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Farming Jute Scraps

There are three ways to farm Jute scraps:

1. Humanoids

I haven't found a place where Jute drops consistently like other crafting materials. Since Jute is such an integral part of the Tailoring Discipline, it's kind of worth your time as a tailor to discover a method for acquiring Jute quickly. Have you found a place to farm Jute quickly? Care to share? With farming not necessarily the best option, we turn instead to...

2. Salvaging

Salvaging was the best way to acquire Jute scraps prior to the Trading Post coming back online. You could salvage white or better weapons/armor and have a good shot at getting some Jute scraps. I found 90% of my scraps this way early on.

When salvaging, I would advise using crude salvage kits for white items and basic or higher salvage kits for blue or better. If you have an upgrade in the gear you are salvaging, be sure to use a basic or higher salvage kit in order to have a shot at recovering the upgrade.

I attempted to find items worth purchasing on the Trading Post for the purpose of salvaging, but in most cases I broke even or lost copper.

3. Trading Post

I would highly recommend selling crafting materials you don't need (like wood or ore) in order to buy more Jute scraps. This method appeared to be the fastest way to acquire Jute scraps while testing (that is, whenever the Trading Post was actually on).


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Life was good when vendor Sold White items could Be salvaged. 40copper gloves netted 2-3 Jute scraps. Sold via Chat for 45 Silver per 100.

  1. Terranola said...:

    Arenanet trys to take out nearly all ways you could make Money out of the economy itself....hard times for us...on my server nearly all prices are down to the vendor prices in the TP....Copper Ore for 4 copper and unidentified colours for 9copper or smth about that...

  1. Keldar Hawke said...:

    The trading post is global. Ie, all prices are the same for everyone. EU, US, whatever. Any realm.

  1. Markco said...:

    Keldar speaks the truth.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I found that one 'nice' side-effect of the trading post not being up was that it kinda forced you to become knowledgeable on where certain materials are found. This means I have a good feel now about how much of something I can farm in an hour, and make a better judgement call on if buying / selling something on the TP is worth it.

    For jute, I found the most consistent drops were on human mobs, where as centaurs seem to be better deal for leather. I made a trip to the human lands and farmed bandits. The salvage items they drop the most are cloth, they also dropped cloth and leather armour more than heavy (not sure if luck?). And the little bags give you a chance at fine mats, which means I'd get all the cloth I need first and then see where in the fine mats department I was still lacking something.

    Another strategy for the really dedicated is to roll an alt and have them run through the first 20 levels killing as much human mobs as possible to ensure that all drops are in the jute range. Although farming as a level 60 in the early areas I did get low level drops for white and blue items, so maybe it is only green and up that scales? Still, would be nice if there was an option to actually opt out of the leveled loot and say you want to get lowbie drops. But I guess they kinda want to avoid high levels flooding the market with lowbie mats, thus depriving new players from a source of income.

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