about bad and good leveling guides, which he knowingly included paid-for-selling affiliate links in. The reason for these "reviews" is obvious; he wants to show potential buyers that his site can make money. To achieve this goal, he's willing to lie in a way, without informing the audience of his true intentions, selling their emails, and pretending to give unbiased reviews for products when he is in fact selling them.

In case anyone out there doesn't knows my history, yes I once sold my World of Warcraft website for $50,000. I still regret the decision to this day, and I did give several months of warning to all 12,000 subscribers so that they could choose whether they wanted to stay or not. As I play Guild Wars 2 and enjoy discussing it with you all so thoroughly, I can't help but wonder how much fun I've missed out on by giving up the wow site. Won't be making that mistake again, I can assure you, and I hope that Guild Wars 2 Riches doesn't either. They've definitely got potential, but if they're going to sell their site I'd prefer if they were transparent and open about it. If they clean up their act then I'll definitely put them on my blog roll.


12 Slot Cotton Bag
Back on topic... yeah sorry for the addition to this post but I felt passionate about the matter that came up... Another way to make gold through tailoring is with bags. But, alas, even with great buy orders at 50% the value of cotton scraps, I still could not make more than a silver or two selling my 12 slot cotton bags. They sold a lot slower than the insignias, which was a shocker to me. I guess people skip the 12 slot and go right to 18? I'm not too sure at this point.

Putting all things into perspective and assuming that you can at least break even while crafting a profession and selling the bi-products, isn't that well worth it?

I look forward to leveling up every discipline and discovering new methods for gold making along the way. Like everything in Guild Wars 2, the Tailoring discipline is a journey of discovery and I intend to enjoy it.

Making Gold by Flipping Rings


I've recently been making an absolute killing with level 50 to 70 rings, amulets, and trinkets. Rings in particular though, followed by trinkets, and finally by amulets in terms of profit. Why? Demand from players who need two of something versus those that need one.

However, I have noticed something peculiar about amulets. The more expensive ones sell far more frequently than the rings and trinkets! I think this is due to the fact that you only need one amulet, so people pay the same for it as they would the other items.

Here's a screenshot of the first page of my buy orders today:

Buy Orders for Rings, Trinkets and Amulets
Remember that you can click on the magnifying glass at the top of the My Transactions tab to see what you're currently selling, buying, sold, or bought. It's a very handy page indeed!

Now, on to profits. I am literally making 2 to 3 gold every time I log in from these rings, amulets, and trinkets ALONE. This is on top of all the other items I place buy orders for, and I think that even after I post this market it will still be quite good.

A word of advice, don't just copy the markets I use. Your best bet is to take the idea of buy orders and go try it on something else, or modify my search. In this case, I'm using gold as my item quality, but maybe you can find green or blue have less profit but sell quicker (hint: they do).

Skill Points to Gold : Miyani Mystic Forge Vendor


I'll show you today how to trade skill points for gold utilizing the Mystic Forge Vendor named Miyani. You are going to need to acquire the following:

Buy 10 Philosopher Stones from Miyani the Mystic Forge Vendor for one skill point.

Miyani the Mystic Forge Vendor
Purchase 2 Gossamer Scraps. (~8 silver)
Purchase 500 Silk Scraps. (~1 gold 20 silver)
Purchase 2 Piles of Crystalline Dust (~2 silver)

Place those items into the mystic forge twice. I doubled the recipes because you can only buy Philosopher Stones 10 at a time, so why leave 5 in your bank unused? You will get a random number of Gossamer Scraps during this process, but you should make money every single time.

Create Gossamer Scraps with Mystic Forge
I came out ahead 60 silver from both conversions. One for 40 silver and one for 20 silver profit. Is a skill point worth 40 silver to you? I guess it depends on whether or not you have purchased everything you want to already with said skill point.

Hint: Use buy orders for everything you can so that you will make the most profit possible per skill point!

Hint x2: Most people are going to try this for gossamer, so how about you do the math and try for a different market?

Placing Buy Orders: The Last Shall Be First


Placing a buy order can be confusing, but today I want to go over a few misconceptions in order to set you on the right track.

1. Create buy orders equal to the most expensive buy order amount. This does not mean that you undercut by a copper! Instead, you should just post a buy order for the same amount. What this actually does is puts you first to be purchased at that amount, even though other players listed the item for that price before you.

2. You can cancel buy orders at any time by going to "my transactions" tab on the trading post and then click to view what you're buying from the drop down menu at the top center of the window.

3. Use buy orders to flip items for a profit, as well as craft.

Examples: Flipping Rare Dyes and also Flipping Sigils.

If you subscribe to this blog then you will get additional tips via email, such as a third and even more profitable market than these two. Be patient as these emails come periodically during your subscription, as well as reminders of recent blog posts.

Before I go for the day, here's an example of the Last Shall Be First rule:

Player 1 posted at 1 silver buy order.
Player 2 posted at 1 silver 1 copper buy order.

Player 2 will sell before Player 1.

