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Writing a Gold Guide for Guild Wars 2

If I were to write a gold guide for guild wars 2, I would most likely focus on the following gold making methods:

So the question is, Mr. or Mrs. reader, which "gold guide" subject would you like me to tackle next? Perhaps you can think of one not on this list?

I'll let you decide, but do try to remember that a lot of these strategies cross over and inter-mingle with one another. Feel free to combine any number of them into an uber strategy.

As we dive deeper together into the world of making a "Gold Guide for Guild Wars 2" through this blog, I hope it quickly becomes clear to you that copying every strategy you find on this site is a terrible idea. Instead, take the basics behind any method I display here and apply it to related or even unrelated markets. Think on your feet and move around until you have a set of niches that provide you with plenty of gold. But don't get too comfortable, because I have a habit of shaking things up with these gold guide posts.

I've written OVER TWO THOUSAND BLOG POSTS centered around making gold in various games and this has taught me a lot about how to mold a custom gold guide for each and every one of you. It starts with changing the way you think and it ends with letting you take what you learned to create your very own gold guide. So yes, despite the fact that my posts seem random, they actually do follow a sort of pattern that molds you into a successful auctioneer. I look forward to experiencing this journey with each and every one of you.

I'd like to ask that you check out another blog, which writes about several different games but has had a hot streak lately for Guild Wars 2 posts. Kill Ten Rats just posted an intriguing article about a bunch of gold making ideas, many of which you have been exposed to on this blog. However, the writer, Ravious came up with an epic prediction for Cinnamon, speculating that perhaps these items will be used in some Halloween recipe. Since they are super cheap at the moment, and we all saw what Anet is willing to do when markets are overstocked and worthless, I think this is a terrific idea! I'll be sure to put a few gold into Cinnamon to support Ravious' call.

PS: I am restricting several awesome gold making strategies exclusively to the subscription sign up here at the blog. If you don't subscribe, then you run the risk of never hearing about these strategies... or finding out a little too late!


  1. Imbrifer said...:

    After reading this blog and KillTenRats I drummed up enough courage to give some gold making strategies a shot. I timidly flipped 100 Gold Ore to a reasonable profit (2 silver), and decided to get a bit more adventurous and try some other strategies:
    - I flipped 100 more gold ore, made a similar but slightly smaller profit.
    - I refined some Green Wood Logs into planks that were selling high, but just as I did so the plans market price bottomed-out, leaving me with 150 wood planks and no way to sell and make a profit. I've been watching the market since, but it hasn't bumped back up anywhere near where it was.
    - I made a particular insignia that was making me about 8 silver in profit each. I initially made 3 with good profit, and decided to invest in 5 more. I sold 2 right off the bat, though that market price then bottomed-out as well, driving the price down below my cost of goods and my 3 remaining insignias have been idling in the market ever since.
    - I crafted some rarer component items and made a decent profit.

    This very mixed experience with the Trading Post left me a little lukewarm on trying to use it to rake in the cash. I learned that if you notice a resource/crafting component with a high price that you can turn some money off of, you've got to get on it quick - and even sell for a bit less than you hoped just to close the deal before the market price drops out.

    If you were to write a gold making guide, I'd be interested in how to respond to and come back from situations like this, and how to mix your strategies between low- and high-risk gold making strategies.

  1. Markco said...:

    Great feedback Ty!

  1. Hot Boy Ronald said...:

    Hey Markco, I was on your WoW blog early and often in your career and was one of the first people to join your forum over there. I have been retired from WoW for awhile but GW also had a special place in my heart so I joined in for GW2 a few weeks ago. I hope you might not focus as much on the flavor of the week farming spots as much in GW2, especially as ArenaNet is staunchly against mindless farming in their games and would not let such occurrences out shine other methods of obtaining gold which are more fun.

    I would love for you to focus time and effort on more complex and intricate TP strategies that may include crafting, flipping, salvaging, or a combination of the three.

    Have you seen http://www.guildwarstrade.com/ by the way? It is a treasure for people like us. I love playing the TP and flipping long term when I am not executing arbitrage (instant buy orders that I instantly flip into sell orders for profit, taking advantage of a larger than normal spread on a relativity liquid commodity)


    -hoy_boy_ronald (As I was known on your forums :P)

  1. Markco said...:

    Thanks for the comment hoy boy ronald, yes I remember you!

    I will check that website out now. I totally agree on the farming spots, and I will definitely restrict how many farming spots I show off. Despite their lack of profit, many people want farming spots so they have something to do while they learn the trading post.

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