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How I Lost Nine Gold Today

I lost nine gold today. Not through bad buy orders or flips, but by chasing easy money. You've probably seen all the youtube videos flying around that show people making tons of gold with the mystic forge. Players are trying so desperately to find ways to make gold outside the realm of flipping with buy orders that they will resort to randomly found advice that promises easy gold. That's what I did anyway.

I saw this one youtube video in particular where the person in question was combining four of the same crafted rare item and creating exotics on occasion. It happened enough that he or she was making really good gold for the time invested. So I did the same, even salvaging when I got garbage to make some ectoplasms and reduce losses. The net result? 14 gold spent and 9 gold lost after everything sold.

I realized quickly what the person in the video was really doing that they weren't showing. They were making gold, but they were lying about how they were getting to the profits. Too bad I realized this after I lost nine gold.

Mystic forge stones were being used when the camera wasn't turned on. At least that's the only thing I thought that could be happening. Sure enough, I started using a combination of buy orders on cheap level 71-76 exotics and mystic forge stones to create truly awesome level 80 stuff. It's still gambling, but it's good money when you get lucky.

I'll probably create a specific example of how this works for the email list. But for now, I need to lose some more gold testing things out so you don't have to!

Be careful trying to make a quick buck in this game. You're in a global economy, and someone has always thought of your idea first! The way to make gold is through things like buy orders because the vast majority of players are not patient enough, and the impatient ones will give money to the patient ones. Think about that today, and maybe you'll forget the whole get rich quick concept.


  1. Failth said...:

    It's funny that like 4-5 days ago when I figured out about the exotic armor + stones and make 80 exotics with em I seriously made 120g around 2-3 days. There was not alot of ppl who knew about this so it was insane! Tho now after just couple of days it turned in mainstream and barely makes anything anymore :( I used to get armors for around 35s for one, now I can barely get them under 55s, and the lvl 80 exotic prices have dropped by 30% atleast! Oh well...

  1. Doug Grubbs said...:

    It's things like this that really make me love the economy. I haven't been so invested in one since EVE, and even then it was a completely different beast.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    i wish i knew about these sort of tricks ahead of time Y.Y

  1. Maris Lenss said...:

    Maybe he did something behind camera, but also there was a flawed game mechanic where you got exotics every fricking time when you dropped godskull weapons in the forge. That was 100% guaranteed 4 lvl 7x Exotic weapons or precursors for legendary. After one guy made 900 gold and bought off rest of precursors from TP he revealed that to Anet and they made it so that now only lvl 7x rares have a chance at precursor.

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