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Don't Bot Me Bro


Whatever you do, don't start botting in Guild Wars 2. Eventually, you are always going to get banned for this.

The other day I was running around Orr when I noticed a player who seemed to be a bot. Upon further inspection, my assumption proved correct. This lonely hunter ran in a set circle, attacking the same monsters each time, and using the exact same ability combinations over and over again. I followed for a good half hour, tagging all of his monsters while killing other ones outside of his pre-determined route.

So if you see someone botting, take advantage of their silliness, but don't join in the botting. You can make so much more gold on the trading post.

Making Gold During Halloween


Besides fighting the Mad King, there are quite a few cool ways to make gold during Halloween in Guild Wars 2. I may or may not have power to log in when this post goes live, so I played a ton last night. Managed to make a good 30 gold off Halloween sales alone!

I'm particularly fond of flipping powerful potions of Halloween slaying for massive profits. As the Halloween event comes to a close, players are buying up more and more of these powerful potions of Halloween slaying. Obviously, you don't want to be left with any after Halloween, because then the item will be worthless, but for now it is a great thing to flip.

Some items, like the Greatsaw Greatsword Skin, will last beyond the Halloween event. These are great things to buy now and sit on for a few months. Their value will only increase as players use them up and their number diminishes.

You don't have to spend 40 gold on a skin though to participate on the trading post during Halloween. There are plenty of skins worth flipping that are selling really fast right now. I'll let you discover them!


Deathly Mantle Skin

Well, if you must have another... here:

Rune of the Mad King
For you speculators out there, I have written on the forum about the most important thing you can do the day after Halloween. In addition to my ideas about this festive holiday, a few forum posters had great tips for speculating on the Halloween crafting markets as well. If you're not part of our forum yet... get on that will you? It's super inexpensive and I'm hoping that enough great minds will join to make it a massively fun and knowledgeable place.

Did you find any ways to make gold that I didn't mention here today? Have you tried crafting some Candy Corn stuff?

System for Making Gold


Have you read these three articles? They should create for you a system for making gold:

1. How to Flip
2. How to Determine Number of Flips
3. When to Cancel Buy and Sell Orders

Those three are a great start, but what happens 48 hours later when you forget all the items you successfully sold? Do you have to start over from scratch? NO! You can use your "Items I've Sold" list to determine what to place a buy order on once more.

Step 1: Look at your Items I've Sold list.
Step 2: Select the first item.
Step 3: Look at the buy orders and listed items for sale to determine if it is worth flipping.
Step 4: Place a buy order for at least 5 of the item.
Step 5: Click a different tab (any tab) and then go back to the My Transactions section and select Items I've Sold from the drop down menu.

It sucks that you have to click off the My Transactions tab and then go back to it, but there is currently no other way to go from selling an item in there back to the way it normally looks. You'll see what I mean when you go to try this for yourself.

If you're stuck on what to sell or can't remember what you've sold recently, try this method! It's allowing me to make tons of gold every 10 minutes flipping dozens of items. Sometimes I just go back a random number of pages in the Items I've Sold list and pick markets I haven't tried in a while.

Farming Is Fun


I'll be perfectly honest with you, farming in this game is quite fun. Just head over to Orr with a few friends or hunt around for people farming on their own and join them. There are no penalties for grouping together or just tagging monsters in an unofficial group setting. One of the best things about Guild Wars 2 is how you can meet up with random people, regardless of level, and run around killing things and/or completing events with no penalty whatsoever.

Having some magic find, coupled with magic find bonuses can reward you with quite a bit of valuable loot after just one hour of farming in Orr. My suggestion for "where" to farm? Just go from zone to zone, grouping up with random people and clearing everything. The reason I tell you to travel across zones instead of mindlessly farming in one place is two fold:

1. Gathering
2. It's More Fun

Don't just farm in Orr, but also around it. There are plenty of sea areas and most of the monsters aren't killed frequently. You know what that means? Excessive amounts of bonus experience, that's what.

If you're thinking to yourself, but Markco, I wanted to play the Trading Post all day! Well I'm sorry, but even making lots of gold on the Trading Post can get boring. What's more, you will find down times when there's nothing else to buy/sell and you are just logging off bored. Incorporate some farming into the mix to spice up your trading post life.

The Golden Secret


There's one simple, golden secret that I use on the Trading Post.

If you buy one of something and flip it successfully, then you should buy two the next time. After two are flipped then you should buy 25. After that? 50.

This golden rule of 1,2,25,50 is how I make a ridiculous amount of profit flipping. Many complain that they are spending all day finding things to place buy orders on. Well, after a while, you should just be able to look through your "Items I've Sold" list and pick out something you'd like to sell again.

Eventually you should have a little excel spreadsheet (that's what I use anyway) and record how many of the item you last tried to flip. When you look at your "Items I'm Selling" list and don't see the item, then you mark in your spreadsheet so that next time you attempt to flip one tier higher. The tiers I use are 1,2,25, and 50, but you can use whatever you like.

Using the my transactions tab correctly is essential to this strategy. You should already be used to looking up the four lists that Guild Wars 2 tracks for you about items on the Trading post. Namely: Items I'm Selling, Items I'm Buying, Item's I've Sold, and Items I've Bought.

