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Diversity is the key

It takes a good 15 minutes to place 100+ buy orders. But I tell you what, it's far more rewarding the next day than if you were to have killed monsters or completed a handful of events during the same time period. But placing 100 buy orders on a handful of items isn't what I'm talking about. No, I'm referring to placing 100 buy orders on 100 different items coming from all kinds of diverse markets.

Dyes, sigils, runes, food, armor, weapons, level requirements, quality, crafting materials, trinkets... etc. If you want to see consistent income, then you need to play a slew of markets all at once.

Utilizing this guild wars 2 gold guide, you can do just that without breaking a sweat or constantly opening up a calculator.

Lots of Buy Orders in Guild Wars 2

Sorry it's not 100, I kind of had a good 50 buy orders complete while I was placing them...

Purchased Items in Guild Wars 2

Good luck on the trading post today!


  1. Adam Wakerman said...:

    This is always a concern, the little corner of the market that has been going for some days finally dries up and you feel stuck and unwilling to 'try' out a new market.

    I've personally lost gold trying out new markets, like dyes funny enough, where the profit is there but the demand is not (don't identify those dyes - 4g turned into 22 silver pretty fast). You feel you should stick with what's profitable. But the truth is with so many different items out there that little corner you're making use of exists because of that fact and there are more :).

  1. max said...:

    I must need a faster internet connection or something because it takes me 15 min to place about 30 buy orders. Especially if I have to do additional research to make sure I am not screwing up.

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