However, try this example on for size:

Player 1 posted at 1 silver buy order.
Player 2 posted at 1 silver buy order.

Player 2 will sell before Player 1!

How to get 250 Mystic Salvage Kits


Want to get the equivalent of 250 Master's Salvage Kits at Half Price?

Good, because you can do just that with the Mystic Salvage kits thanks to the Mystic Forge and a special Karma vendor.

Step 1: Buy 250 Gems

Step 2: Buy a stack of Mystic Forge Stones for 250 Gems

Step 3: Purchase one Fine, Master's, and Journeyman's Salvage kits. They must have a full stack of 25 kits each (unused). You can purchase for Karma using the Weaponsmith vendor. He's the guy with the weaponsmith symbol on your map in lion's arch or any other major city.

Step 4: Combine at the Mystic Forge a Fine salvage kit, Master's salvage kit, Journeyman's salvage kit, and your Mystic Forge Stones. Only 3 stones will be used in the process.

Step 5: Pick up you 250 Mystic Salvage Kits. Between Karma and the Gems, these are going to cost you half as much as buying 10x25 Master's Salvage Kits.

Gold Guide Economic Report 9/20/2012


Hello again, it's time for another Economic Report for you gold makers out there in Guild Wars 2. Instead of showcasing the four top ten lists in the trading post as I have done the past two weeks, this time I'm going to focus on two ways for you to speculate and make more gold in the process.

1. Invest in Mystic Coins

As more players hit level 80 they will be faced with two things they definitely need more of: Gold and Mystic Coins. All players will need mystic coins, and for most players that will mean that they need gold to afford these highly sought after mystic coins. If too many players end up with the coins, then Arena Net will make changes to the game to keep supply from getting to high. They are such an integral part of the Guild Wars 2 economy, and essentially compromise the primary reward for daily and monthly achievements. Expect Mystic coins to only increase in value over time.

2. Invest in Gems

With players getting to level 80 and wanting to instantly gear their characters, you can expect them to want both mystic coins and gold. For this reason, I would highly recommend investing in gems. If you've been watching then you probably have seen the slow but steady rise of gem costs. This is due to a proportionate number of players hitting level 80. While leveling you have little need to buy gems, other than for some bank space and maybe some black lion keys. But besides vanity items, nobody usually spends money on gems early on. However, all this changes at level 80 as players want another bag slot, the rest of their bank slots, tons of vanity items, and of course, highly visible gear upgrades.

How to Invest

Use dollar cost averaging, which means you buy 25 gems today, 25 tomorrow, 25 the next day, and so on and so forth. You will hit ups and downs each day, but over time you should average out to a steady increase because of the market slowly increasing each week. Feel free to invest as much gold as you are willing to lose. That's the key to successful investing; take risks knowing that you can still eat even if the investment tanks.

Listen to the Searing Podcast

I've recently been on The Searing Podcast: We Love Gollllldddd and had a blast with everyone involved. These guys ALL know their Guild Wars 2 like nobody else. There is talk of me coming on more frequently and I'll be sure to share great gold tips every time I can. Subscribe to their feed and you'll know every time I am present on the show.

Easy Gold Making: Flipping Rare Dyes


Found this video on youtube about making easy gold in guild wars 2. Thought I'd give it a try and low and behold it was about using the flipping method I showed you with buy orders, but this time for rare dyes! Check out this easy gold making tip in the video below.

Video Gold Guide (12 Gold Per Hour)


This video will showcase how I made 12 gold in an hour from buy orders on a busy Saturday afternoon. Here's your 12 gold per hour video guide! These tips are for people who are leveling or at level 80 and looking for ways to make good money. Here's the thing though, anyone can use these strategies regardless of their level. Sorry to those who I hurt by releasing these secret strategies.

Level 80 Elementalist


Now that leveling is over and I'm finally level 80, it's time to focus more on the economy!

Screenshot of my level 80 elementalist below:

Level 80 Elementalist
For those of you trying to level that get stuck, buy some black lion keys and hope for a crafting booster. I went from 79 to 80 in 2 minutes and I wish that I had done this from as early as level 3!

I finished up with 14 gold during the leveling process, and spent around 20 on gems, crafting materials, and upgrades.

Now it's time to find some level 80 farming spots and write more posts that will eventually turn this blog into your Guild Wars 2 Gold Guide.

Master's Salvage Kit Gold Making


There aren't too many opportunities for this strategy, but when you find one that works it is phenomenal for making gold. Basically, all you have to do is follow these steps to make gold with a Master's Salvage Kit.

Step 1: Look up expensive major runes and sigils.
Step 2: Look for items that have those runes and sigils in them, but which are significantly cheaper.
Step 3: Place a buy order or purchase immediately for the lowest listing.
Step 4: Salvage using the Master's Salvage Kit.

If you're lucky, you will end up with that major rune or sigil and can resell them.

Keeping in mind the fees, cost per Master's Salvage Kit, and the 20% chance of failure, you will want to look for absolutely amazing profit margins to even consider this strategy. I aim for any weapon or armor that is 50% cheaper than the sigil or rune that it can yield.