Have you neglected to use any of these four so far? Perhaps now I've convinced you to take a second look at the my transactions tab?

Selling Boots for Higher Profit Margins


Boots tend to have a much lower vendor cost than other pieces of armor. Since most armor pieces of the same type sell for a similar amount, but boots can often be bought for cheaper than the rest of your outfit, this leads to bigger profit margins on boots over other items.

Is this always true? Absolutely not. I found a level 50 headpiece that had 20 silver profit over the boots that went with it.

Boots are definitely something you want to make sure you check when flipping armor using the Flipping Gold Guide.

In some cases, boots literally can make a 50% profit over other similar level items. You look at a wall of items that all say 2 silver XX copper, and you probably will ignore the boots in that mix. But if you were to click on them, you'd find that their initial bid potentially is far lower than the other items with the same buy out.

Upgrade Humps


In Guild Wars 2, there are several points in the game where players can upgrade their gear from fine to masterwork to rare to exotic. These points occur at different levels, and I'll leave the (easy) job of discovering where those points lie up to you.

Let's look at one quick example. Level 15 to 20 accessories go from fine to masterwork in the span of 5 levels. If you pay close attention to vendor prices versus selling price, you will notice that the fine items all sell for a little bit more than their vendor price. In most cases it is the bare minimum 1 copper above. The masterwork items, however, are selling for as much as three times their vendor costs!

OK, one more example so we can destroy some other markets for people (sorry it is all in the name of education!). Level 30 to 35 gloves. This is the point in the game where rare gloves start to appear (level 35). The masterwork gloves (level 30) are worth close to vendor cost. But the rares are worth an astronomical amount more! In some cases over twenty times their vendor value.

In the case of the gloves, there are still some level 30 masterwork gloves that sell for a decent amount. But the contrast in profit between masterwork level 30 to rare level 35 is ridiculous.

Find these upgrade humps in the game and you will have a figurative choke hold on the players willing to spend so much for such a temporary upgrade while leveling.

Om Nom Nom Nom Berry


I particularly like the omnomberry markets. If you aren't crafting those yet, consider flipping them. Just search for "omnomberry" and use my Flipping Strategy Gold Guide.

Use sort by price and point the arrow down so that you can see the most expensive flips first.

What to do with High Level Materials


As more and more players reach level 80 in Guild Wars 2, we are beginning to see prices drop for high end materials such as globs of ectoplasm and orichalcum ore. This is no accident, as there literally aren't enough ways to get these out of the economy at the moment and make up for the massive number of players farming them. I can see these items dropping by as much as another 33% by Christmas at the current rate of decline. Of course I'm assuming that Arenanet does not intervene between now and then.

So what should you be doing to counteract this loss in value across all top end materials? Like most of my advice, I would say that diversifying is your best mode for success.

Take 50% of your farmed or purchased high end materials and flip them at today's current price.
The other 50%? Take it and craft some useful level 80 items.

This post was in response to an email I received on the issue, but I'm having trouble locating the author. Sorry!

Crafting Mid Level Weapons for Big Profits


This tip was emailed to me regarding making money through crafting. Like all tips on this blog, do not actually go out and use the specific example as given. Otherwise you'll shoot yourself in the foot. Instead, go find another similar market that this works for and go to town with very little competition! Ok, here's the email from Angelo, and I did wait a week like he asked before publishing this information:

"Firstly you have to go to a Master Craftsman (in Lion's Arch) and buy the recipe for the Inscription you need (IE Strong Iron Imbued Inscription for 350 Karma).

Search the trading post for 'strong' and select 'Weapon', 'Rare' and level 35 to 35. Find the weapon you would like to craft and google the materials you need.

You need 15 of a specific Fine Crafting Material.

I usually check which materials are the cheapest. Small Claws and Bone Shards are fairly cheap at the moment...from 13-17 copper per piece.

Once you have all the materials you need, head over to the crafting station and craft your weapon :) You should be able to sell it for a nice profit of 70-90% if you do your research on what materials are the cheapest.


Vigorous Great Sword (Rare)


2 x Vigorous Iron Imbued Inscription (Rare)
                         - 2 x Iron Plated Dowel
                                           - 2 x Soft Wood Plank
                                           - 3 x Iron Ingot
                         - 15 x Bone Shard

1 x Iron Greatsword Blade
                           - 3 x Iron Ingot
1 x Iron Greatsword Hilt
                           - 3 x Iron Ingot

It's up to you if you want to share this info...

It would be nice if you waited about a week or so just for all my items to sell lol... otherwise I will be undercut very quickly :P

I really enjoy your website. Keep up the good work :)

Kind regards,

I Just Need 20 More Gold


Recently I had the following email come into my inbox:

"Do you have any suggestions on how to make 20g relatively quickly? I want to buy a racial armor helmet, and I am unsure of how to proceed since the leather market is slipping and I seem to always break even with copper. I also don't seem to have enough to seriously invest in Berserker weapons and level 80 rares."

I addressed the person's concerns in the rest of the email correspondence, but what I want to bring to your attention today is the fact that this mentality makes the game unenjoyable.

