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Easy Gold Ore Farming Spot

As we all learn the layout of Guild Wars 2, it's going to become easy to pick out a bunch of gold farming spots that can easily be reached through the use of "waypoint farming." That's just a phrase to mean whenever you jump to a waypoint, farm nearby enemies/nodes, and then bounce to the next waypoint instead of staying in that area or going beyond the immediate vicinity of the waypoint. As long as the materials collected are worth more than the cost of traveling and time spent, then you have a "waypoint farming" spot. String a couple together and you can make serious gold!

The following farming spot has not one but two gold ore nodes right next to the where you travel when using this waypoint.

Gold Ore Farming Spot
Arcallion Digs Waypoint
Arcallion Digs is a small area with at least two gold ore resource nodes that I have found so far. You'll also find silver and iron ore in the same area. It's only 56-ish copper away from Divinity's Reach, which makes it pretty awesome for a quick shot at gathering gold ore.

After collecting the ore in this area, considering running outside of the cave and farming Ridgeback Skale near the water.

Have you discovered any other gold ore farming spots that had more than a single gold ore near a waypoint?


  1. Terranola said...:

    Hard to say how valuable this is...when i traves to the mark it takes about 1silver....and i get about 8 ores (+/- Gems) ... so gold ore has to be over 15 copper to be valuable.

  1. Omnislash said...:

    Gold ore is easily 30-40c right now on the trading post. Also, not sure if you've seen this before, but there's a map that people have created for ores/nodes.


    @Markco, I just found the site after googling some gold tips, and yours was on the first few pages. Glad I found it, it's like a hidden gem.

  1. Markco said...:

    Cool omnislash, I'll add that link to the side bar here for future reference!

  1. Keldar Hawke said...:

    I hate to be the devil's advocate... but waypoint cost increase in size at level 80. So yeah, not all "waypoint farming2 is valid. just something to take into account.

  1. John Olson said...:

    pro-tip. use low level alt to waypoint farm whenever possible... usually you can use some gullems or elementals and bubbles to keep baddies at bay while you farm the node and then leave real quick. just trait for defense and CC :)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    There is a better gold ore spot in the bloodtide coast northwest and southwest of sorrowful waypoint, this is a higher level area but easy to get to from Lions Arch, I've seen up to 6 nodes spawn per hour.

  1. brysen conner said...:

    So do you sell the gold you mine to make gold ? What can you craft with gold ?

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