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Vial of Blood Gold Farming Spot

This spot is terrific because of an event that occurs nearby. During this event, ridgeback skales attack a camp where you are domesticating crabs. If you can kill these skales quickly, you will end up with several vials of blood every time. While you wait for the event to come back, you can run around the crab gathering area in a circle, killing skales the entire time.

Here's a video demonstrating this Vial of Blood farming spot. I also explain how to price your vials of blood on the trading post. I still didn't have my coffee... so hopefully you find my rambling funny instead of annoying.


  1. Terranola said...:

    Did this farming for 1 hour with a +30% MF bufffood on my Ranger i got this:


    this totaly resulted in 69,55 Silver

    I think if you need the vials of blood its pretty well but if you farm for the money its not the best and the event seemed well camped and overfarmed ^^
    PS: Markco i will never learn to spell your name right without looking it up ~.~

  1. Markco said...:

    Haha nice find.

    I disagree on overcamped being a bad thing. Since the monsters run away you can tag them all and the group of nearby players will kill for you before the monsters can despawn.

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