I just need X gold for item Y is a stressful way to play. Why is it so stressful? Because once you do finally have X gold for item Y, you spend it and are back down to 0. That's not a lot of fun at all.

I highly advise that you attempt to adapt long term buying strategies. That 20 gold racial helmet will be there next week, when you're up to 40 gold and can afford it.

Think about your current finances in the real world. Do you go and spend all your money on a new car? No, well, you shouldn't. Instead, you should go with a pathetic car for a bit until you have enough money to easily afford the new ride. Affording something and having just enough money to get it are two completely different things.

I don't think I ever spend more than half my gold spoiling myself, EVER. Scrap and save your gold, and you'll have much more fun buying things with no stress.

When to Cancel Buy and Sell Orders


When to Cancel Buy Orders and Sales Listings

My general rule of thumb is to wait at least 24 hours to cancel buy orders (no penalty) and one week for Sales Listings (5% loss each time).

If you EVER accidentally list an item for gold instead of silver, sometimes it isn't worth it to even bother cancelling it. This is because the 5% penalty is based on whatever you listed the item for.

Now, why do I wait so long to cancel sales listings? Obviously there is a 5% fee, but the real reason comes down to a weekly cycle that the game naturally goes through.

Every Thursday prices across the board, prices tend to drop, particularly in the morning (my time is EST). Then Friday night the prices rise going on into Saturday. Since it takes a week for this cycle to complete, I usually cancel my listings after that time period is over. If I post on Friday and it doesn't sell by the end of next Friday, then there have been two great chances for the item to sell but it didn't. That means it is time to cancel.

I rarely, ever, have to cancel sales listings. Buy orders however, I cancel about half because they don't get fulfilled. I usually over place the buy orders since I'd rather some didn't get fulfilled than miss out on opportunities.

Hope that helps!


Guild Wars 2 Forum Contest


Do you know Markco? If you do, then you probably remember that Markco likes to talk in the third person. No, seriously, have you been following me since the World of Warcraft days (not my site anymore) and more recently with Diablo 3? I've created a guide to getting you rich in World of Warcraft. Followed up by a guide that actually makes you money playing Diablo 3. Certainly by now you've noticed that I have a habit of creating products which help people dominate the games I blog about.
You know that I pour my heart and soul into every product I create. Doesn't matter if it's free or paid for, I do my best to create tools you will love. What's more, I listen to your feedback and adjust based upon it. Today I have one such tool being born, and I want to give you a time sensitive opportunity to join for free.

"TP Extractor" Contest Details:

To enter, first Register a free account with the TP Extractor Private Forum. Then leave the name of your forum account in the comments below. I will pick two random people every hour from the comments and grant them one month of access to the TP Extractor Private Forums. I will do this throughout the day whenever I am on the computer and I'll stop at midnight. So it's 8:00 AM now my time, and I will get through 32 people total by the end of the day. I may even give out a few more if there are lots of people showing interest in the comments.

What's So Great about These Private Forums?

Guild Wars 2 is a global economy. That means that whenever I post a tip on the blog, thousands of people instantly know about it and can try it out within 24 hours (about 5,000 unique visitors read this site daily). Over the course of a week many tens of thousands find out about my latest "secret tip" and suddenly the information is near useless.

This is why I tell people that the blog is meant to be training wheels, not a straight up Guild Wars 2 blueprint or gold guide. The beauty about having a private pay wall protected forum is that secrets are kept pretty secret. Now imagine if each member, including myself, started sharing all of their knowledge in a place we knew was protected by a pay wall. Suddenly we'd all be a lot better at the trading post, even those of us that entered the forum with a lot of knowledge already.

Put your registered forum username in the comments below so that you can win a month at the TP Extractor Private Forum! There you will find a special section on my most recent ideas about making gold, as well as room for additional threads on each crafting discipline, flipping strategies, speculation on holidays, and much more.

You will also get to meet a great community (I know you are because I have spoken to most of you via email already) and you'll have a lot more fun in Guild Wars 2 together. The forum is work friendly, so nobody at the office will know you are on a gaming website.

I will be mostly contributing to the "Markco's Crazy Thoughts" section with videos and posts, but also jumping around to answer questions and help out where I'm needed. The goal of the forum though is to create a place that YOU make awesome by sharing your ideas. I've just put a box around it all and protected you from too many people accessing the community's thoughts. Hopefully this will become an incredible resource for members and a hell of a lot of fun.

I debated for some time about how much to charge for this forum. It has to be enough to at least restrict the masses from joining, but I want it to be cheap enough that anyone who wants to join can. So I went with $2 per month and I hope it's a palatable amount for you.

My assumption is that you will make far more gold in a month participating on this forum than you would buying gems.

Register for free, and add your forum username to the comments below so you can possibly win one free month of forum time!

I want to make this forum awesome, so please make suggestions once you are in there as to how I can improve upon it. If you all want any communication tools or other requests I will absolutely do my best to fulfill them.

I will still post daily on this blog, but I will also engage everyone in the forums and create content exclusively for there. If you're a subscribed member (on email list), a forum member, and reading the blog itself daily, then you're poor head is going to be full of Guild Wars 2 knowledge very quickly. It's a good thing!

