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Level 80 Elementalist

Now that leveling is over and I'm finally level 80, it's time to focus more on the economy!

Screenshot of my level 80 elementalist below:

Level 80 Elementalist
For those of you trying to level that get stuck, buy some black lion keys and hope for a crafting booster. I went from 79 to 80 in 2 minutes and I wish that I had done this from as early as level 3!

I finished up with 14 gold during the leveling process, and spent around 20 on gems, crafting materials, and upgrades.

Now it's time to find some level 80 farming spots and write more posts that will eventually turn this blog into your Guild Wars 2 Gold Guide.


  1. Terranola said...:

    Fun Fact:
    Every profecion gives you 12 full Level without Booster :)

  1. Finess said...:

    In Frostgorge Sound there's a spot with Champion/Veteran/regular trolls that has instant respawns. Pretty good amount of Blood, and nice items with magic find.

  1. Nathan B said...:

    going off of terranola's comment, theoretically if you have massive amounts of gold, u can get to 80 without stepping a food out of lions arch?

  1. Terranola said...:

    @ Nathan B:
    Thats right
    I was able to skill Chef and Juweler on my Twink for Only Karma (Chef) und about 5-6g (Juweler) ^^
    Other Professions need more money but yes you're right

  1. Anonymous said...:

    gz. waiting new ways to farm gold. You make a good deal!

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