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Farming Is Fun

I'll be perfectly honest with you, farming in this game is quite fun. Just head over to Orr with a few friends or hunt around for people farming on their own and join them. There are no penalties for grouping together or just tagging monsters in an unofficial group setting. One of the best things about Guild Wars 2 is how you can meet up with random people, regardless of level, and run around killing things and/or completing events with no penalty whatsoever.

Having some magic find, coupled with magic find bonuses can reward you with quite a bit of valuable loot after just one hour of farming in Orr. My suggestion for "where" to farm? Just go from zone to zone, grouping up with random people and clearing everything. The reason I tell you to travel across zones instead of mindlessly farming in one place is two fold:

1. Gathering
2. It's More Fun

Don't just farm in Orr, but also around it. There are plenty of sea areas and most of the monsters aren't killed frequently. You know what that means? Excessive amounts of bonus experience, that's what.

If you're thinking to yourself, but Markco, I wanted to play the Trading Post all day! Well I'm sorry, but even making lots of gold on the Trading Post can get boring. What's more, you will find down times when there's nothing else to buy/sell and you are just logging off bored. Incorporate some farming into the mix to spice up your trading post life.


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