Why I'm Still Flipping on the Trading Post


An anonymous comment recently talked about how the best way to make gold in Guild Wars 2 is through crafting. I have to agree, especially with all the tools out there that enable you to track prices and figure out the best items to craft at this very moment. However, I'm still flipping because most players who come to this website need fast gold. They're broke and have but a few gold to invest. I want to help those people out more before I start moving into the really crazy gold making strategies surrounding crafting and salvaging.

If you are going to get into the crafting market, be sure to utilize the tools that I mention in my email series (for subscribers of this blog), as well as understand what items salvage into what materials. In almost all cases, you can salvage weapons/armor into the materials you need at a cheaper rate than buying them outright (provided that you use buy orders to obtain the items worth salvaging).

Let's say it costs 35 copper buy orders for the particular cloth you need to craft with. There also happen to be weapons and armor selling at 25 copper that can salvage into those materials. After factoring the cost of buying the item, the chance of salvaging what you need, and the cost for each salvage kit, you may find that you're getting 70+ copper worth of the material you need at less than half the normal cost.

Be sure to use basic salvage kits when you are just looking at getting basic materials for crafting.

That is the secret crafters are using to make so much gold in Guild Wars 2. They're cutting costs by salvaging and even by using cheaper salvage kits. But I'm still flipping, because I want players to understand this part of the game before they move on to crafting. We'll get there soon enough, don't worry. For those of you ahead of the class, enjoy your crafting profits!

Even though I currently have a handful of crafting methods that are working, I still flip every day for a good 15 to 30 minutes. Why? Because the money is still really good, and it's good to diversify.

Video Guide to Selling Weapons


Before watching the gold guide video, create a bunch of buy orders with the following tips in mind:

1. Search for level 80 Rare Weapons.

2. Avoid "of Air" weapons.

3. Undercut by a copper.

4. Understand that the price of globs of ectoplasm help set a minimum price that weapons will sell for. Try to only stick to items going for double or more than the price of an ectoplasm. Otherwise you'll waste a lot of time checking prices for minimum profits.

When you have won a bunch of buy orders, watch this guide to sell them efficiently with the largest profit margin.

Selling Level 80 Rare Weapons


I'm currently working on selling thirty-five level 80 rare weapons. This was out of around 60 buy orders that I had placed the night before. Hopefully by the time you're reading this, I have already sold most of them to double my investment. In total I spent 6 gold, and should get back around 12. This was just one of the many markets that I'm trying right now, because I am motivated to create another one hour video series like I did for the Flipping Gold Guide. (If you want to see the video, then you need to subscribe to this blog for at least one week).

I find that this level 80 rare weapon market does great because of all the players looking for a cheap (sub 50 silver) upgrade. I know I was one of those people when I hit max level.

Sorry a ring was wedged in there with the other buy orders, but there they are all 35 of them.

Something you may have noticed is a lack of specific kinds of weapons, like the "of air" ones. These are only good if you can get them at a price worth salvaging, which is very uncommon. I find that there are always plenty with big margins but they don't sell very quickly. Big supply, low demand. They still can sell, but if you are constantly buying just "of air" weapons then you will never sell fast enough to justify your investments. Buy a few "of air", but avoid more than a couple each time.

Remember to avoid the match lowest seller button!

Check Your Deposited Collectibles for Gold


Have you taken a peak at your deposited collectibles? If not, then you might want to check and see how much gold is sitting in there waiting to be used. Every few days I go through and process what's in there. If the items won't sell for a profit on the trading post, then I check to see if the mystic forge will take them. If memory serves me well, then you can combine mystic forge stones with jewelry to try and improve your combinations at the forge. Obviously you can take some of your collectibles and craft more valuable items as well.

On any given day, I might find as much as three or four gold just sitting in my collectible storage tab. Why let that go to waste? Be sure to check and get into the habit of unloading those materials every so often. What's more, if you go over 250 of any collected material then they will have to be stored in your bank or personal bags.

In case you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about... this is where your collectible storage tab is:

You can double click items in the collectible storage area to place them in your bags. I wouldn't recommend right clicking each one individually to sell on the trading post, especially since normally you have dozens of different items worth selling.

What if We Have No Halloween Items to Sell?


I read recently over at Cinema Blend that Guild Wars 2 will have a Halloween event and content update. I was a little disheartened to learn that Arena Net might not be introducing any new items into the player traded economy. As in you might only be able to buy stuff with gems but not sell to other players for gold. Then I realized something pretty obvious: gems will most likely go up in price during Halloween.

So what I'm doing right now is dollar cost averaging. I'm investing 1 gold into gems every single day. I will continue to do this until Halloween items begin selling on the trading post. Then I will be selling my stockpiled gems all throughout the holiday.

I am hoping to make decent amounts of money from doing this, maybe even hitting a 30%+ return on investment. Time will tell if this was the right call, but I have a feeling that every single holiday event and new content will cause gem prices to rise at least temporarily.

What do you think?

