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Guild Wars 2 is very much a newbie gold making economy. Players are slow to grasp the way the trading post works, and I don't mean the simple tasks of buying and selling. We all picked that up almost instantly, but the way players trade is down right silly. I apologize and don't mean to insult anyone, but what else can you call this activity when someone sells a blue item for 48 copper and the vendor price is 47 copper? With the 15% successful auction fee, this same individual is LOSING MONEY from both posting and selling the item.
That "problem" of selling blues so cheap is an opportunity. I've been looking into buying up cheap blue weapons and armor for the purpose of mystic forging them (what do you call it lol?). 4 identical blues usually become a green, and then 4 identical greens usually become a yellow. Since yellows are worth many times more than their blue counterparts, it is usually a net gain for me. Not everytime though, so more testing is needed.

It's unreasonable to expect the majority of players to ever realize the true potential of the Trading Post. I would say that 95% of them will continue to see their items for the highest buyer price every single time as well as sell their items for the lowest seller price. Again, this is an opportunity for profit.

I have stopped using the "highest buyer price" all together and instead I undercut the lowest seller by 1 copper. Sure, the money isn't INSTANT, but the item still sells every single time. The person who puts up a buy order for your item is usually looking for a great deal, so don't base your pricing on just that!

If you're a noob, then my goal with this blog is to turn you into a pro.
If you're a pro, then my goal with this site is to show you how to use the trading post correctly.

You thought I was going to say take "advantage of noobs" weren't you?


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