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Make Gold with Tailoring Discipline

As you may have figured out already, it's hard to make gold with tailoring and that goes for any other discipline. That is of course, until you read this post.

While leveling the tailoring discipline, I quickly discovered that a large number of items at the wool level and beyond were profitable to craft and sell. We're not talking more than a few gold here and there, but getting paid to level your profession is a pretty sweet deal! Take for example all the insignia's that you can craft while attempting to discover new recipes. All you have to do is craft the two components for a piece of armor or weapon, and then add any insignia that you haven't tried yet for that item. There you go, a brand new discovered recipe and a boat load of experience.

I realized something way before I wrote blogs about video games, and that is the important notion that time equals money. Even the people taking the time to level a crafting discipline are going to get lazy. There are actually profits to be had creating insignias and selling them to tailors. I sold 15 wool insignias in a matter of minutes testing this theory out. A few more batches and I was convinced; not only can you make money selling insignias, but you basically can get paid to level tailoring.

Strong Embroidered Wool Insignia
An example of making gold through insignias would be the Strong Embroidered Wool Insignia recipe. This particular crafting component gives +power and +precision, which is something most damage focused players want for their gear. The components and their costs are approximately:

1 Bolt of Wool (15 copper buy orders on 2 Wool Scraps).
5 Spools of Wool Thread (14 copper per buy order makes it 2 copper cheaper than vendor).
8 Vials of Thin Blood (73 copper per buy order).

Total: 6 Silver 84 Copper
Strong Embroidered Wool Insignia sells for...

9 Silver 24 Copper

Take off the 15% seller's fee by multiplying 924 by .85 and you get...

785 or 7 Silver 85 Copper. That's a 1 Silver 1 Copper profit per insignia.

If you think that's too small, there are several other wool insignias that make a good bit more, but I'll let you do some math and find them for yourself! While you're at it... maybe take a look at the other disciplines to see if this works there as well... HINT HINT!

--------------------Edited the night before this went live--------------

Guild Wars 2 Riches put a guest post up yesterday with one of those other profitable wool insignias I mentioned in my hint. That post was not the inspiration for this one, as I wrote this article over a week ago to be scheduled today, but they did post something similar first so I think they deserve some credit. But it ends there, as I completely disagree with going out to farm materials like the article suggests. And one more thing, the link I gave you for that site is not broken, as I purposefully left the link leading to the page on flippa where the owner is selling their website. One of the main selling points is "an email list of over 300 subscribers." When that blog is sold, any subscribing email addresses will be as well. Who knows where they could end up unwillingly with no notice or warning. I did notice that he created several posts about bad and good leveling guides, which he knowingly included paid-for-selling affiliate links in. The reason for these "reviews" is obvious; he wants to show potential buyers that his site can make money. To achieve this goal, he's willing to lie in a way, without informing the audience of his true intentions, selling their emails, and pretending to give unbiased reviews for products when he is in fact selling them.

In case anyone out there doesn't knows my history, yes I once sold my World of Warcraft website for $50,000. I still regret the decision to this day, and I did give several months of warning to all 12,000 subscribers so that they could choose whether they wanted to stay or not. As I play Guild Wars 2 and enjoy discussing it with you all so thoroughly, I can't help but wonder how much fun I've missed out on by giving up the wow site. Won't be making that mistake again, I can assure you, and I hope that Guild Wars 2 Riches doesn't either. They've definitely got potential, but if they're going to sell their site I'd prefer if they were transparent and open about it. If they clean up their act then I'll definitely put them on my blog roll.


12 Slot Cotton Bag
Back on topic... yeah sorry for the addition to this post but I felt passionate about the matter that came up... Another way to make gold through tailoring is with bags. But, alas, even with great buy orders at 50% the value of cotton scraps, I still could not make more than a silver or two selling my 12 slot cotton bags. They sold a lot slower than the insignias, which was a shocker to me. I guess people skip the 12 slot and go right to 18? I'm not too sure at this point.

Putting all things into perspective and assuming that you can at least break even while crafting a profession and selling the bi-products, isn't that well worth it?

I look forward to leveling up every discipline and discovering new methods for gold making along the way. Like everything in Guild Wars 2, the Tailoring discipline is a journey of discovery and I intend to enjoy it.


  1. Siadina said...:

    I feel like a fool. Thank you for the intel on gw2riches. I will be removing all the links to the site. I am just wondering why dollado6 has you listed as a sister site?

  1. Markco said...:

    I'm not a sister site, if you look at the URL it is .org and this is .com

    I don't mind that he's selling his site, I just think people should be warned that their emails are vulnerable. Hell, I'm an entrepreneur myself and have sold several websites. I learned very fast that you never know what someone will do with a purchased email list.

  1. Siadina said...:

    ohh good! I was wondering. He had said you were in one of hid pod casts. And yes I mind him using my readers and my friends as selling points. *sigh* but he has every right to sell it. I just feel cheap and like I have put my buddies in the line of fire...you know? I have asked him to reply to a guru thread. But my post is already up. I want my readers to be informed as well.
    Thank you so very much for sharing this with us! Do you mind if I add you to my blog roll at trippintyria.blogsopt.com? I swear no adds no selling *girl scouts honor*

  1. Markco said...:

    I'd be happy to add you. My blog roll is way too barren at the moment.

    Regarding selling, I have no problem with ads, gold guides, or even whole websites. I don't care if a site is covered with ads, as long as readers are aware of the situation and the content is great.

    I myself have a long history of selling gold guides and it is entirely possible that I will create one for guild wars 2. It's not something happening anytime soon, but certainly a possibility.

  1. Siadina said...:

    Creating and selling guides sites and blogs is not bad. As long as the content is yours and not stolen or gimped. I look forward to supporting members of the community that use their brains to create guides for players. Charging a bit for those guides is not evil.

    Using readers and subscribers as selling points in a sale that the readers know nothing about, that I mind because those are my friends. And I may come across as harsh on my blog but hey I calls em like I sees em.

  1. HarmfulEffect said...:

    I have followed Markco'sblogs from WoW to Diablo3 and now GW2. I actually bought his WoW guide and was able to start enjoying the game once again since I was able to start generating I game gold. No he doesn't pay me I think he has answered a few posts but I will vouch for his web practices. I received plentyof warning about the sell and I was fine with it.

    As for GW2 damn this is a tough economy and so I have been reading up when he posts not so that I can copy strategy but to get ideas. Marcko bro we need some podcast like the ones from WoW! I miss listening to you guys compare strategies and economy in general.

    Anyways hope to hear more strategies and have good discussions.


  1. Finess said...:

    How about both of you stop acting like little girls? I'm not taking sides, both of you are in the wrong. Just keep blogging and stop engaging each other then coming to your viewers for support/validation.

  1. Leggerrr said...:

    I'm completely new to Marko's guides, as in I never really enjoyed WoW or Diablo as much as GW2 here, but if there was any doubt in Marko's tutorials or ideas to earn money, I can tell you from experience that it's completely legit. I turned 8 gold into 14 last night following his methods.

    Not to start a flame war, or any kind of competition, but I've also used GuildWars2Riches as well to get some information, but got nothing in return besides giving up my email address to see their more "intensive" guide, which also supplied hardly anything besides common sense.

    I'm just saying, I've made much more money from your help, than any other website, if they're off selling my email or not. Keep up the good work!

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