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12 Gold Per Hour Flipping Method

I was messing around with buy orders when I came across a particularly lucrative market (12 Gold Per Hour Doing This!!!) in the form of Major and Minor Sigils. In rare cases, the minor sigil sold for more than the major one! Crazy right?! I know that's nuts (it was the case for major/minor sigils of speed) but it wasn't the primary way I made money.

Major Flipping for Sigil of Frailty

Now, before you go off and place 500 buy orders for Major Sigil of Frailty, know that you'll be setting yourself up for failure. Each buy order requires that you put your money down before the item is purchased, so it could potentially end up sitting there for a long time. Instead, place one or two orders and move on to the next Major/Minor sigil.

To determine if an item is worth buying for this flipping strategy, simply take the lowest selling price and multiply by .85. That will give you what the highest buy order needs to be under in order for you to make anything.

So in this example, Major Sigil of Frailty costs 4 silver 12 copper (lowest selling price). Multiply by .85 and you end up with (412 * .85 = 350.2) 3 silver 50 copper. Since the highest buy order is 1 silver 15 copper, you'll be making (350 - 115) 2 silver 35 copper profit after fees.

My general rule of thumb (so I don't have to do any math) is to aim for buy orders that are 50% less than the lowest listed price for the item.

I made 12 gold in an hour just flipping Major/Minor Sigils with this method. Every time I stopped placing orders, I'd take a look at my pick up tab to see something like this screenshot:

12 Gold Per Hour on the Trading Post


  1. Anonymous said...:

    So you are buying them at 1 Silver 15 Copper, but selling at 4 silver 12 copper?

    How long did it take for your buy orders to complete? Slightly confusing as any normal player would just sell them for the highest amount available on the TP (4 silver 12 copper)..wouldn't they?


  1. Markco said...:

    I think there is a serious lack of supply for these items, but a reasonably steady demand (hence the price difference whereas in other markets things tend to be so close it's not possible to profit).

    It can take anywhere from 1 second to an hour for the buy orders to complete. The trick is to not be greedy with your buy order or your listing.

    This is NOT the only market that it works in. Seriously, I am putting up buy orders on no less than 15 different runes/sigils at a time.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Will give it a go tonight, only just started browsing the TP last night in the hope to make some quick cash.

    Here's an Example of how I think it works:

    -Person a has a buy order for a "random sigil" at a price of 1 silver 2 copper
    -I then place a buy order for the same sigil at 1 silver 3 copper
    -I then sell the sigil at the lowest price on the buy page.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Have you tried using sigils at the forge?

  1. Markco said...:

    Not yet, but I believe you can. So theoretically you could take 4 minor sigils for like 15 copper each and hope that they become a 13 silver + major sigil. I will experiment and get back to you if this works for me.

  1. Nathan B said...:

    Hey Markco, there isn't a fee for putting up a buy listing right? like say I put up a buy for 250 silver ore at 6 copper but after a day I dont get any and want to cancal that, is there a fee for doing this?

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Tried this for a bit today, however I didn't find a lot of sigils with a 50% less price. The ones I was able to flip though went fast enough. Not sure how much I made, got about 6 sigils or so turned over. Will however keep an eye out for other items that it may work on.

  1. Markco said...:

    I've been looking Nathan and I don't see a way to cancel the buy orders!

  1. Nathan B said...:

    there is!!, go to the what ur selling and at the top there is a microscope and beside it saying something like, "what ur selling" click on this and it will let u change to what u are buying and there u can cancel

  1. Spadie said...:

    To cancel buy orders, go to My Transactions, Items I'm Buying and hit Cancel. Shouldn't be a fee

  1. Anonymous said...:

    If you go to the my transactions tab, look at the top. There is a pull down menu where you can look at buy orders. Canceling costs nothing.

  1. Markco said...:


  1. Markco said...:

    Wait... I just did it and I didn't get any of my money back...

    What's the point of cancelling then? I'm confused lol.

  1. Robert said...:

    To cancel a buy order just click on the My Transactions tab (left side of the TP menu, 2nd icon from the bottom), then there will be a drop-down menu at the top where you should select Items I'm Buying. Find your order and click remove.

  1. Markco said...:

    Right, but do you get your gold back after cancelling? I didn't seem to get any of mine back at all.

  1. Robert said...:

    To get you money back just click on the Pick Up tab, you're money should be there.

  1. Markco said...:

    You're absolutely right. I had about 2 gold in the pick up tab before cancelling, and now it's at 3 gold which sounds right.

    I just did a test with a 1 silver buy order on a sigil. Cancelled and there it was in the pick up tab. Thanks so much for the info, I could not find it anywhere online!

  1. Diabel Zwierze said...:

    Hi, I just wanted to add to my question I asked earlier about using Sigils/Runes at the forge. This does in fact work the same way as adding armor/weapons. And it does appear to be a random chance of improving the rarity of the rune/sigil. Sometimes you just get back an equally rare item, sometimes it improves. The benefit of this I have found, is that by using the crafted runes/sigils, you can create non crafted runes/sigils which is nice as most the crafted ones are worthless.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Next tip:
    Go to lvl80 regions, find 3-4 Orichalcum ores, mine them then switch server from character selection screen ... Since orichalcum ore has few hours respawn rate, you can go on other servers and mine them, so you get around ~100 ores in 1 hour which is around 5-6 gold ... Repeat that every 5-6 hours ...
    Easy money ;)

  1. Markco said...:

    @Diabel I gave it a shot and ended up with mostly green putting 4 green in there. Got one yellow though that was worth a few silver. It isn't free to do this, but it certainly has a shot at making some money.

    @Anonymous Be careful not to abuse that method. There is word that doing it too much gets you into trouble.

  1. Fabio said...:

    Thank you Markco, this site is brilliant!
    Btw, this method is a little hard for me to make some money... I tried also to buy like 200 minor sigil, but I earned only the amount i spent (I think there is only 15-20% of chance to gain a major rune in mystic forge from 4 minor).

    I've to find another way to make money...

  1. Ado said...:

    I tried this method last night and it worked a bit. I think a lot of people were trying this from reading your forum and figuring it out on their own. I tried it with some of the cooking ingredients and it worked well there also. I would like to be able to turn some higher end ones, but couldn't get any buy orders filled.

    I'm going to play with it more tonight.

  1. Diabel Zwierze said...:

    As far as switching servers to mine ore nodes.. this will only work until they start charging for server transfers. I agree that it is also something that shouldn't be done as it is quite obviously exploiting the intended design of being able to transfer servers.

  1. Kemwer said...:

    When you say you can make 12 gold per hour, how much investment are you putting on it to get these returns? I tried this last night, and while I did get really good returns, I felt like I only got in average 50% of profit for my investment, so to get 12 gold/hour I would need to have around 24 gold to spend on the process.

    Would you say that's about the same results you're getting, or am I missing something here? I really appreciate posting this tip, I just want to get realistic about what I can accomplish, since right now I only got 1 or 2 gold to invest.

  1. Markco said...:

    50-100% returns are as good as you can do in most cases. So yes, you need the gold to invest.

  1. Kemwer said...:

    That's great to know, at least now I know I'm on the right path. I did a lot of "testing" on some products to check which ones I could sell more easily, and get the best results, so once I start focusing I might be able to get higher profits.

    Your tips have been invaluable, thanks a lot for sharing these freely with us.

  1. Tommy Kimble said...:

    this is good for about 1 gold a day...

  1. Anonymous said...:

    are you bidding on more expensive items too? for example exotic weapons to get higher profit per bid?

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