While playing the game and upgrading your character, it's important to make use of Master's Salvage Kits any time you want to retain an upgrade component. Whether that be a gem, sigil, or rune.

12 Gold Per Hour Flipping Method


I was messing around with buy orders when I came across a particularly lucrative market (12 Gold Per Hour Doing This!!!) in the form of Major and Minor Sigils. In rare cases, the minor sigil sold for more than the major one! Crazy right?! I know that's nuts (it was the case for major/minor sigils of speed) but it wasn't the primary way I made money.

Major Flipping for Sigil of Frailty

Now, before you go off and place 500 buy orders for Major Sigil of Frailty, know that you'll be setting yourself up for failure. Each buy order requires that you put your money down before the item is purchased, so it could potentially end up sitting there for a long time. Instead, place one or two orders and move on to the next Major/Minor sigil.

To determine if an item is worth buying for this flipping strategy, simply take the lowest selling price and multiply by .85. That will give you what the highest buy order needs to be under in order for you to make anything.

So in this example, Major Sigil of Frailty costs 4 silver 12 copper (lowest selling price). Multiply by .85 and you end up with (412 * .85 = 350.2) 3 silver 50 copper. Since the highest buy order is 1 silver 15 copper, you'll be making (350 - 115) 2 silver 35 copper profit after fees.

My general rule of thumb (so I don't have to do any math) is to aim for buy orders that are 50% less than the lowest listed price for the item.

I made 12 gold in an hour just flipping Major/Minor Sigils with this method. Every time I stopped placing orders, I'd take a look at my pick up tab to see something like this screenshot:

12 Gold Per Hour on the Trading Post

Take Note of ArenaNet Correcting the Economy


I want you to read the following post addressing how ArenaNet is taking care of exploits and flooded items in the game. I found out about this a little late, but the ramifications of the fact that ArenaNet is able and capable of 'adjusting' the economy are many.

Take for example the butter, wooden dowels, soft wood, etc that can now be traded in 500 at a time to the mystic forge. If I had known this was going to happen, I would have bought thousands of sticks of butter at 1 copper each.

Lesson learned everyone, if an item is oversupplied on the Trading Post, expect ArenaNet to take corrective action to 'fix' the economy. Whether exploits or poor planning is the cause doesn't matter, they will take action to keep items from becoming worthless.

Buy Mystic Coins and Sticks of Butter


I feel like I'm on the Mad Money show proclaiming "Buy Buy Buy" with bull noises going off in the background. Mystic Coins have gone up significantly every single day since the release of the game. I remember on day one how they were 1 copper each, and then suddenly players realized what they were for and the price broke 30 copper. Then 60, then a silver, and on and on to today's price.

But here's the thing, it looks like they are going to continue to increase as more and more players hit level 80. Players simply can't farm enough mystic coins on their own from dailies and monthlies, so they will always have to revert to purchasing on the Trading Post if they want to use the Mystic Forge.

As more players get to 80 and less are leveling up, the Mystic Coin market will continue to explode. I wouldn't be surprised if these eventually sell for 6+ silver in the coming months.


If you have the extra income, consider buying 5 Mystic Coins per day for 30 days. You'll be able to track the price and participate in a little investment strategy called dollar cost averaging.

Now for sticks of butter. OMG. These things went from 1 copper vendor value to 12 copper overnight! Must be a lot of people cooking this evening! Instead of running and buying a bunch of the stuff, I would recommend waiting until next week to see if maybe the butter drops back down in price during weekdays before returning to 12 copper on the next weekend. Might be a market cycle we're witnessing, so that's what I would suggest.

Chocolate bars also went up. Do you use butter and chocolate bars together while leveling cooking? I haven't tried the discipline yet, so I don't know! Any resident cooks want to explain this one to me?

How to Use the Mystic Forge


Mystic Forge in Lion's Arch

Where is the Mystic Forge?

Located in northern tip of Lion's Arch, the Mystic Forge is a mystery to most players. However, ArenaNet definitely intended for this to be one of the easiest ways to gather gear for your character. This and scripted storyline dungeons are meant to gear your character throughout the leveling process.

Enchantress Standing by Mystic Forge

How does the Mystic Forge Work?

If you want to get better gear while leveling from the Mystic Forge, all you have to do is put four items of the same type (four helms, four pistols, four daggers, four rings, etc) and you will get a much better one that is several levels higher than the average level of what you put in.

Putting Weapons in the Mystic Forge
This is the best way I've seen to upgrade my own gear, and by the time you do go up three levels you have enough blue/green crap to make a few Mystic Forge combinations.

I haven't tried using them yet, but you can put mystic coins as part of your offering to the Mystic Forge. These should greatly improve the results of your combination.

Can You Make Gold Using the Mystic Forge?

I believe that you can, but there is still always a chance of losing gold. From what I've seen, putting four green items of the same type will usually yield a great yellow item of that type. If you look at the cost of blues (four blues of the same type can become a green), it looks like combining all the way from blue to green to yellow items of the same type could be profitable. I will be conducting more research to see if there are consistent opportunties for profit by using the Mystic Forge. I really need to try using the mystic coins more and seeing if there is an opportunity to buy all the ones that people aren't using on the Trading Post.