Share Your Gold Making Ideas


I think it would be cool to take a day just to discuss whatever methods you have been trying on the Trading Post. What has worked for you, what hasn't, and what you're curious about.


(I'll go first)

I've been playing with flipping exotic level 80 weapons. Some sell, some get stuck in my inventory for days, but then they sell too. A seemingly profitable market but long term investment strategy.

Time to go splurge on more exotics... tootles! Oh and please comment, I'm very curious about your ideas regarding the trading post at this point in the game. Maybe you've had your "eyes" on one particular market that you should be selling right now before the price crashes?

Crafting Costs by GW2Spidy


GW2Spidy Crafting Tool
Guild Wars 2 Spidy just came out with an epic addition to their site. Now they showcase the crafting costs and profit margins of selling crafted items. This is epic, but I'll tell you what can make it even more epic... using buy orders instead of buying crafting materials outright. If you use buy orders then you can reduce the cost of crafting items dramatically, which obviously raises you profit margin.

Good luck and let me know if you have any success crafting after using GW2Spidy.

If you need help with learning to use buy orders to make gold, try this free gold guide that I created.

Diversity is the key


It takes a good 15 minutes to place 100+ buy orders. But I tell you what, it's far more rewarding the next day than if you were to have killed monsters or completed a handful of events during the same time period. But placing 100 buy orders on a handful of items isn't what I'm talking about. No, I'm referring to placing 100 buy orders on 100 different items coming from all kinds of diverse markets.

Dyes, sigils, runes, food, armor, weapons, level requirements, quality, crafting materials, trinkets... etc. If you want to see consistent income, then you need to play a slew of markets all at once.

Utilizing this guild wars 2 gold guide, you can do just that without breaking a sweat or constantly opening up a calculator.

Lots of Buy Orders in Guild Wars 2

Sorry it's not 100, I kind of had a good 50 buy orders complete while I was placing them...

Purchased Items in Guild Wars 2

Good luck on the trading post today!

Error: Invalid authorization in Guild Wars 2


Error: Invalid authorization in Guild Wars 2

"Error: Invalid authorization" usually occurs after the game has logged you out automatically for being idle. It prevents you from opening every tab on the black lion trading post except pickup. As noted in this forum post, exiting to the desktop, reopening the game, and logging back in will usually fix the error.

Today's informative post on gold making can be found here.

Flipping the Flippers



I know you get lots of messages and you've probably already thought of this so feel free not to write back if that is the case.

I was wondering if you've ever thought about playing the flip market on these gold guides you make or others make (since i see a lot of the same things between sites). I can't test as of right now due to most people realizing it was a huge money maker and using it and the markets settled already, but I believe that flipping with RAGS TO RICHES per say from a previous post I read if you just wait for that huge influx of people to buy something or say, YOU'RE LATE ON A HUGE GOLD TIP, you could still make money by selling the rags in quantity at prices such as 1s a piece, which is what i sold mine at after buying them near 60 when i read the post, 40c per rag didn't seem like much, but it added up fast. Was just wondering if you had thought about such a market ;P



How true this statement is. Thanks HazardsAwait for the email, and thank you everyone who has sent me emails in the past few weeks. I literally am getting 10-30 an hour just like this. It's hard to get them on to the blog, so please don't be offended if yours only gets a response from me.

Regarding this tip, it is huge. When any major website says something like "this item is valuable now, go buy it!" you will want to be the one selling it. Just flip the flippers! In this case, HazardsAwait is referring to when bags were discovered to be profitable, and then many people starting buying them to open and hope for more expensive contents than the cost of the bag. This was a gamble, but selling to the gamblers was the opposite of gambling. It was winning, and still is to this day.

So what I do is search on the trading post for containers level 0 to 80, and then I use the trading post gold guide to find good deals. Place the buy orders, get the bags cheap, then flip the bags without opening them. I'll let the gamblers risk their gold by giving me theirs in the process. It's like running a casino and the house always wins!

Trading Post Fee Calculator


Download my Trading Post Fee Calculator that I use. I have the luxury of two screens, but if you don't, then please use your cell phone or calculator. The formulas are custom built by me and I have thoroughly tested them. All you have to do is enter the gold, silver, and copper price, then watch as the spreadsheet instantly calculates how much money you will make once trading post fees are taken out. There's even a cheat sheet going down the left side of the spreadsheet, with 1 to 99 copper already calculated so you don't have to type it in.

Why did I create this spreadsheet? Because I've seen emails with people who break even on the trading post or sometimes lose money. They usually want to know how to stop this from happening.

I use the multiply by .85 rule, which simply means that you need to multiply the price of the item by .85 to see what you will get back for selling at that amount.

If an item is going for 1 silver, I convert to copper (100 copper = 1 silver) and multiply by .85. So I get 85 copper back each time I sell an item for 1 silver. This is all fees, both the 5% listing and 10% successful put together.

So next time you're going to sell an item, do a quick multiplication by .85. Be sure to convert to copper or silver any time you are doing the math as well. And please make use of my trading post fee calculator!

Stop Buying So Much


You get 10 gold today. You spend 10 gold an hour later.

You get 3 gold tomorrow, you find something worth 3 gold to buy a few hours later.

