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Selling Level 80 Rare Weapons

I'm currently working on selling thirty-five level 80 rare weapons. This was out of around 60 buy orders that I had placed the night before. Hopefully by the time you're reading this, I have already sold most of them to double my investment. In total I spent 6 gold, and should get back around 12. This was just one of the many markets that I'm trying right now, because I am motivated to create another one hour video series like I did for the Flipping Gold Guide. (If you want to see the video, then you need to subscribe to this blog for at least one week).

I find that this level 80 rare weapon market does great because of all the players looking for a cheap (sub 50 silver) upgrade. I know I was one of those people when I hit max level.

Sorry a ring was wedged in there with the other buy orders, but there they are all 35 of them.

Something you may have noticed is a lack of specific kinds of weapons, like the "of air" ones. These are only good if you can get them at a price worth salvaging, which is very uncommon. I find that there are always plenty with big margins but they don't sell very quickly. Big supply, low demand. They still can sell, but if you are constantly buying just "of air" weapons then you will never sell fast enough to justify your investments. Buy a few "of air", but avoid more than a couple each time.

Remember to avoid the match lowest seller button!


  1. frodoofpool said...:

    Yeah I have been doing the same over last few days with some weapons returning 40-50% profit. Market seemed to really slow up this morning though now I seem to be stuck with a lot of my cash held on the market being undercut overnight.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    The rare weapons work. The only thing that is annoying is the amount of time you have to put in for the buy orders. But if you don't care you can make a killing by putting a massive number of buy orders out there and wait for them to be filled.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I was trying to sell rare weapons, but thought the market for them was a little slow. I was doing all rare weapons not just level 80s. I have been finding it more profitable to buy and sell a mass about of masterwork stuff while throwing a few big profit rares in. I am curious to know the results of this experiment.

  1. clownst0pper said...:

    I regularly do this activity, but I'm not sure you'll flip a 6 gold profit from 6 golds worth of items. Many rare weapons sell for as little as 14-18s and those that sell, tend to be around the 18 mark on a Buy Order.

    For a quantity of 35 at 18 Silver Each, if you sold them on for 30s (which tends to be the ceiling on these items) you would only make a profit of 2g 62 silver. Obtaining a total of 10g 50s (from an outlay of 6g 30s).

    Even at the highest end of the spectrum (some Rare level 80's sell for 35s) you would only be looking at a total profit of 3g 55s.

    I'm not suggesting this isn't a good profit from flipping, but it isn't as straight forward as doubling your money.

    Just my thoughts :) Great site!

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