Expect a follow up post in the coming weeks showcasing ways to make gold with the Mystic Forge, especially at low levels when players don't have access to it.

Don't Use White Items

I highly advise selling to vendors or salvaging any white items you have. I haven't seen a single time where four white items became a blue.

What You See Isn't Always What You Get!

If you get an item with something like "+5% damage to ogres", then buy a better sigil and replace it. You'll end up selling the item for far more, but be sure to check the auction house before applying.

What's Your Experience with the Mystic Forge?

Share your experience in the comments!

*WARNING: Your mileage may vary with the forge. I didn't ALWAYS get upgrades in gear quality with this strategy, but it was frequent enough to make me believe it is a factor.*

Noobs and Gold Guides


Guild Wars 2 is very much a newbie gold making economy. Players are slow to grasp the way the trading post works, and I don't mean the simple tasks of buying and selling. We all picked that up almost instantly, but the way players trade is down right silly. I apologize and don't mean to insult anyone, but what else can you call this activity when someone sells a blue item for 48 copper and the vendor price is 47 copper? With the 15% successful auction fee, this same individual is LOSING MONEY from both posting and selling the item.
That "problem" of selling blues so cheap is an opportunity. I've been looking into buying up cheap blue weapons and armor for the purpose of mystic forging them (what do you call it lol?). 4 identical blues usually become a green, and then 4 identical greens usually become a yellow. Since yellows are worth many times more than their blue counterparts, it is usually a net gain for me. Not everytime though, so more testing is needed.

It's unreasonable to expect the majority of players to ever realize the true potential of the Trading Post. I would say that 95% of them will continue to see their items for the highest buyer price every single time as well as sell their items for the lowest seller price. Again, this is an opportunity for profit.

I have stopped using the "highest buyer price" all together and instead I undercut the lowest seller by 1 copper. Sure, the money isn't INSTANT, but the item still sells every single time. The person who puts up a buy order for your item is usually looking for a great deal, so don't base your pricing on just that!

If you're a noob, then my goal with this blog is to turn you into a pro.
If you're a pro, then my goal with this site is to show you how to use the trading post correctly.

You thought I was going to say take "advantage of noobs" weren't you?

Economy Report September 14th 2012


Welcome back for another Economy Report! It is September 14th and here is how the economic weather looks right now in Guild Wars 2:

Items are 'moving' up and down the different columns based on supply and demand changing for each one. Remember last post how I talked about being able to read the different columns and make decisions on what to farm based on that information? Well now we can start looking at this information over time, which is far more valuable.

I'll go over a handful of items that were really surprises to me, as well as give you advice on what to do based on this information.

Top Supplied Items

Looking at the Top Supplied Items, we can see that another crafting material has made its way to the list, namely Bronze Helmet Casing. Like the Green Wood Dowel, these are items that players craft in great quantities to level because they are cheap to make. This creates way too much supply, and since most players would rather get the experience from crafting these items, they remain not purchased.

As someone still leveling my disciplines, I have to say that I think buying these cheap crafting components for the purpose of discovering new recipes is the best way to level a discipline. This is due to the sheer volume of experience that you'll get with each new discovery. Since these components are cheaper than the materials used to make them, you actually save money (even with the expensive trophies involved).

Top Demanded Items

Sticks of butter being in the Most Demanded Items is a real shocker to me, as buying these sticks for 1 copper (the only amounts players are currently placing buy orders in at right now) means that the seller LOST a copper in the process. WOW. This is the same mistake as players who are selling weapons/armor for 1 copper more than vendor price. With the 10% fee after successful transaction, they are losing money every time their items sell compared to vendoring instead. Actually, they lose from the get go with the initial 5% posting fee.

If you end up with any items you won't use (like sticks of butter or chocolate bars) that are being sold, near or at their vendor price, just sell them to the vendor.

Top Traded Items

Holy Mithril Ore! That came out of nowhere to settle in at #4 for top traded items in Guild Wars 2. Mithril Ore is used to craft Mithril Ingots, which in turn make level 70+ Weapons, Heavy Armor, and Jewelry. Just because an item is in the Top Traded Items column doesn't mean that it's valuable enough to be worth farming, however. It just means that it sells quick, and at 23 copper that's really not all too impressive for a level 80 player to farm.

Worth Farming Right Now

So based on what we can see in those four columns, what is actually worth farming right now?

Remember the following information:

Top Supplied Items = Supply
Top Demanded Items = Demand
Top Traded Items = Actual Purchases

Items which make it into the top supplied and top demanded columns tend to show up in the top traded as well. This makes perfect sense, since the items that are supplied and demanded the most are also going to be purchased frequently.

High Supply/Demand/Traded

These items will tend to have values that don't change often. There's so much trading going on that the outliers aren't normally felt or even seen.