Now if you saw this much gold in trade profits, would you go and buy something for 5 gold? The answer should be a resounding NO!

Seriously, you need to stop buying so much from the trading post. Use kharma for your initial level 80 gear. While leveling, mix your unused gear to produce higher quality stuff that you can actually use. I can't tell you how many times I combined a handful of junk blues and came up with an awesome leveling piece of armor or weapon that was just a few levels ahead of where I was playing at the time. It happened all the way up to level 80. If you use mystic forge stones you can get even better gear and weapons with these trade ins.

Also, stop fast traveling so much. If you go somewhere to farm, run around the whole map and don't zip around wasting a few silver each time. Seriously, this is an incredible amount of gold lost if you travel around all day long.

Prioritize what you need versus what you want, and avoid buying gems too frequently. This is a game that is meant to be played over a long period of time, not rushed to max level, max upgrades, and max gem purchases. That's how you end up blowing all your gold and eventually losing real money in the process of upgrading. In fact, you can only make so much gold each day, and it's based on how much you have to begin with.

Force yourself to only spend a percentage of your bank roll in one gaming session. That way if you want to buy something crazy then you need to save up for several days. Use the extremely detailed and easy gold guide to get a few extra gold each day. By limiting your gold output and consistently improving upon your gold input, you'll be saving more than you spend each day. Then you can splurge, as long as you don't spend it all in one go, leaving nothing to invest with!

Undercutting Bots, What Do I Do?


First, realize that the bots aren't the ones undercutting you. Those are real players, and the shear number of them is due to the fact that you're playing against the entire world. That's right, it's a global economy!

You can either take this like a punch to your face, especially that undercut that sent you searching online for ways to deal with undercutting, or you can take some advice from yours truly.

Having so many players in one place is a good thing. It means faster sales, and more opportunities for profit. When that mean person undercuts you by a copper, let him! When thirty people undercut you by a copper each, let them! The marketplace will take care of those individuals and eventually get to buying yours.

The majority of players enjoy Guild Wars 2 at night, and since most are from Northern America, that time zone is what you should use as the measuring stick in this post. So if night for you is a few hours different from this part of the world, then you have to adjust accordingly with your playstyle.

What does it matter when players are on? Well, what if I told you that prices across the entire trading post go down incredible amounts during the week, and then they go up an extreme amount during prime time on the weekends? That is an opportunity to flip items, and a massive one at that. Crafting materials and ingredients, the ones getting sold by the thousands every minute, are where these opportunities lie. Like flipping copper ore. The trick is to always use buy outs and to be patient when selling.

So next time someone undercuts you, realize that it's a natural part of the economy, and you're too smart to get mad about it now.

Damn THIS Is A Gold Guide


This post is your gold guide to the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post. You can read it, love it, use it, and never worry about gold again in the game. This gold guide is just that good.

Be sure to also check out my other Flipping Guide Series.

It is exactly how I easily make 2-4 gold every night while I sleep. Anyone can do this, and it's so mind numbingly easy that your head will spin for not thinking of it. Obviously it isn't the only way I personally play the Trading Post, but it is the perfect place to begin for anyone who isn't making 2-4 gold on autopilot.

Instead of pointing out individual markets like I have in the past, I'm going to instead give you the exact rundown of how I play this strategy. I call it, the Trading Post Game. During this gold guide to Guild Wars 2, I will be assuming that you only can play the Trading Post Game once per day, so there is a 24 hour gap between sessions. You don't have time to watch markets or baby sit postings, and you still want to make lots of gold every day. Well then, this gold guide is for you.

Step 1: Collect Winnings and Cancel Buy Orders

Collecting Gold from Trading Post
To begin the Trading Post Game, I have to make sure that all my gold is collected from the previous day and that my incomplete buy orders are cancelled. Today on the Trading Post Game, I ended up collecting 2 gold 97 silver and 3 copper. Not bad but really not that great considering the power of these methods. I then cancelled 47 buy orders that were unfulfilled 24 hours after I had posted them initially (more on this later). I also have to collect all the items that were purchased by my buy orders, including those Heads of Garlic in the screenshot above. Be sure to read my post on flipping jute cloth and heads of Garlic if you haven't already. I do not, repeat do not, cancel my listed auctions. There are far more items that I purchased besides what you see in that screenshot, and here's a look at some of them:

Lots of Buy Orders Completed
In total there were over 48 buy orders completed over the course of the night. Getting 48 out of 95 buy orders filled out in 24 hours is pretty good!

Step 2: Damn that "Match Lowest Seller" Button

Now it's time to start pricing items. The key here is to take a moment and actually look up what items are going for across the board. When I say this, I do not mean mindlessly clicking on the "Match Lowest Seller" radio button. In 99.99% of cases I do not use the price that Match Lowest Seller gives me.

Curse You Match Lowest Seller Button!
I know, it seems like the right thing to do, because you want to sell fast, but that isn't the most profitable way to play. Nor is it the most efficient unless you like playing the market 24/7 and never trying the game! Instead, let's look at the auction the way the buyer sees it.

