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Video Gold Guide (12 Gold Per Hour)

This video will showcase how I made 12 gold in an hour from buy orders on a busy Saturday afternoon. Here's your 12 gold per hour video guide! These tips are for people who are leveling or at level 80 and looking for ways to make good money. Here's the thing though, anyone can use these strategies regardless of their level. Sorry to those who I hurt by releasing these secret strategies.


  1. neferseki said...:

    thought i'd give myself a name, i was the mr. anon talking a while back (fellow entrepreneur) just wondering how you're managing now you're 80.

    i'm a bit bored now that i've been 80 for almost 3 weeks but im still following along and will hand out useful tips on stuff you post if need be.

  1. Terranola said...:

    what salvage kits do you recogment for the salvaging method?

  1. Drewlar said...:

    Hey, lovely video and ive made about 1-2 gold but it takes a lil wile ;) the bag's ive found are the best ;) but i have a few qeustions you said about eating food that it gives you +10 exp so i was wondering if you use a crystal with it if that stacks ? so you get 20 exp ?

    just wondering ...

    also when do you normally send out your sub emails? because i havent got any yet ...

    once again great tut !

    oh one more thing ! the prices change alot from server to server i think because some of the items you show as 16-17 copper are only 11 copper on my server...

    but once again thx ;)

  1. Drewlar said...:

    also one thing i forgot to mention is that the studded boots give the most chance in 2-3 leather the others ive found have more 1-2 if lucky ;)

  1. Adrian Faure said...:

    @Drewlar. The Trading post is global, cross-servers

    Nice video, thanks for sharing your tips... gonna try some when TP is up again (:

  1. Markco said...:

    Email subs are coming Drewlar! I want a little more time at 80 before I write anything substantial. If I notice some timely markets then I will post to the email subscription as well.

    I have big plans for it all :D

  1. Drewlar said...:

    ah ok thx for the update markco :D
    and @Adrian i didnt knwo that but now i do ;)
    does that count for the usa servers?

  1. Ernesto said...:

    Hi Markco,
    I saw that you outbid the highest buy order by 1 copper. I read somewhere (didn't test it yet), that orders in GW2 work like stacks, not queues. Meaning the last order placed will be the first order served.
    That means you don't have to outbid the highest buy order or undercut the lowest sell order, just use the same amount, as your order will be served prior to all others placed before yours. And a copper is a copper, especially in the low level mats markets ;-)


  1. Terranola said...:

    are there more mails then blogposts or are they the same? sorry for offtopic but i wasnt into the blogg at YMTC, i just subbed through mail...

    btw: will you bring up smth like AddictedToAz for GW2?

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