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Crafting Mid Level Weapons for Big Profits

This tip was emailed to me regarding making money through crafting. Like all tips on this blog, do not actually go out and use the specific example as given. Otherwise you'll shoot yourself in the foot. Instead, go find another similar market that this works for and go to town with very little competition! Ok, here's the email from Angelo, and I did wait a week like he asked before publishing this information:

"Firstly you have to go to a Master Craftsman (in Lion's Arch) and buy the recipe for the Inscription you need (IE Strong Iron Imbued Inscription for 350 Karma).

Search the trading post for 'strong' and select 'Weapon', 'Rare' and level 35 to 35. Find the weapon you would like to craft and google the materials you need.

You need 15 of a specific Fine Crafting Material.

I usually check which materials are the cheapest. Small Claws and Bone Shards are fairly cheap at the moment...from 13-17 copper per piece.

Once you have all the materials you need, head over to the crafting station and craft your weapon :) You should be able to sell it for a nice profit of 70-90% if you do your research on what materials are the cheapest.


Vigorous Great Sword (Rare)


2 x Vigorous Iron Imbued Inscription (Rare)
                         - 2 x Iron Plated Dowel
                                           - 2 x Soft Wood Plank
                                           - 3 x Iron Ingot
                         - 15 x Bone Shard

1 x Iron Greatsword Blade
                           - 3 x Iron Ingot
1 x Iron Greatsword Hilt
                           - 3 x Iron Ingot

It's up to you if you want to share this info...

It would be nice if you waited about a week or so just for all my items to sell lol... otherwise I will be undercut very quickly :P

I really enjoy your website. Keep up the good work :)

Kind regards,


  1. Lauren Gardner said...:

    I was thinking about trying something similar with level 80 rares. I recently spent 50g and crafted 180 rare greatswords to throw into the mystic toilet (never ever ever again) because that same 50g would only get me 140 if I bought them. I'll probably do more research to see if it is actually worth it, especially with mid week buy orders, and if it is, I'll do small batches (5g worth) at a time.

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