Copper Ore
Iron Ore
Rawhide Leather Sections

These items are great for buyout order strategies that revolve around salvaging goods for consistent income. You won't become a millionaire overnight, but you'll win every time. No matter what your skill level, make sure that you read those 4 methods for using buy orders to make gold.

High Demand Items Only

Players want these items, which is great, but if the price is around vendor value then the item is worthless. That eliminates stick of butter and chocolate bars from the list of items you want to farm. Gold ore is the only item in the top ten for High Demand that isn't in any other column. Maybe it's in #11 for Most Traded Items, but I doubt it. Gold's wanted bad by players and yet it is super difficult to find. Here is the location of a few easy to snag gold ores.

Unidentified Dyes

I believe that these are going down in value as players get the dyes they want for their character. Despite the fact that these are selling great (#3 in Top Traded Items), their price will continue to drop. If you're looking for a thing to invest in for the future, buy gold instead. Man, I feel like a 401k specialist.

If you get one take away from all this...


Small Claw Gold Farming Spot


Newbeach Bluffs Farming Small Claws
There are three monsters in this area and a group event that occurs around once every 15 minutes. The three monsters are river drakes, crabs, and moas. The crabs can be ignored as they don't drop good loot, but the river drakes and moas should be farmed in a circle. When the group event occurs, you have to kill 5 pirate diggers before a timer runs out. This is good for about a thousand experience, and a great boost if you're farming this spot while leveling. You'll also get a treasure chest once per day after killing the five diggers and using their shovel to dig up a sand pile on the beach. After the pirates are dead, head down to the south and farm the moas and river drakes before heading back north to the larger beach. This way you can continue farming claws without killing a dozen or so pirates that appear after the event in the area.

The map above shows yellow for moa and red for river drakes. The reason I recommend farming both monster types is because they all drop small claws and eggs. These are really fast sellers on the trading post, and I make around 3 silver per minute using this strategy (including all drops, not just the claws and eggs). That's approximately 1.8 gold per hour. With better magic find and more gear I could see someone breaking the 2-3 gold per hour mark.

If you're trying to farm for levels this is a great spot. There aren't any resource nodes that I saw on the beaches, but the surrounding plains have trees, herbs, and mining nodes.

One more pointer, if you're leveling there is another event that occurs on the bridge just south west of the farming area.

Vial of Blood Gold Farming Spot


This spot is terrific because of an event that occurs nearby. During this event, ridgeback skales attack a camp where you are domesticating crabs. If you can kill these skales quickly, you will end up with several vials of blood every time. While you wait for the event to come back, you can run around the crab gathering area in a circle, killing skales the entire time.

Here's a video demonstrating this Vial of Blood farming spot. I also explain how to price your vials of blood on the trading post. I still didn't have my coffee... so hopefully you find my rambling funny instead of annoying.

Using Buy Orders to Make Gold


Buy orders are supposed to be used to make gold on the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post. But how can they possibly make you gold? I tell you what, I'll show you three easy ways to make gold with buy orders and then you can decide which of these strategies will work best for you.

Before we get started making gold with buy orders, I want to explain why these work so well. The reason is remarkably simple: buy orders take time to create. We're talking a few seconds once you know what you're doing, but just take a look at the number of buy orders on items and you'll see that there are far more people selling than buying. This isn't because demand is low, on the contrary, it's quite high. The problem is that it's far easier to click buy then it is to create a buy order and wait for a seller to accept it. With a global economy like the Trading Post, you need to invest a little time in order to separate yourself from 95% of the rest of the gaming world. That's where the buy orders come in.

1. Flipping with Buy Orders

You can take the lowest seller price and multiply by .85 to determine how much you'd make from selling at that amount. Then place a buy order for .60-.80 of the lowest seller price. When you win the auction, flip for the lowest seller price and you'll make a quick profit.

2. Salvaging with Buy Orders

First off, get a handle on what salvages into what raw materials by testing while leveling. Next, place buyout orders on blue gear in a particular leveling bracket for a few more copper than its vendor cost. When you win the auction, salvage and profit using the crude salvaging kits. Make sure that the item you're going to salvage is valuable by first buying one and testing the results. If you end up with logs then the item is not worth buying! But things like ore will sell fast and for far more than your buyout order.

(You'll notice very quickly that the items are being priced for around the cost of whatever valuable item they can be salvaged into. This is why you have to use buy orders to find deals. The trading post is global after all, and there are far too many people who can do basic math these days.)

3. Crafting with Buy Orders

Take an item you can craft and multiply by .85. That's what you'll get after fees. Then take the components and place buy out orders so that you will spend less than the number you just figured out. I try to make at least 30% profit per crafted item. For things like bags that sell super fast, I go with an even smaller margin of profit. As you win the auctions, craft away and then list your auctions to make some easy money. Remember that "highest buyer" is not necessarily the best selling option. I tend to take the lowest seller and subtract a few copper, depending on how much competition there is at that level. If there are 10 selling at 50 copper and 2,000 selling at 55 copper, I'm going to post for 54 copper instead of 49 copper as an example.

