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Gold Guild to Flipping Copper Ore

Copper ore is the most sought after and sold item on the Trading Post. To quote the game interface, copper ore is the top "supplied", "demanded", and "traded" item according to the Trading Post itself. Knowing this, you probably aren't thinking that it's possible to make any money with it. After all, if everyone knows to buy and sell it, then competition will dictate a break even or worse, a loss, for sellers. Right? Wrong.

This method works even though you are making as little as 1 copper after fees. To earn that much, you must sell copper ore at 19 copper after buying with a buy order for 15 copper. 19 * .85 = 16.15 which is rounded down to 16 by the Trading Post.

You're probably thinking to yourself... pshhh... 1 copper per sale? That's a horrible waste of time! Well, you'd be shocked to see just how much money you can make due to the sheer volume of sales from copper ore. Remember, it is the top supplied, demanded, and traded item in Guild Wars 2! All I had to do was create a single buy order of 100 copper ore at 15 copper each, and then when I noticed that it was all purchased, create a listing for 19 copper each. Since I make 1 copper per sold copper ore, that was a 1 silver profit for a few seconds of work. Once I grew more confident with the strategy, I started creating 500 copper ore and then eventually 1000 copper ore buy orders. This is all free money for very little effort, which is great because it allows you to play other markets without doing much in the way of calculations.

Go ahead and try it for yourself. Start your play session with a large buy order of copper ore. Later on when you're bored, check back to see if your order is complete and post what you've purchased for an amount that will still earn you a profit. Do the multiplication yourself just to make sure and remember to round down to the nearest copper.

As with all strategies on this site, use this one as training wheels for bigger and better things. Speaking of which, make sure that you subscribe to this blog, as I do email strategies that are exclusively kept just for subscribers.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Is the title correct? shouldnt it say Gold Guide instead of Gold Guild?
    sorry fot the nitpicking :(

  1. Markco said...:

    A lot of foreigners actually search for that so I titled accordingly. No worries.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Hey Marcko thx! Even finding ways to make good money in a market as the Copper Ore one :) Trying it out in a few hours, hope it works
    Greets from The Netherlands :)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Hi Markco!
    First of all, thanks and congratulations for this awesome blog, i think it is the most complete guide on www.

    Im writting here to say that and because i want to share my little experience too, because a receive a lot here.

    About the post, my main source of income, not only with copper but flipping such quantities of crafting materials that are fast traded give you about 1g at hour maybe more if you stay on the trading post, its so fast.

    Creating larger orders i feel its least rewarded because it cost a lot of time to fill, at least in my experience. I put 100 copper order and take it in a few seconds, if i change the quantity to 250 i have to wait hours or until next day.

    Next thing i do is flipping any items on the trading post, i just cant make any other source of gold with salvaging or mystic forge, i lost some coins traying that but im low level and cant gamble without fast benefits.

    Flipping any item i can using filters to find them with different rarity, its the way to go for me but even that, its hard because the prices changes a lot reducing margins too fast.

    Well, i know i have a little experience with ingame economics, also real i think haha but...

    My two cents, sorry for the English mistakes.

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