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Buy Pink Dye for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It's October again, and for the first time ever Breast Cancer Awareness Month is affecting the guild wars 2 trading post! Expect the price of pink dye to go up, especially with events like Pink Day in LA going on. Saturday, October 20th is the day when players will want to have their Pink Dyes by, so make sure that you start stocking up right now and selling them to last minute shoppers throughout the week of October 15th up to the 20th.

Beware, prices may spike today as get rich quick speculators attempt to run the market. Buy a few, but don't go too crazy. (Read that link to see how I lost 9 gold in a single morning!)

This speculation strategy was given to me by J after he read my low level secret tip from the email subscription. Thanks J for the email response and the awesome tip.

HINT: There's more than one type of "pink" dye! Search and see for yourself!

Speaking of the email subscriptions, I am thoroughly enjoying all the questions and conversations you have had with me after joining the email list. Please subscribe today if you haven't, as I am very active both in game and in the email list. You will be given my identification number in game as well as my email address upon signing up. Then I'll start sending you tips that aren't on the blog to give you even more assistance playing the trading post. Things like salvaging secret markets and items most players don't realize are worth anything on the trading post while leveling. Don't worry, the emails are scheduled so you will not miss any by signing up tomorrow or the next day or even next week. But, fair warning now, I will occasionally give out extremely timely information similar to today's post only to current subscribers of the email list.


  1. Leggerrr said...:

    Already subbed! And I can say, from the few hints and secrets I've received, they were all pretty helpful.

  1. Are we sure there won't be a cheap pink dye merchant in-game during this event, as there was in Guild Wars 1?

  1. Markco said...:

    Great question Daniel.

    What I'm doing right now to play it safe is buying with buy orders and listing at the current price. It is going up by the hour, so make out right now with all the people buying this dye at the moment.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    lol buy offers are at 3s 20c while sell orders are at 5 silver right now.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    GW1 had a pink dye merchant because pink dye didn't exist otherwise.

    Pink dye already exists in GW2 so I don't think they would add a vendor.

  1. Markco said...:

    Awesome! That's an easy silver plus a little extra profit each time.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Why are you trying to capitalise on an event like this..? I understand it's profit but still.. people are doing this for a good cause and you are taking advantage of them.

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