4. BONUS: Opening Sacks

Items like the Sack of Booty can be purchased with buy orders and then opened for random profits. So far I'm making around 20 copper per sack of booty on a tuesday morning. Just go on the wiki and look up the different items that a sack can contain (or other similar, consumable items). Then check the trading post to make sure that the vast majority of them sell for more than the buy order you're going to create. Don't forget about the associated 15% fees for each sale!

When creating buy orders for any of the four examples I just gave you, be sure to check both the selling and buying tabs for the item in question. Yes, I actually expect you to type the name of the auction into the buy tab in order to compare prices. Pay close attention to how many people are selling at varying prices, especially to see if the item is currently selling for far too little (you'll see like 5 people selling 50 of an item for price X and then 100 people selling 50000 of the same item at price X + 5 copper).

Guild Wars 2 Gold Guide


Whether this is your first experience with an MMO or you're a hardened veteran, this Guild Wars 2 Gold Guide will show you how to make your first precious gold in a game where gold truly does have tremendous value.

9 Tips to Making Your First Gold in Guild Wars 2

1. Sell unidentified dyes. These easily sell for 5 silver to the highest buyer instantly. If you identify them then they are usually worth far less money.

2. Use all 3 gathering tools right away. You'll see mining, herb, and tree nodes as early as level 2 in this game. So why not have gathering tools from the get go ready to pick up some free money and experience? You'll also get a good chunk of experience for completing daily gathering tasks as well.

3. Combine identical item types with the mystic forge to get more valuable loot. I'm not just talking about combining four pieces of armor, but an example would be four chest pieces of armor. Stick to combining four blue pieces to create a green one which will usually sell for 10x the cost of a blue on the trading post. Four greens of the same type (not just classified as weapon or armor, but individual type of weapon or armor) will usually result in a yellow of that type which can be worth way more than the four greens used in the combining process. By the time you get to the mystic forge you should already have much more than a gold, but in case you're late to the gold making party this tip will likely help you out.

4. Sell green gear/weapons for 1 copper less than lowest seller. When selling gear or weapons, especially green or better ones, look at two things: 1. vendor price and 2. price of lowest seller. If the lowest seller price is 2x or greater than the vendor price, simply subtract one copper from that person and list your item at that amount. Otherwise sell the item to the vendor and move on!

5. Farm and sell on the trading post crafting materials such as weak blood, jute cloth, and small claws. You can find farming spots in this blog, or discover them on your own. If you find an area that drops decent crafting materials, then take your time and clear the whole area once.

6. Sell what you don't need to craft. You'll end up picking two disciplines and often end up with crafting materials which you'll never use. Sell these on the trading post!

7. Compare product values before crafting. Before crafting anything, take a look at the trading post to see if anything you make is actually worth something! Why craft just junk that you'll end up selling to the vendor?

8. Sell white gear to the vendor. There's no point in salvaging white items because more often than not the resulting salvaged items will be worth far less than the cost to salvage plus the money lost by not selling to the vendor.

9. Complete daily quests. Press the H key to view your character. Then click on the achievements sidebar to view all daily quests. Be sure to complete these each day for massive XP rewards and a chest that contains one mystic coin as well as monetary rewards.

10. Keep reading this blog and subscribe!  I plan to be here every day delivering more tips that help you make gold in Guild Wars 2. So why click away and never come back when you can get these tips delivered right to your inbox? At the very least, bookmark this blog on your browser and come back frequently for updates!

Farming Spot: Peridot Nuggets and Piles of Radiant Dust


Stoneman's Notch Farming Spot

Earth Elementals at Stoneman's Notch are awesome for farming up Peridot Nuggets (5 power, 1% critical damage) and Piles of Radiant Dust.

Peridot Nugget | Pile of Radiant Dust
They have some decent abilities to defend themselves, so make sure that you are their level or higher when farming here. I used an XP boost and farmed for an hour, bringing in 80 Peridot Nuggets and 60 Piles of Radiant Dust. Although Pile of Radiant Dust isn't a super expensive item at the moment, I believe that they will become more valuable as more crafters reach the 150 skill level range. The Peridot Nuggets are great for my Enchantress at the moment, as I mix them in with gear that has a lot of precision and critical strike chance.

I haven't gotten to level 80 content yet, but perhaps there are earth elementals at the higher levels that drop really nice gems...

Easy Gold Ore Farming Spot


As we all learn the layout of Guild Wars 2, it's going to become easy to pick out a bunch of gold farming spots that can easily be reached through the use of "waypoint farming." That's just a phrase to mean whenever you jump to a waypoint, farm nearby enemies/nodes, and then bounce to the next waypoint instead of staying in that area or going beyond the immediate vicinity of the waypoint. As long as the materials collected are worth more than the cost of traveling and time spent, then you have a "waypoint farming" spot. String a couple together and you can make serious gold!

The following farming spot has not one but two gold ore nodes right next to the where you travel when using this waypoint.

