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Gold Guide Economic Report 9/20/2012

Hello again, it's time for another Economic Report for you gold makers out there in Guild Wars 2. Instead of showcasing the four top ten lists in the trading post as I have done the past two weeks, this time I'm going to focus on two ways for you to speculate and make more gold in the process.

1. Invest in Mystic Coins

As more players hit level 80 they will be faced with two things they definitely need more of: Gold and Mystic Coins. All players will need mystic coins, and for most players that will mean that they need gold to afford these highly sought after mystic coins. If too many players end up with the coins, then Arena Net will make changes to the game to keep supply from getting to high. They are such an integral part of the Guild Wars 2 economy, and essentially compromise the primary reward for daily and monthly achievements. Expect Mystic coins to only increase in value over time.

2. Invest in Gems

With players getting to level 80 and wanting to instantly gear their characters, you can expect them to want both mystic coins and gold. For this reason, I would highly recommend investing in gems. If you've been watching then you probably have seen the slow but steady rise of gem costs. This is due to a proportionate number of players hitting level 80. While leveling you have little need to buy gems, other than for some bank space and maybe some black lion keys. But besides vanity items, nobody usually spends money on gems early on. However, all this changes at level 80 as players want another bag slot, the rest of their bank slots, tons of vanity items, and of course, highly visible gear upgrades.

How to Invest

Use dollar cost averaging, which means you buy 25 gems today, 25 tomorrow, 25 the next day, and so on and so forth. You will hit ups and downs each day, but over time you should average out to a steady increase because of the market slowly increasing each week. Feel free to invest as much gold as you are willing to lose. That's the key to successful investing; take risks knowing that you can still eat even if the investment tanks.

Listen to the Searing Podcast

I've recently been on The Searing Podcast: We Love Gollllldddd and had a blast with everyone involved. These guys ALL know their Guild Wars 2 like nobody else. There is talk of me coming on more frequently and I'll be sure to share great gold tips every time I can. Subscribe to their feed and you'll know every time I am present on the show.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Thank you for the article. I will be investing more gold into these when I have more available. Off topic though - Anybody having issues with losing gold and items with the Trading Post? Now that I have began using it to flip and such, I have been actually losing gold and items that just disappear into thin air. Others have had similar problems: Has anybody else been losing gold? It is putting me off from wanting to do anything else with the Trading Post until it has been resolved.

  1. Mesar said...:

    I'm not convinced long term plays are a good idea at the moment. A long term view of (say) gems is highly dependent on the growth, or at least stabilization, of the game population.

    With MOP on the horizon, a huge percentage of the population will leave GW2 and may never return. Additionally many players will hit 80, dislike the end-game and move on. So stockpiling Gems and Mystic Coins for months at -this- time is a dicey proposition that's tied directly to the continued success of the game.

    We ALL thought WAR, Aion, SWTOR, etc were going to be successful, yet people left in droves at soon as they finished the leveling game.

    Additionally tying up funds into long term plays prevents you from committing funds to short term plays and precious end game gear.

    Personally I'll be sticking to farming and flipping and reassess the population growth at the 3 month mark.

  1. Finess said...:


    When you flip, are you doing numerous items with small profit margins? Or few items with huge profit margins?

  1. Markco said...:

    Just invest wisely and use things like dollar cost averaging to prevent risking all of your funds on a gamble. Nothing is for sure, just like you need to play many different markets at once instead of one you think is guaranteed.

  1. Markco said...:

    I'd like to reiterate: this post is NOT saying that you should invest all of your money into these items. On the contrary, it's giving you an option for investment that you should add to your "portfolio" instead of making your only strategy.

    Regarding profit margins, I aim for 5 silver or it's not worth the time.

  1. Mesar said...:

    @ Finess

    I like the high percentage, fast moving small margins, rather than trying to flip the end game gear for gold at a time. I don't have enough data at this point to recognize "true value" of the less liquid products and commodities.

    As I'm only mid 30s at this point, I'm happy to take 50 copper profit per transaction. I'm sure that will change as I'm near end-game.

  1. Vaile said...:

    Hey Markco,

    Great advice. I haven't started investing in gems yet as part of my long term strategy but it's something that I'm keeping an eye on. As Mesar mentioned it will be interesting to see how the economy changes once MoP hits. I'm trying not to invest too much in long term buys just yet.

    I enjoy reading your insights. Keep up the good work.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Does anyone know the tax on selling gems for gold? Is it 15% like the trading post? I'm wondering because this is kinda needed to know when the gems you bought could be resold at a profit.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    To be honest, I wouldn't consider any investment in gems right now to be for resale profit. Certainly things might get to the point where you can resell them for profit, but my own reasons for investing in gems, long before seeing this article, was that their prices are only going to go up as time goes on. Since the value of a gem in the gem store never changes, I've saved a lot of money in the long term by buying gems that I plan to use in the future, like for bag, bank, and character slots.

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