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Farming Spot: Peridot Nuggets and Piles of Radiant Dust

Stoneman's Notch Farming Spot

Earth Elementals at Stoneman's Notch are awesome for farming up Peridot Nuggets (5 power, 1% critical damage) and Piles of Radiant Dust.

Peridot Nugget | Pile of Radiant Dust
They have some decent abilities to defend themselves, so make sure that you are their level or higher when farming here. I used an XP boost and farmed for an hour, bringing in 80 Peridot Nuggets and 60 Piles of Radiant Dust. Although Pile of Radiant Dust isn't a super expensive item at the moment, I believe that they will become more valuable as more crafters reach the 150 skill level range. The Peridot Nuggets are great for my Enchantress at the moment, as I mix them in with gear that has a lot of precision and critical strike chance.

I haven't gotten to level 80 content yet, but perhaps there are earth elementals at the higher levels that drop really nice gems...


  1. Anonymous said...:

    well i've been following your blog a little bit although i've only used 1 of the tricks so far and that was for only for a short while (and did kickstart me)

    I've been wondering.

    How much gold do you actually have at the momment. While some of the tips are great for newbies to the game they have all been rather petty cash like earning a few copper at a time.

  1. Markco said...:

    I'm level 42 and have 10 gold. Nothing fantastic and all of it is from random testing I've done. Bought around two thousand gems and my training books as well.

    No where near "rich" but I plan on taking this blog one day at a time to get to that point. I'd like to hit level 80 before I get serious about crafting for gold, and there's a lot of potential there to print money.

    Also looking into speculation and flipping the rarer markets.

    One day at a time mr. anonymous! (or mrs?)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    it's mr.

    and fair enough thats a fair bit of gold for your level (although i suppose it really depends on time invested) since you don't get given gold at higher levels anyway.

    i wouldn't get your hopes up on crafting, as most items you can craft you would earn the same amount if not less than selling the raw materials on the trading post instead.

    i'll follow your blog still and see where you do go in time though, for some reason it interests me where you will end up.

    maybe as a fellow entrepreneur

  1. Markco said...:

    I think your crafting comment is almost always true, but I'm looking into crafting plus utilizing mystic forge to see if there is any money in there.

    Flipping looks pretty profitable, as well as long term investing.

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