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Jute Cloth Flipping and Secret Exposed

This post started off just talking about Jute Cloth, but then I decided to go off the deep end and keep typing about a secret market that is making me great money at the moment...

Previously on the blog, I spoke about flipping copper ore to make a copper per transaction after fees. It wasn't a lot of money, but I mentioned that if you did this for more than just one commodity that it would be very much worth your time. Today I'd like to cover another market where that strategy works wonders and gives just a bit more copper for your time.

Jute Cloth

In this example, I'm buying Jute Scraps at 24 copper each, and when I go to sell them, they will be posted at 30 copper per. After fees I will earn approximately 2 copper on every Jute Scrap I flip.

I find that it's easy to fill my buy orders out during the weekday mornings for much cheaper than on the weekend nights. Something to keep in mind when attempting to do this.

So now you know how to take Jute Scraps and Copper Ore, two of the most commonly traded items on the trading post, and make a few silver every time you log on. Even though they are 1-2 copper profits each time, that's pretty much guaranteed money while you go run off and do other things.

At some point, you're going to take off the training wheels and be ready to do this on much more expensive items. Don't worry, we'll get there, and I have one more big market to share in this post. I have a big spreadsheet that I've broken down by profit margins, but it isn't ready yet to be given out to the public. Mainly because I don't know if the items in question will ALWAYS be profitable. If I give it out too early then a lot of people could lose gold instead of making more. I also want to add a few dozen markets, but it takes a lot of research to find the best ones that not only have good profit margins but also the volume to support dozens of people playing the market at the same time.

1-2 Copper (8 items)
3-5 Copper (6 items)
6-10 Copper (6 items)
31-50 Copper (4 items)
1 Silver (3 items)
2-4 Silver (2 items)

Note that these items are NOT weapons or armor. They are all frequently traded crafting materials.

All I have to do when I log on and off is run down my spreadsheet and place buy orders on each item. Make sure to use small buy orders, like sets of 25, even if you want to buy 100+ (that just means that you will have to create more than one buy order of 25). I do this because the game seems to take FOREVER to fill a 100+ buy order, but four 25's will be completed in a quarter of the time.

So let's share one more awesome market that makes me a good bit of copper per transaction.

(I debated for like 5 minutes on which one I wanted to show you...)

(Ominous drum roll...)

(Lady gasps...)

Head of Garlic Sold
That's right! Head of Garlic, which is also my personal favorite cooking ingredient in real life, is the extremely profitable market that I just exposed you to.

In this screenshot I was buying Heads of Garlic in stacks of 25 at 38 copper each and reselling at 70-72 copper each. That was a 4-6 copper profit every time. What you don't see was how quickly this was happening. I made a silver per minute on average doing this, on top of every other market I was playing at the same time.

You think, oh, who cares? These are pennies. What if I told you that there are crafting materials that consistently make 1-2 silver per sale doing the same thing? They aren't as fast, but they do sell eventually. But if I sell 1 item that gives me a silver per minute, then I make the same amount as I do with the garlic. Since I'm filling out buy orders, the time investment is still identical. One is not better than the other, because you should be playing all the markets at once! Diversity is the key.

I'll be sharing far more with anyone who subscribes to this website. Also, stop getting used to just clicking "match lowest seller" all the time. Actually open up the main trading post search area and find the item you want to sell before making a decision on where your price should fall.


  1. Ravious said...:

    That last bit is critical I think, especially for players that are selling high-end drops. I've found that if you right click and check "buy more" you can see the seller's listing. So the bottom seller might be undercutting the other sellers big time, but you will never know with "sell on TP". If you just match that bottom seller you can be losing quite a bit because you didn't know you were undercutting the market so much.

    Good post as always!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I used to do something similar, but I noticed that since the last TP downtime, small orders don't fill faster anymore than full stacks.

  1. Sprinks Vosa said...:

    I think it would be interesting to see a post on the research you're doing to find such items. That old adage, "teach a man to fish.." comes to mind. I consistently look through the commodity items via gw2spidy.com and guildwarstrade.com. Every time I find an opportunity on these high demand / supply items, the market shrinks or someone manipulates the buy orders to drive up the price. It's a pretty frustrating experience.

  1. Markco said...:

    So far, looking in the morning usually shows a much larger profit margin for items, even if final sale price is the same at night.

  1. Nick said...:

    So I want to check my math here. When you buy an item, to find the price you need to resell to gain profit you just divide the price you bought at by .85? This gives you the price at which you need to resell to make JUST your money back. I was doing the copper ore trick last night I had a buy order for 100c at 13 a pop, I then reposted then at 16. Math says 13/.85=(15.29) Probably should have posted at 17.

  1. Markco said...:

    No no, multiply the final sale price (16) by .85 to find out your break even price.

    Buy below that and you make money.

  1. Nick said...:

    I'm going to put a buy order in for around 12c tonight and see if that kicks though.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Copper price was falling yesterday. The highest buyer price fell from 15c-16c to around 10c with the lowest seller price resting at about 12c-14c. This will certainly give the copper market time to heal. 

  1. Anonymous said...:

    What the other poster said above. Smaller orders aren't being filled first anymore. Its pretty much a line now, first to get in at a price will be the first one buying at that price no matter the order size

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Unidentified Dyes seem to be dropping at a steady rate too.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Umm.. dont listen to marko here.. his math is right sure, but your method is too and it is much easier. Divide the price you paid by .85 to get your break even point. But beware, very low cost items will often result in more than 15% of your final profits being taxed, due to rounding up. The simple fix is to not trade in any item thats worh less than about 30 copper and that is at the really really low end. Making silver off a flip is really only worth your time if you enjoy doing it, otherwise put in a little more effort and make gold the way rich ppl do it... find a craftable item that can be sold for more than the total "buy now" cost of its materials, and then find a way to make those materials even cheaper. hint, salvageable items.

  1. Markco said...:

    Hi Anonymous, much has changed since this last in first out was removed. Now it's first in, first out for buy orders and sell orders, so these 1-2 copper markets are pretty much ruined for those looking for fast trades. You have to instead day trade it and wait several hours based on price changes.

    You are correct that most rich players craft and use tools to determine the best prices. Like gw2spidy.

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