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I Just Need 20 More Gold

Recently I had the following email come into my inbox:

"Do you have any suggestions on how to make 20g relatively quickly? I want to buy a racial armor helmet, and I am unsure of how to proceed since the leather market is slipping and I seem to always break even with copper. I also don't seem to have enough to seriously invest in Berserker weapons and level 80 rares."

I addressed the person's concerns in the rest of the email correspondence, but what I want to bring to your attention today is the fact that this mentality makes the game unenjoyable.

I just need X gold for item Y is a stressful way to play. Why is it so stressful? Because once you do finally have X gold for item Y, you spend it and are back down to 0. That's not a lot of fun at all.

I highly advise that you attempt to adapt long term buying strategies. That 20 gold racial helmet will be there next week, when you're up to 40 gold and can afford it.

Think about your current finances in the real world. Do you go and spend all your money on a new car? No, well, you shouldn't. Instead, you should go with a pathetic car for a bit until you have enough money to easily afford the new ride. Affording something and having just enough money to get it are two completely different things.

I don't think I ever spend more than half my gold spoiling myself, EVER. Scrap and save your gold, and you'll have much more fun buying things with no stress.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Very true, I realized this essential point recently. Great job. :)

  1. George Smith said...:

    I still don't quite follow through on this but it is a good point

  1. Lauren Gardner said...:

    I'm trying to go with this mindset a bit more than I used to. When I was making my first legendary, I'd spend everything I had at the end of a day on materials. I eventually realized that I needed to stop doing that because I couldn't afford to waypoint out for CoF farming. -.-

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