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Don't Bot Me Bro

Whatever you do, don't start botting in Guild Wars 2. Eventually, you are always going to get banned for this.

The other day I was running around Orr when I noticed a player who seemed to be a bot. Upon further inspection, my assumption proved correct. This lonely hunter ran in a set circle, attacking the same monsters each time, and using the exact same ability combinations over and over again. I followed for a good half hour, tagging all of his monsters while killing other ones outside of his pre-determined route.

So if you see someone botting, take advantage of their silliness, but don't join in the botting. You can make so much more gold on the trading post.


  1. frodoofpool said...:

    Its the teams of 4-6 rangers running around with identical gear, pets and attacks that make me laugh.How they get away with it just drives me mad, always take a screen shot and send to support. Hopefully they will get the ban hammer and IP banned too, only to hack another account eh.

  1. Dabob703 said...:

    I try and report every bot I see. I even seened Bot Boot Camps where 2 level 80's are in a high level zone like Frosstgorge with like 10 baby bots ranging from level 5 to 18 leveling up on the same 5 mobs. That one I actually posted on GW2 Forums with pictures. They are not online anymore. Its not worth it.

  1. Wolfox said...:

    To be honest, I also used the company of some bots. Some weeks ago I was running with 3 hunters through my favourite farm route. And it was fine. But today there are so many Bots, that the positiv effect of a higher kill speed is completly killed by the fact, that they kill mobs faster then I could tag them. -.-

  1. Anonymous said...:

    what do you mean by take advantage of their silliness?

  1. George Smith said...:

    @anonymus if a bot is there killing stuff anyway,tag their kills and you can get easy loot.

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