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How to Use the Mystic Forge

Mystic Forge in Lion's Arch

Where is the Mystic Forge?

Located in northern tip of Lion's Arch, the Mystic Forge is a mystery to most players. However, ArenaNet definitely intended for this to be one of the easiest ways to gather gear for your character. This and scripted storyline dungeons are meant to gear your character throughout the leveling process.

Enchantress Standing by Mystic Forge

How does the Mystic Forge Work?

If you want to get better gear while leveling from the Mystic Forge, all you have to do is put four items of the same type (four helms, four pistols, four daggers, four rings, etc) and you will get a much better one that is several levels higher than the average level of what you put in.

Putting Weapons in the Mystic Forge
This is the best way I've seen to upgrade my own gear, and by the time you do go up three levels you have enough blue/green crap to make a few Mystic Forge combinations.

I haven't tried using them yet, but you can put mystic coins as part of your offering to the Mystic Forge. These should greatly improve the results of your combination.

Can You Make Gold Using the Mystic Forge?

I believe that you can, but there is still always a chance of losing gold. From what I've seen, putting four green items of the same type will usually yield a great yellow item of that type. If you look at the cost of blues (four blues of the same type can become a green), it looks like combining all the way from blue to green to yellow items of the same type could be profitable. I will be conducting more research to see if there are consistent opportunties for profit by using the Mystic Forge. I really need to try using the mystic coins more and seeing if there is an opportunity to buy all the ones that people aren't using on the Trading Post.

Expect a follow up post in the coming weeks showcasing ways to make gold with the Mystic Forge, especially at low levels when players don't have access to it.

Don't Use White Items

I highly advise selling to vendors or salvaging any white items you have. I haven't seen a single time where four white items became a blue.

What You See Isn't Always What You Get!

If you get an item with something like "+5% damage to ogres", then buy a better sigil and replace it. You'll end up selling the item for far more, but be sure to check the auction house before applying.

What's Your Experience with the Mystic Forge?

Share your experience in the comments!

*WARNING: Your mileage may vary with the forge. I didn't ALWAYS get upgrades in gear quality with this strategy, but it was frequent enough to make me believe it is a factor.*


  1. Angel said...:

    Alright, I'm scratching my head over this one. Have you tried tossing in level 80 items? I bought 16 identical blue short bows, tossed them all into the mystic forge, and received only other blue short bows out.

    I remember playing with this during the BWEs and for lower-level items it definitely seems to upgrade it at least a few levels if not spitting out a green, but the rules might be different at 80. Unless you've had a different experience and I'm just phenomenally unlucky (which is usually true)?

  1. Markco said...:

    Sorry I wrote this post very early on and finally published it. Leveling seemed to work that way, but now it appears to be completely random :(

  1. Anonymous said...:

    i make a shit ton of money in the mystic forge, how i do that eh, gonna have to keep that to myself for a few weeks, but eventually ill share, i even made mmoney in game selling the recipe for 5 gold to 5 people netting me 25g(only a fraction of what i have made using the recipe) but selling knowledge when people are will to buy, i cant complain.

  1. Markco said...:

    I know what it is mister anonymous. I am just deciding when is the best time to reveal it to the world... muhuhahahahah.

    It involves a certain material upgraded into another.

  1. Luxeflex said...:

    omgg i have to know :( this is torture D:

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