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Making Gold During Halloween

Besides fighting the Mad King, there are quite a few cool ways to make gold during Halloween in Guild Wars 2. I may or may not have power to log in when this post goes live, so I played a ton last night. Managed to make a good 30 gold off Halloween sales alone!

I'm particularly fond of flipping powerful potions of Halloween slaying for massive profits. As the Halloween event comes to a close, players are buying up more and more of these powerful potions of Halloween slaying. Obviously, you don't want to be left with any after Halloween, because then the item will be worthless, but for now it is a great thing to flip.

Some items, like the Greatsaw Greatsword Skin, will last beyond the Halloween event. These are great things to buy now and sit on for a few months. Their value will only increase as players use them up and their number diminishes.

You don't have to spend 40 gold on a skin though to participate on the trading post during Halloween. There are plenty of skins worth flipping that are selling really fast right now. I'll let you discover them!


Deathly Mantle Skin

Well, if you must have another... here:

Rune of the Mad King
For you speculators out there, I have written on the forum about the most important thing you can do the day after Halloween. In addition to my ideas about this festive holiday, a few forum posters had great tips for speculating on the Halloween crafting markets as well. If you're not part of our forum yet... get on that will you? It's super inexpensive and I'm hoping that enough great minds will join to make it a massively fun and knowledgeable place.

Did you find any ways to make gold that I didn't mention here today? Have you tried crafting some Candy Corn stuff?


  1. Anonymous said...:

    I picked up some of those deathly mantle skins today for 1 gold. Hopefully the price starts going back up soon, for both our sakes :)

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  1. Markco said...:

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