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Take Note of ArenaNet Correcting the Economy

I want you to read the following post addressing how ArenaNet is taking care of exploits and flooded items in the game. I found out about this a little late, but the ramifications of the fact that ArenaNet is able and capable of 'adjusting' the economy are many.

Take for example the butter, wooden dowels, soft wood, etc that can now be traded in 500 at a time to the mystic forge. If I had known this was going to happen, I would have bought thousands of sticks of butter at 1 copper each.

Lesson learned everyone, if an item is oversupplied on the Trading Post, expect ArenaNet to take corrective action to 'fix' the economy. Whether exploits or poor planning is the cause doesn't matter, they will take action to keep items from becoming worthless.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Don't jump the gun and give out advice like that. Out of all the items currently flooding the TP, only 5 were selected to be rebalanced, and once the custom recipes go away they'll flood in again as demand goes away. The prices are already crashing back down as people realise mystic chests aren't worth the cost. By your logic, I should go out and buy a metric shittonne of cooking ingredients because hey, cinnamon sticks are BOUND to be rebalanced...

  1. Markco said...:

    I completely disagree! The prices aren't "crashing" at all. Sticks of butter are at 10 copper a piece... sure they were 12 last night but that isn't exactly crashing. My assumption is that they will take additional steps.

    It's all gambling and speculating, nothing more. Hindsight is 20/20, but ArenaNet does seem determined to "fix" outliers in the system.

  1. Angel said...:

    This post is also much more about realizing that ANet has taken steps to fix the economy that didn't kick anyone down. Instead of mass bans, making those items disappear from the TP, or simply leaving it alone to fix itself over time (what most other MMOs have done) they made the surplus items into something more desirable, which balanced their representation on the market.

    The fact that ANet took any steps at all to fix the market, nonetheless very amenable steps, speaks volumes to their credit. And it has all kinds of implications for market speculators.

  1. John Olson said...:

    Great stuff Markco.... keep it coming!
    I agree though.... its not like buying 1c or 4c stuff is going to go THAT bad.... nothing at the AH willl ever lose ALL its value.... and something for 4c doesn't have allot of room to crash :D

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