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How to get 250 Mystic Salvage Kits

Want to get the equivalent of 250 Master's Salvage Kits at Half Price?

Good, because you can do just that with the Mystic Salvage kits thanks to the Mystic Forge and a special Karma vendor.

Step 1: Buy 250 Gems

Step 2: Buy a stack of Mystic Forge Stones for 250 Gems

Step 3: Purchase one Fine, Master's, and Journeyman's Salvage kits. They must have a full stack of 25 kits each (unused). You can purchase for Karma using the Weaponsmith vendor. He's the guy with the weaponsmith symbol on your map in lion's arch or any other major city.

Step 4: Combine at the Mystic Forge a Fine salvage kit, Master's salvage kit, Journeyman's salvage kit, and your Mystic Forge Stones. Only 3 stones will be used in the process.

Step 5: Pick up you 250 Mystic Salvage Kits. Between Karma and the Gems, these are going to cost you half as much as buying 10x25 Master's Salvage Kits.


  1. Hunter Beggs said...:

    What's the point of salavaging items? I always end up losing money, no matter which salvage kit I use.

  1. Markco said...:

    Hi Hunter, welcome to the blog!

    Salvaging kits can be used to make money in a multitude of ways. Did you watch my video on salvaging low level items?

  1. Which three stones do you think are better to be used after combining all the stones.

  1. Hunter Beggs said...:

    I watched a video that you posted, however I ended up losing money :(

  1. couillon in DC said...:

    I don't think you can buy the salvage kits with karma anymore, patched by arena net.

  1. Ludovit Sebo said...:

    not from the weapon smith, but in the world there are other karma vendors who sell them^^

  1. Midgetbuster said...:

    Like who? i have had no luck finding one :(

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I got lucky a while ago, and got a ton of black lion salvage kits from BL chests. So when salvaging rares for ecto's I'm set. But for the most bang for your buck, I've found that the "Fine Salvage Kit" is great. It's only 2s 88c, and you can easy make that back salvaging whites and salvageable drops in high level areas.

  1. Didacus said...:

    Due to recent currency exchange i'm afraid but creating a Mystic Salvage Kit won't let you save your money:

    250 gems = 1 gold 68 silver and 10 copper


  1. Arsh said...:

    And you have to calculate the cost of your mystic salvage kit per transaction.
    Whatever you paid for the kit total /250 = cost to add to each rare you buy or else you can still be losing money on it if you don't get VERY lucky.

    Btw, the linear average is more like .7 than 1 ecto per item.
    So that's important too. I OFTEN get shafted by RGN on this.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    in the pic, its 93s for 250 gems .. now 93s gets you 18 gems T_T

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