There are two ways to go about doing this. You can either right click on the item in your bags to then click "buy on trading post", OR you can type the name of the item into the search bar on the trading post's main tab. I prefer to just right click on the item and ask to buy more from the trading post.

Posted Listings of an Item
Well hello now! Look at the difference between the "Match Lowest Seller" price and the next one after it. There's only one person selling at 17 silver 4 copper, and 8 people selling at 19 silver 13 copper. I can match or undercut the 19 silver 13 copper price and make approximately 2 silver more for my time. Since I'm often waiting 24 hours until I play the Trading Post again, this decision usually pays off. I have seen instances where I literally doubled my money by not going with the Match Lowest Seller option, as well as prevented myself from losing silver on the transaction.

Step 3: Finding Markets to Place Buy Orders On

Time to place bid orders for tomorrow's selling fodder. I'm going to show you one series of items you can do this to. I will assume that you will use all the other strategies covered on this blog as well as find a few more of your own. The primary goal here is to show you how to quickly and efficiently find a large number of profitable markets, instead of trying to do the math and picking out near break even items that will make you just a few copper. Don't do that, unless you're going to baby sit the market and flip copper ore as I already showed you how to do.

I mentioned a series of items, and I'd like to explain what that means now. Most people are looking for individual items that flip really well. I personally do not do this when utilizing the strategy you're reading now. There is a time and place for charting prices, but here today we want to make you the most money while taking into account your limited play time.

A series of items would be something like all rare runes or sigils. I've covered that market already, so let's look at a different series of items today. Go to the trading post, and search for level 15 to 20 Masterwork Weapons. You'll see something like this image below.

Masterwork Weapons
Instead of calculating profits, I want you to quickly do the following:

Click on the first item.
Look at the buy instantly price.
Click place a custom order.
Compare the highest price per unit to the buy instantly price.

If the price per buy order is close to half the cost of the buy instantly price, then place a buy order. Move on to the next object until you've placed a good number of buy orders. I do this because 24 hours later item prices can sometimes shift dramatically and unexpectedly. This will help prevent you from losing money and make it so you don't have to look up what you spend for an item. You make so much profit from this method that you don't even have to care about such things.

I want you to think hard and come up with other item categories to place buy orders on. There are dozens in the game, if not hundreds once you start looking at all the possible items you can sell.


Did you try just now to think of anything? This is a crucial juncture for your trading post career. If you don't stop right now and think of a different market besides the one I just gave you, then you will most likely not repeat the same success that I've shared with you today. There's a few hundred people who will be copying my advice blindly, so please don't just use the one item set I just gave you. In fact, it's better if you don't try it and think of something else... like adding a few levels to the bracket, rare quality instead of masterwork, change weapons to armor... shoot I said too much already! Do some thinking please and not just reading.

Step 4: Go Play the Game!

Go play the game, or take care of your children, or exercise, or do whatever the heck you feel like. You're going to wake up, or come home from work, to a shower of gold and items ready to sell the next day.

The whole point here is to make it so you don't even have to worry about fees, nor do you have to worry about what the items are that you're flipping. All you care about is making sure that you can earn a profit at the current moment, and that you will actually sell something in a 24 hour period. Your buy orders just gets cancelled, and anything that doesn't sell you leave up hoping that it will eventually. This is a no brain required kind of strategy, but it teaches you a great deal about the Trading Post Game. Hope you enjoyed the gold guide, and please do share this with lots of people if you liked it!

I made an additional 2 gold while placing my buy orders during Step 3 and writing this post. Obviously it took longer than normal because I was writing while playing, but that still shows you just how easy the strategy is. 15 minutes of game time giving me just under 5 gold? Not many people can compete with that when we're using novice strategies such as this one. What's really cool is that the money just kind of builds upon itself, because you're able to spend more time bidding the more gold you have.

Oh look, I'm about to hit publish and there's another 36 silver waiting for me... ah this is the life!

For those of you looking to improve your skills on flipping or go beyond it, definitely check out the awesome forum that we have here at Guild Wars 2 Trading Post. Hundreds have joined and are sharing their best kept secrets for our secret group! Will you be next?

Jute Cloth Flipping and Secret Exposed


This post started off just talking about Jute Cloth, but then I decided to go off the deep end and keep typing about a secret market that is making me great money at the moment...

Previously on the blog, I spoke about flipping copper ore to make a copper per transaction after fees. It wasn't a lot of money, but I mentioned that if you did this for more than just one commodity that it would be very much worth your time. Today I'd like to cover another market where that strategy works wonders and gives just a bit more copper for your time.

Jute Cloth

In this example, I'm buying Jute Scraps at 24 copper each, and when I go to sell them, they will be posted at 30 copper per. After fees I will earn approximately 2 copper on every Jute Scrap I flip.

I find that it's easy to fill my buy orders out during the weekday mornings for much cheaper than on the weekend nights. Something to keep in mind when attempting to do this.

So now you know how to take Jute Scraps and Copper Ore, two of the most commonly traded items on the trading post, and make a few silver every time you log on. Even though they are 1-2 copper profits each time, that's pretty much guaranteed money while you go run off and do other things.

