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6 Steps to Making Your First Gold

Making First Gold in Guild Wars 2
This strategy is perfect for anyone starting out in Guild Wars 2 who wants to make their first gold. Making gold in Guild Wars 2 isn't difficult and does not require any understanding of how the markets work. Anet did a fantastic job of making it so anyone can get enough gold to play the game thanks to a simplistic and virtually automatic pricing mechanic at the Trading Post.

By level 2 or 3, do the following:

Step 1: Pick up one of all three farming tools (mining pick, harvesting sickle, and logging axe). Also buy a crude salvaging kit if possible.

Step 2: While questing normally, be sure to stop and gather every single node you find.

Step 3: Use the salvaging kit on any gear or weapons that sell for less than 15 copper. Otherwise sell the item to a vendor for copper. If you find a destroyed item that is "salvaging junk" be sure to salvage it because it is almost always worth it to do so.

Step 4: Do not discover any of the dyes you find! Sell them for tons of silver on the Trading Post.

Step 5: Sell your items you salvaged and farmed on the Trading Post at the "Meet Highest Buyer" price. You can do this from any location in the game by clicking on the lion symbol at the top left of the screen.

Step 6: Go to any trading post location that's nearby (measuring scales symbol on the map) and collect your sales.


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