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Easy Gold Making: Flipping Rare Dyes

Found this video on youtube about making easy gold in guild wars 2. Thought I'd give it a try and low and behold it was about using the flipping method I showed you with buy orders, but this time for rare dyes! Check out this easy gold making tip in the video below.


  1. Terranola said...:

    In my opinion its sad that the TP is global, as soon someone posts a hint on the webs loads of people will do this and within a day it will be unprofitable.

    Was better as in WoW the AH was for realms. Anyway thanks for sharing with us! ^^

    Also i miss some options and the posibilty to do addons like i did in other games to check different things fast every day....sad bust must be handled by handwork writings :D

  1. Markco said...:

    Look back at these markets in a week when everyone jumps off the bandwagon.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I completely agree Terranola. I've been disappointed with Guild Wars 2 and the economy after coming from WoW. They are just so focused on making money through Gem purchases, protecting uneducated players, and making profits difficult.

    I loved the realm/server based Auction House setup, because they were all so different. I played a low popularity server and loved how it functioned. Others loved their large realm and large auction house.

    There are some people such as myself, that play an MMO just for the economy, trading, bartering, etc. That is the best part of any multiplayer video game to me. Guild Wars 2 turns it back to those people, and I think the trading is going to end up being a quick flip and speculation market. This is obviously just an assumption due to how young this game is though. I think any direct connection between real currency and in-game currency is a factor that ruins the game for me. While I do appreciate they met half way, by allowing gold to be transferred into Gems, I wish it had not been a part of the game at all. I would rather pay a subscription cost.

    TLDR: I wish the Trading Post was realm based and the Gem system did not exist.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    In addition to my above response, I also feel as if it damages our minor community as Terranola said. It is hard to share secrets about gold making when you know that those secrets are more than likely to take a major hit on your profits. Months before learning about the worldwide trading post, I had registered a guild wars 2 gold URL to create a blog with tips and tricks. (Actually Marko's blog had inspired me from back when I played WoW) I lost interest in it once I learned that I would just be inviting people to compete with me in my markets. On the realm based AHs in WoW, I felt safe sharing tips on forums and such knowing that it was unlucky to do too much damage to my profits.

  1. Finess said...:

    Yeah, that's why I just take the concept from these posts. With the foundations, you can apply them to any market. :)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Right, (same Anon from above). It's obvious that some people will over look these and that there are tons of markets these skills are viable in. Most of this is flipping so far. I agree with Marko that in a couple weeks people will forget about these, and I know there are bigger money makers out there. They will be easier to come across once we have a better understanding of the trading post. What hurts right now, especially when comparing to WoW, is the idea that we don't have something such as the Undermine Journal or AddOns to help us track. The TP UI is pretty terrible and it is a limiting factor so far. Although the GW2 Spidy may be there someday soon.

  1. Crazysky said...:

    It's Just an idea but the TP is à webpage, the URL was given before thé game launch. A webpage would allow us to create an alternative interface, nous ?

  1. Anonymous said...:

    The URL is known but you can only but through it...

  1. All things are good, but could you please mention the time of your analysis. Yesterday I had a pretty decent profit flipping dyes, sigils, runes etc. But today the market is dead. I think it's because America's going to work now and nobody can play from there. Can you please share your thoughts about the best time for trading in your next post. Thank you, great material here!

  1. Markco said...:

    I'm thinking that the best time to sell is during peak hours and best time to get cheap buy orders is during the middle of the day or early on the weekends.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Is it a wise thing to buy copper at around 15 and sell it for around 19?

    I'm kinda new to this whole flipping thing ;)


  1. Tim Selaty said...:

    I find dyes deals (and crafting items) using Gold Wars 2.

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