Gold Ore Farming Spot
Arcallion Digs Waypoint
Arcallion Digs is a small area with at least two gold ore resource nodes that I have found so far. You'll also find silver and iron ore in the same area. It's only 56-ish copper away from Divinity's Reach, which makes it pretty awesome for a quick shot at gathering gold ore.

After collecting the ore in this area, considering running outside of the cave and farming Ridgeback Skale near the water.

Have you discovered any other gold ore farming spots that had more than a single gold ore near a waypoint?

Economy Report September 6th 2012


I've been showcasing Guild Wars 2 Farming Spots for a week now, and I think it's time to reveal why to you in the form of an Economy Report!

Here's a screenshot to get you started with current data straight off the Trading Post.

Guild Wars 2 Economy Report 9/6/2012
Top Valued Items

The top valued items are comprised of what's actually selling for lots of gold, so it gives you a real appreciation for how valuable a gold is right now. 45 gold is the most expensive item? That's awesome! I think Arenanet did a good job of making gold actually valuable in their game. On to the next column...

Top Supplied Items

Let's take a few of the top supplied items one at a time and explain why there are so many of them.

1. Soft Wood Log - Far too many nodes on the map! Players move quickly out of the starting zones and into areas where soft wood logs are prevalent. However, these same players aren't usually ready to use the soft wood logs in their crafting! So what ends up happening is a glut of these items from players who aren't using soft wood logs for their artisan currently or don't have any intention of using them ever. I had 300 of them from leveling normally, and I actually stopped chopping them down because they weren't worth my time.

2. Iron Ore - Like soft wood logs there are tons of iron ore nodes and players have lots of them to sell. However, these actually have a decent value right now for leveling crafting, so supply is meeting demand nicely and they are selling great.

3. Green Wood Dowel - Anyone who leveled weapon-smithing probably noticed that they created far too many green wood dowels in the first 35 or so levels. Hence a huge number of them on the auction house for cheap. I recommend buying these to use on creating Insignias for discovering new recipes.

4. Copper Ore - Just like iron ore, there is plenty of supply for copper ore and also plenty of buyers.

5. Peach Cookie - A great buy while leveling, lots of people making these and not enough buying them.

Top Demanded Items and Top Traded Items

These two columns are very important. They show you which items players are creating buy orders for (top demanded items) and which items players are actually buying (top traded items). Combine these two columns with the previous one (top supplied items) and you have a great picture for which items are the trifecta: high supply, high demand, and bought frequently.

While some items are in all three columns, there are others that aren't, and these are your opportunities for profit! Example: Jute scraps have lots of buy orders, but not a lot of supply. These are a tremendous opportunity. If you made the scraps into bolts already, fear not, they are still being demanded by players in large quantities! (unlike most other materials that are used and suddenly become virtually worthless). Vial of weak blood doesn't have a huge number of buy orders being created, and it's not in the top ten for supply, but there are lots of people selling/buying them currently. So use my vial of weak blood farming spot for easy profit!

Now you can see why I focused on providing you with farming spots this past week, and what you should do this weekend between leveling sessions! I will create additional economy reports over time and provide more insight into how to read these four very important columns.

I may start speculating on what items are going to be worth buying up for long term profits, which is where I think Guild Wars 2 auctioneers are going to focus the most, but that's another post all together!

Mark my words, no one is an expert yet in Guild Wars 2. The marketplace is still reeling from practically 10 days of no trading post early on, and we will have to wait until most players are level 80 to get a feel for the "normal" economy. What we need to focus on right now is how to make some gold while we wait for that time of predictable trends to finally happen.

NOTE: These stats on the trading post only include the top 10 for each column. I'm sure if you were to break it down by top 20-50 that far more valuable analysis could be made. I mean, what if something in the top 10 for one column was #11 for another? You can figure some of this out on your own though by viewing the item in question and seeing the buy orders and seller listings.

Make Gold Selling Weapons in Guild Wars 2


Selling weapons in Guild Wars 2 is a little more complicated than the commodity side of things. You can view comparable items and base your price on those as well as the identical weapons to what you want to sell. There's also item quality to consider, something which cloth, ore, and leather doesn't need to be factored in when you're selling them. The following 8 step guide is based on what I was able to deduct from the limited amount of time we've had in game. Hopefully it is timeless, but if corrections are needed then I will go back and rework this post.

Step 0: Use the Mystic Forge to turn blue and green weapons/armor into much more valuable items. Optional but a great way to make far more money from your items. For example, I had four two-handed weapons that were green and worth around 50 copper each. After combining with the mystic forge, these weapons became a single, yellow two-handed weapon worth 18 silver instantly to a buyer.

Step 1: Know What Sells.

Blue and Green weapons sell very well to leveling characters. I try to make 50 copper to 2 silver per weapon. In rare cases, I'll be able to get 5+ silver. Keep in mind that you're competing with the ENTIRE WORLD of Guild Wars 2 players, so there's almost always many duplicates of your item that you're competing against. Be realistic and go for selling lots of small auctions instead of a handful of super big payoffs. Stats that players want to pay big bucks for on weapons are +power, +condition damage, and +precision. Having a sigil already in the weapon already for crit or damage are big bonuses as well.