At some point, you're going to take off the training wheels and be ready to do this on much more expensive items. Don't worry, we'll get there, and I have one more big market to share in this post. I have a big spreadsheet that I've broken down by profit margins, but it isn't ready yet to be given out to the public. Mainly because I don't know if the items in question will ALWAYS be profitable. If I give it out too early then a lot of people could lose gold instead of making more. I also want to add a few dozen markets, but it takes a lot of research to find the best ones that not only have good profit margins but also the volume to support dozens of people playing the market at the same time.

1-2 Copper (8 items)
3-5 Copper (6 items)
6-10 Copper (6 items)
31-50 Copper (4 items)
1 Silver (3 items)
2-4 Silver (2 items)

Note that these items are NOT weapons or armor. They are all frequently traded crafting materials.

All I have to do when I log on and off is run down my spreadsheet and place buy orders on each item. Make sure to use small buy orders, like sets of 25, even if you want to buy 100+ (that just means that you will have to create more than one buy order of 25). I do this because the game seems to take FOREVER to fill a 100+ buy order, but four 25's will be completed in a quarter of the time.

So let's share one more awesome market that makes me a good bit of copper per transaction.

(I debated for like 5 minutes on which one I wanted to show you...)

(Ominous drum roll...)

(Lady gasps...)

Head of Garlic Sold
That's right! Head of Garlic, which is also my personal favorite cooking ingredient in real life, is the extremely profitable market that I just exposed you to.

In this screenshot I was buying Heads of Garlic in stacks of 25 at 38 copper each and reselling at 70-72 copper each. That was a 4-6 copper profit every time. What you don't see was how quickly this was happening. I made a silver per minute on average doing this, on top of every other market I was playing at the same time.

You think, oh, who cares? These are pennies. What if I told you that there are crafting materials that consistently make 1-2 silver per sale doing the same thing? They aren't as fast, but they do sell eventually. But if I sell 1 item that gives me a silver per minute, then I make the same amount as I do with the garlic. Since I'm filling out buy orders, the time investment is still identical. One is not better than the other, because you should be playing all the markets at once! Diversity is the key.

I'll be sharing far more with anyone who subscribes to this website. Also, stop getting used to just clicking "match lowest seller" all the time. Actually open up the main trading post search area and find the item you want to sell before making a decision on where your price should fall.

Buy Pink Dye for Breast Cancer Awareness Month


It's October again, and for the first time ever Breast Cancer Awareness Month is affecting the guild wars 2 trading post! Expect the price of pink dye to go up, especially with events like Pink Day in LA going on. Saturday, October 20th is the day when players will want to have their Pink Dyes by, so make sure that you start stocking up right now and selling them to last minute shoppers throughout the week of October 15th up to the 20th.

Beware, prices may spike today as get rich quick speculators attempt to run the market. Buy a few, but don't go too crazy. (Read that link to see how I lost 9 gold in a single morning!)

This speculation strategy was given to me by J after he read my low level secret tip from the email subscription. Thanks J for the email response and the awesome tip.

HINT: There's more than one type of "pink" dye! Search and see for yourself!

Speaking of the email subscriptions, I am thoroughly enjoying all the questions and conversations you have had with me after joining the email list. Please subscribe today if you haven't, as I am very active both in game and in the email list. You will be given my identification number in game as well as my email address upon signing up. Then I'll start sending you tips that aren't on the blog to give you even more assistance playing the trading post. Things like salvaging secret markets and items most players don't realize are worth anything on the trading post while leveling. Don't worry, the emails are scheduled so you will not miss any by signing up tomorrow or the next day or even next week. But, fair warning now, I will occasionally give out extremely timely information similar to today's post only to current subscribers of the email list.

How I Lost Nine Gold Today


I lost nine gold today. Not through bad buy orders or flips, but by chasing easy money. You've probably seen all the youtube videos flying around that show people making tons of gold with the mystic forge. Players are trying so desperately to find ways to make gold outside the realm of flipping with buy orders that they will resort to randomly found advice that promises easy gold. That's what I did anyway.

I saw this one youtube video in particular where the person in question was combining four of the same crafted rare item and creating exotics on occasion. It happened enough that he or she was making really good gold for the time invested. So I did the same, even salvaging when I got garbage to make some ectoplasms and reduce losses. The net result? 14 gold spent and 9 gold lost after everything sold.

I realized quickly what the person in the video was really doing that they weren't showing. They were making gold, but they were lying about how they were getting to the profits. Too bad I realized this after I lost nine gold.

Mystic forge stones were being used when the camera wasn't turned on. At least that's the only thing I thought that could be happening. Sure enough, I started using a combination of buy orders on cheap level 71-76 exotics and mystic forge stones to create truly awesome level 80 stuff. It's still gambling, but it's good money when you get lucky.

I'll probably create a specific example of how this works for the email list. But for now, I need to lose some more gold testing things out so you don't have to!

Be careful trying to make a quick buck in this game. You're in a global economy, and someone has always thought of your idea first! The way to make gold is through things like buy orders because the vast majority of players are not patient enough, and the impatient ones will give money to the patient ones. Think about that today, and maybe you'll forget the whole get rich quick concept.

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