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Cauliflower and Experience Farming Spot

Cauliflower Farming Spot
There is a Cauliflower farming spot in Timberline Falls, just west of the Thistlereeds Waypoint. 8 Cauliflower are waiting to be picked as shown in the picture, as well as gold and platinum ore nodes along the way.

The Heads of Cauliflower are used to cook Cauliflower Soup, which grants 10 experience, 60 precision, and 6% critical damage.

By far the coolest part about this location was the experience and not the Cauliflower. Each node gave me 324 experience which at level 56 was a significant amount for so little work. 2592 experience in total was about the amount you'd get for participating in most events at that level!


  1. Nick said...:

    I actually found this spot just a few days before you posted it. There are a few other spots like this in the world. I've only found 1 other myself, but I've read of others. Do you have any other information regarding "farm" spots like this?

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