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Small Claw Gold Farming Spot

Newbeach Bluffs Farming Small Claws
There are three monsters in this area and a group event that occurs around once every 15 minutes. The three monsters are river drakes, crabs, and moas. The crabs can be ignored as they don't drop good loot, but the river drakes and moas should be farmed in a circle. When the group event occurs, you have to kill 5 pirate diggers before a timer runs out. This is good for about a thousand experience, and a great boost if you're farming this spot while leveling. You'll also get a treasure chest once per day after killing the five diggers and using their shovel to dig up a sand pile on the beach. After the pirates are dead, head down to the south and farm the moas and river drakes before heading back north to the larger beach. This way you can continue farming claws without killing a dozen or so pirates that appear after the event in the area.

The map above shows yellow for moa and red for river drakes. The reason I recommend farming both monster types is because they all drop small claws and eggs. These are really fast sellers on the trading post, and I make around 3 silver per minute using this strategy (including all drops, not just the claws and eggs). That's approximately 1.8 gold per hour. With better magic find and more gear I could see someone breaking the 2-3 gold per hour mark.

If you're trying to farm for levels this is a great spot. There aren't any resource nodes that I saw on the beaches, but the surrounding plains have trees, herbs, and mining nodes.

One more pointer, if you're leveling there is another event that occurs on the bridge just south west of the farming area.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    where is this?

  1. CrimsnDragnY47 said...:

    How does magic find increase farm rate? do the claws not drop every time, and magic find guarentees drops?

    I'm lvl 80 right now, could you cover some more profitable for higher level farms?

    Love your blog!

  1. Markco said...:

    Once I'm 80 I sure will! At the moment I'm 52 and going up around 2 levels per day. Maybe this weekend I can bang out 10.

    I am playing the trading post a lot and also writing these posts / creating videos so I might not hit 80 for another few weeks.

    But once I'm there... Sh#%'s gonna get real haha

  1. Terranola said...:

    haha markco when you hit 80 the good farmspots already got nerfed, but nevermind youre doing a GREAT job here in my opinion! dont haste!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    What larger area is Newbeach Bluffs in?

  1. Markco said...:

    Gendarran Fields! Sorry!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Oh, got it, thanks!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Playing the economy not the game.... Well... Here's an inflation

  1. Osujin said...:

    Have they since "corrected" this method? I'm not getting any claws, only occasional scales...also, the chest now spawns via a seraph, not by being dug up (shovel seems glitched).

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