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Flipping the Flippers


I know you get lots of messages and you've probably already thought of this so feel free not to write back if that is the case.

I was wondering if you've ever thought about playing the flip market on these gold guides you make or others make (since i see a lot of the same things between sites). I can't test as of right now due to most people realizing it was a huge money maker and using it and the markets settled already, but I believe that flipping with RAGS TO RICHES per say from a previous post I read if you just wait for that huge influx of people to buy something or say, YOU'RE LATE ON A HUGE GOLD TIP, you could still make money by selling the rags in quantity at prices such as 1s a piece, which is what i sold mine at after buying them near 60 when i read the post, 40c per rag didn't seem like much, but it added up fast. Was just wondering if you had thought about such a market ;P



How true this statement is. Thanks HazardsAwait for the email, and thank you everyone who has sent me emails in the past few weeks. I literally am getting 10-30 an hour just like this. It's hard to get them on to the blog, so please don't be offended if yours only gets a response from me.

Regarding this tip, it is huge. When any major website says something like "this item is valuable now, go buy it!" you will want to be the one selling it. Just flip the flippers! In this case, HazardsAwait is referring to when bags were discovered to be profitable, and then many people starting buying them to open and hope for more expensive contents than the cost of the bag. This was a gamble, but selling to the gamblers was the opposite of gambling. It was winning, and still is to this day.

So what I do is search on the trading post for containers level 0 to 80, and then I use the trading post gold guide to find good deals. Place the buy orders, get the bags cheap, then flip the bags without opening them. I'll let the gamblers risk their gold by giving me theirs in the process. It's like running a casino and the house always wins!


  1. iFruit said...:

    God guys :) Why'd you have to come out with this :D
    All right, here's what I did: as soon as the "Buy Bags" strategy hit the major moneymaker blogs I started SELLING! So for my ventures I chose the Scritt-smth.-smth. bag, which I managed to farm or buy at 1s80c and list at a rediculous 5s40c ))) sold over 50 through the weekend, you do the math! God, TP is a wonderful place to be! Markco, I'm taking this ground to thank you for all the tactics you continuously share with us, TYVM M8, you're great!!!

  1. iFruit said...:

    Upd.: Sadly, all good things must come to an end, as of Monday the buyout range for these bags has gone down to around 2s..

  1. Markco said...:

    As of tuesday:
    Bag of Goods
    Bag of Booty
    Bag of Supplies
    Bag of Stolen Goods
    Bag of Pinched Goods
    Bag of Skritt Shinies
    Bag of Alchemical Materials
    Bag of Provisional Materials

    ... all have profitable margins, and that was the first two pages of containers only!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    The trick at flipping and winning huge amounts of gold all at once is flipping the items which are 'unknown' for other flippers, try to find items which have decent amount of offers AND price, however, the higher the price, the higher the loss (OR WIN!), since people dont want to risk big money, it can often be very rewarding to just take the risk and flip exotics instead... So just try to flip exotics just to see if its rewarding...

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