Step 2: Know What Doesn't Sell.

Healing Power is the least sought after stat besides +% damage to monster types. I would vendor, salvage, or offer up those weapons to the mystic forge. White items are another thing you simply don't want to sell. In most cases I actually sell to the vendor instead of salvaging white items.

Step 3: Click on the Trading Post tab.

Step 4: Click the drop down for Show Filters.

Step 5: Fill Out the Corresponding Filter Criteria

This filter criteria should be equal to the level of your weapon, category, subcategory, and only show available.

Step 6: Analyze the Competition.

Mouse over each item individually to check for the stats each possesses. Ignore items with +healing or +% damage to monster types. Pay attention to the ones with good damage stats compared to your weapon. Almost always you will see your weapon listed anyway. Compare the price of similar items as well as the # available.

Step 7: Click the Sell Tab.

Step 8: Sell the Weapon.

Sell your item for 80% of the competition's pricing so that it will sell quickly. You want the item gone and the cash in your pocket asap. If the item already is being listed on the ah and there are more than a few dozen available, open up the item and see what the "Highest Buyer" price is listed as. In most cases there will never be a buyer looking for the weapon while leveling. But it's always worth checking anyway!

I've stuck with the 80% rule thus far and things are working nicely. Sold around 20 weapons this morning alone for anywhere from 50 copper to 3 silver each.

Vial of Weak Blood Farming Spot


I've found quite a few tattered hides, vials of weak blood, and tiny scales farming the river west of Beetlerun, Queensdale. The zone has level 10 monsters called Brackish Scales which drop this loot. You'll also find two little slimes that respawn quickly at the mouth of the pipe that leads into the river.

Vial of Weak Blood Farming Spot
I didn't think much of the number of vials of weak blood which dropped in this area until I started running out of them leveling up my crafting Disciplines. Every time I need some, I just come back to this area and farm for 15 minutes. Try it and let me know how it goes for you!

Farming Jute Scraps


There are three ways to farm Jute scraps:

1. Humanoids

I haven't found a place where Jute drops consistently like other crafting materials. Since Jute is such an integral part of the Tailoring Discipline, it's kind of worth your time as a tailor to discover a method for acquiring Jute quickly. Have you found a place to farm Jute quickly? Care to share? With farming not necessarily the best option, we turn instead to...

2. Salvaging

Salvaging was the best way to acquire Jute scraps prior to the Trading Post coming back online. You could salvage white or better weapons/armor and have a good shot at getting some Jute scraps. I found 90% of my scraps this way early on.

When salvaging, I would advise using crude salvage kits for white items and basic or higher salvage kits for blue or better. If you have an upgrade in the gear you are salvaging, be sure to use a basic or higher salvage kit in order to have a shot at recovering the upgrade.

I attempted to find items worth purchasing on the Trading Post for the purpose of salvaging, but in most cases I broke even or lost copper.

3. Trading Post

I would highly recommend selling crafting materials you don't need (like wood or ore) in order to buy more Jute scraps. This method appeared to be the fastest way to acquire Jute scraps while testing (that is, whenever the Trading Post was actually on).

Rich Mineral Veins Always Spawn Here


All rich mineral veins spawn in the same place... all the time. Watch this video to see where rich copper veins can spawn. They will only appear in the same places over and over again with no variation whatsoever.

Tomato Farming Spot


You Can Usually Farm 2-4 Tomatoes per Supply Cart.

The supply carts you destroy for this strategy are in the blood hill camps and they drop a variety of cooking and crafting materials. These include tomatoes. In fact, I received tomatoes more than any other item while farming these supply carts. They respawn so fast that you can run to each one in a circle and they will all return by the time you get back to the first one. Watch the video for locations and examples of just how many tomatoes you can get farming this spot.

6 Steps to Making Your First Gold


Making First Gold in Guild Wars 2
This strategy is perfect for anyone starting out in Guild Wars 2 who wants to make their first gold. Making gold in Guild Wars 2 isn't difficult and does not require any understanding of how the markets work. Anet did a fantastic job of making it so anyone can get enough gold to play the game thanks to a simplistic and virtually automatic pricing mechanic at the Trading Post.

By level 2 or 3, do the following:

Step 1: Pick up one of all three farming tools (mining pick, harvesting sickle, and logging axe). Also buy a crude salvaging kit if possible.

Step 2: While questing normally, be sure to stop and gather every single node you find.

Step 3: Use the salvaging kit on any gear or weapons that sell for less than 15 copper. Otherwise sell the item to a vendor for copper. If you find a destroyed item that is "salvaging junk" be sure to salvage it because it is almost always worth it to do so.

Step 4: Do not discover any of the dyes you find! Sell them for tons of silver on the Trading Post.

Step 5: Sell your items you salvaged and farmed on the Trading Post at the "Meet Highest Buyer" price. You can do this from any location in the game by clicking on the lion symbol at the top left of the screen.

Step 6: Go to any trading post location that's nearby (measuring scales symbol on the map) and collect your sales.

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