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Master's Salvage Kit Gold Making

There aren't too many opportunities for this strategy, but when you find one that works it is phenomenal for making gold. Basically, all you have to do is follow these steps to make gold with a Master's Salvage Kit.

Step 1: Look up expensive major runes and sigils.
Step 2: Look for items that have those runes and sigils in them, but which are significantly cheaper.
Step 3: Place a buy order or purchase immediately for the lowest listing.
Step 4: Salvage using the Master's Salvage Kit.

If you're lucky, you will end up with that major rune or sigil and can resell them.

Keeping in mind the fees, cost per Master's Salvage Kit, and the 20% chance of failure, you will want to look for absolutely amazing profit margins to even consider this strategy. I aim for any weapon or armor that is 50% cheaper than the sigil or rune that it can yield.

While playing the game and upgrading your character, it's important to make use of Master's Salvage Kits any time you want to retain an upgrade component. Whether that be a gem, sigil, or rune.


  1. Fabio said...:

    Actually you can buy Master's Salvage Kit for Karma from Lion's Arch Weaponsmith Master right? This will reduce the cost of the process i think.
    I'll try this!

  1. Markco said...:

    A great idea Fabio. There's also a way to get them in large quantities from the mystic forge, but I haven't run cost analysis on either method.

  1. Fabio said...:

    But where did you find items worth less than the rune inside? I can't find one!

  1. Markco said...:

    Mostly in the wild from quest rewards and killing things.

    The past two days I haven't found a single one on the trading post. Sorry but I wrote this a week ago and now it seems to have already been figured out by most players.

  1. Xi said...:

    To save money re this: put a master,journeymans,fine salvage kit and 3 mystic forge stones into the mystic forge and you'll get a 250 use mystic kit :)
    Ensure the stones are in the 1st slot - otherwise it doesn't work for some reason.

  1. Unknown said...:

    If you want to retain the rune you're currently using for your next weapon / armor, you can use the Basic Transmutation Stones. They not only copy the look of an item, but you can choose 3 things to keep in the items you're transmuting; Looks, Stats and Rune.
    Note though that you will lose any salvage materials you could have gotten from your previous item, since both items will merge into one.

  1. Tautology said...:

    Master's Kits cost 61 copper per salvage.
    Mystic Kits cost ~24 copper per salvage.

    Mystic kits (created using Gems and the forge) are both better and cheaper. The gold cost of Gems will have to more than double to even consider using a master's kit.

    Note that weaponsmith trainers sell kits for karma if you'd prefer to spend karma.

  1. Markco said...:

    Yes I mention that in the article.

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